Hooded dream

Recently this girl and Grimly acquired a Studio Gum system hood. You can get an idea of how the hood goes together in the little graphic below :

Studio Gum Systems Hood

And also here in these pictures of this girl :-

This girl had mentioned in her last post how for her often the best play is almost dream like and ‘out-of-body’. Hoods help that. This one possibly even more so than ever before as nearly every sense is deprived. The hood goes on first, and then it is possible to add the blindfold and gag (or not) and then again a gas mask style overlay part can be added on top of that. With these combinations this girl could not speak, see, or hear much either, and could only smell the latex.

This girl and Grimly have other hoods that have detachable gags and blindfolds but those are leather and this latex one feels a bit more as though it’s on for the duration with her sealed inside.

There was absolutely no way she could peek through any gap in the blindfold, or stick her tongue through. It was sealed too tightly for that , and then, when he tied her to the medical bed and rigged up the mask to the oxygen regulator there was not much more she could do than go into a sort of trance like state triggered by the hypnotic effect of being able to only hear her own breathing. Without being able to speak or see, she couldn’t stop anything that he had planned.

Luckily, the main thing he had planned was to try out the eroscillator. This girl is not going to write one of those boring reviews where it takes a paragraph or two to describe the bloody packaging. This is what you need to know:

If Clitoral stimulation is your thing, especially if intense clitoral stimulation is your thing- get one. Its expensive but its worth it!

The only problem is that it is so intense it might not take long to want to orgasm.

Now, perhaps this isn’t a problem for most people, but when you are strapped down, have a limited supply of oxygen and an evil man in control of whether you can actually get over the brink of that orgasm or not….

there are issues. Not necessarily bad issues, but there are issues all the same!

Studio Gum Hood and Eroscilator

11 thoughts on “Hooded dream

  1. WOW! You and your partner really know how to explore the boundries of your senses. Your a very lucky girl. Thank you so much for sharing!

    your devoted reader, John

  2. I don’t know about adding a comment…but I definately need a cold shower now !!!

  3. thanks John and welcome to my blog πŸ™‚

    KC sorry for getting you hot and bothered!

    Sue, yes its nice maybe you’ll get to try it ! xx

  4. Another step closer to the nirvana of not knowing if you are coming or going,thanks for the pics and reports of the journey into the unknown.

  5. Thanks for your wonderful contributions. Your blog is always an inspiration to both me and my slave d. We wold love to learn about your sensation when the rubber gag is fitted in your mouth, when you are losing your speech step by step, especially when a blow up gag is used. Or is just one gag ike the other? Thanks for your great blog again!
    C & d

  6. Thanks Claude (and d) i’m not really sure thats something i can elaborate on too much one moment i can talk the next i can’t! Gags do vary, based on texture, taste, whether you can mumble through them or not, how much drool they encourage – the worst for that issue is the type that have a ball with holes through it, and whether they hold the mouth open or whether they stuff it full. What more is there to say lol.

    This one is particularly effective because with the hood being put on after there is no way of being able to get round it or talk at all, its totally sealed but of course there is plenty of air circulation via the nose.

    Thanks again for your comment. Tg xx

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