Submissive Guide

This girl is now going to be a regular guest author on Submissive Guide, her first post was published there a few days ago.

For those people that haven’t come across it, Submissive Guide is a useful site about D/s created by Luna of BDSM is Love. The idea of Submissive Guide is that it has lots of useful articles to help people of varying experiences to learn a bit more about different aspects of submission.

This girl volunteered to contribute as she feels she has a few things she can share about the experiences she’s had. She is not necessarily trying to advocate that her style of submission is the best for everyone, or the one that works the easiest but perhaps by sharing some aspects of it she can give people a few different ideas to compare against other views. That is something this girl did not have access to when she got into BDSM. The resources available were a lot more limited and the impression this girl got of D/s was that it should be an all or nothing thing.

Maybe it should be like that. No limits. Total control. Total and ‘true’ slavery. Whatever that means.

But someone along the way there at the point where the fantasy meets the reality this girl is of the opinion that it needs to be fun, and loving, and an adventure that is mutually fulfilling. Yes, mutually. Not just about the man getting everything he wants on a plate and this girl reckons with Grimly she has managed to achieve those things and is heading in the right direction with it.

Anyhow, if anyone has any questions that they want to ask this girl that relate to D/s that she can write about on submissive guide, please feel free to ask away!

2 thoughts on “Submissive Guide

  1. Thanks for your comment about my post, and congrats on getting asked to write on Submissive Guide! I see your blog says you’re engaged to a “deviously dominant madman” and I would like to hear more about that—what kind of things does he do? Etc.

  2. you’re welcome 🙂 i’m not really sure how to describe my beloved, there’s getting close to 500 posts that attempt it so to do so in a comment is a bit difficult. Probably easiest to look at the pictures. But i suppose to cut a long story short, brainwashing, mind control, torture, electrotherapy, controlled orgasms. I could go on but it would just inflate his ego yet again! 😉

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