You’ll remember this girl asked your opinion on what she should buy with her £100. Well. This girl chose her need for intense orgasms over bondage (on this occasion) and has bought the eroscillator deluxe with all the fancy attachment bits. It’s sat, in a cardboard box approximately 2 feet away under strict instructions not to be opened until Grimly is here later. So, it got this girl thinking about boxes funnily enough. Sort of whilst sat, staring at the box wanting really badly (especially after a week of sleeping in a chastity belt) of at least opening to take a look. Frustrated!

This girl has loads of photos of herself when she was little playing with cardboard boxes. Decorating them with her mum, making them into boats, trains, castles all sorts of things. She was always more interested in that than whatever came in the box whether it be a new telly or a new toy. What her mum could make the box turn into was almost always more interesting. This girl has always had a vivid imagination and so to channel in that way was fun. Imagining being someone else. Somewhere else. Some new adventure.

There is a picture of this girl inside a box in the gallery below.  Grimly had made this box before he met this girl and she’s been in it a couple of times.

This girl suspended in Grimly's box

Probably after the assortment of pictures in this post he will maybe choose to modify it still further so possibly giving him ideas is maybe not a good thing!

But here you go. Some box porn 😉 Hopefully this girl will get to open her box later on! For anyone thats disappointed she didn’t get the armbinder dress or neck corset, well, she might still get one of those within the next few months as well!

3 thoughts on “Boxing

  1. Never fails. Buy the kids an expensive toy, and what do they do? Play with the box. Can I just buy the box?

  2. “This girl chose her need for intense orgasms over bondage”

    That’s exactly why your blog is so special…


    Your time spent on your blog is time well spent….

  3. It’s something I always adore about your writing. Your ability to mix ideas and thoughts into a package even if it is about a package. Nostalgia about Mum and erotic stimulation are not things that usually are found together, but you make them work so beautifully.

    so do you want to comment about being kept chaste and how that has felt as it has taken place?

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