Book review : Olivia Enslaved

written by Charles Graham aka Geetwo

This girl and Grimly were given a copy of one of Geetwo’s latest books the other week there, which this girl has now finished reading. He did not ask her to review it, but here’s a review anyway!

First of all, here’s the blurb to give the gist of what it’s about :-

“Following an acrimonious divorce from her unfaithful husband Jack, the beautiful twenty-six year old Olivia Johnson becomes a powerful advocate for woman’s equality. In the process, she makes an enemy of the millionaire womanizer, Sir Malcolm Bradbury. Humiliated by her public attacks, he wreaks his revenge by kidnapping young woman. After being sexually used by his henchmen, she’s taken to Malcolm’s mansion where she’s branded with his mark, pierced, ringed and subjected to weeks of intense slave training. She’s taught unquestioned obedience and absolute submission, her body and mind conditioned to accept her subjugation until she is no longer able or willing to resist the touch of her master’s hand or the fiery bite of leather on her flesh. Even worse, she can do nothing to squelch the intense slave-heat that fills her belly. Malcolm will not stop her training until she’s become the ultimate pleasure slave, at which point she’ll be ready to sell to her new master.”

This girl found it easy to relate to in the sense that it tells the story of a relatively head strong woman who falls from grace and after being initially forced and subdued comes to realise she has no option to embrace her submission and slavery. Although, Olivia starts to  come to terms with her slavery within about 30 pages….this girl still hasnt come to terms fully with hers after about the equivalent of in excess of 450 lol.

So why does this girl  struggle so much with submission when the character of the book manages it? The difference is the difference  between fact and fiction. Ok, there are probably loads of people out there who find the whole submission thing a lot easier than this girl does, but the reason why its so easy for Olivia is her lack of options. The intensity of the bondage, the duration of the captivity and the lack of any real life commitments after capture. The difference between fantasy and reality, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It makes this girl envious. How ridiculous is it to be jealous of a character in a book?

Quite often Grimly and this girl have tried to stay in a sort of intense role play thing for a few days. To stay as Master and slave, or doctor and patient, or whatever it might be. It never works out because something else always gets in the way – car repairs, dinner, wanting to go for a walk on the beach, wanting to cuddle in front of the tv. Most days, this girl wouldn’t change that because she needs the relationship and the sort of boyfriend/girlfriend things that come with that as well as the slavery. Though there are some days when she is envious of people who have their fantasy or their d/s lifestyle and nothing else. But not very many, since she couldnt do full on 24/7. Sometimes its nice to have other things in life, even if those other things are relatively mundane to make the fun stuff stand out.

Though, it would be nice to be kidnapped like Olivia. Being tormented, not knowing initially who by, and then slowly sort of coming to terms with it as part of a prolonged programme of conditioning. Though, of course, who’s to say what happens when this girl finally ends up married to and living with Grimly. Life could be very different!

The bondage written about in the book is very erotic and arousing to imagine as well. For example , here’s a scene this girl liked :-

“Back in her cell, Olivia dared not disobey as her legs were spread wide and her ankle cuffs locked to ringbolts in the floor. Her breath came faster as, from the roof high above, a chain descended, rattling and was locked to her writs. The chain began to rise and she whimpered in anguish as her body was forced to bend forward, her breasts hanging free beneath her as her arms were dragged upwards to point at the ceiling. Bent in this stressful position, she could do nothing as chains were clipped to her nipple rings and tensioned to the same ringbolts as her ankles, her breasts fully extended. The rings in her labia received the same cruel treatment and she gazed in appalled fascination at her yawning sex and taut breats, her belly quivering as she saw her extreme exposure. Her head shook from side to side in futile resistance, her eyes filled with desperate supplication as a length of gleaming steel chain was clipped to her nose ring and led thorugh between her gaping thighs. As it began to tighten, Olivia thrust her head down towards her breasts and sex in a frantic attempt to prevent the chain invading the innermost recesses of her body. Far too late, she realised that not only could this not save her, it actually worsened her situation”……

That would be pretty intense even for someone who endures stress bondage relatively regularly! A lot of the bondage in the story gave this girl a lot of ideas. However, it was quite different to what she is used to. Given the story is set in the late 19th/ early 20th century there isn’t the same mod cons as this girl is used to. She likes hi-tech. It would be interesting to have a time travelling machine and visit different times and see what Grimly could make of the materials and styles available. But then the 19th century wouldnt appeal to this girl so much as this one, he’d have her in a bloody corset the whole time!

Geetwo does a really good job of making the bondage and the dialogue fit the era. It’s a story well worth reading and it has a (sort of ) happy ending. What else is going to happen to a headstrong girl that finds she has a place being the sex and torture toy of a devious and cruel bastard? 😉

Well if you want to know you’ll need to read it yourself ! Or just keep reading this blog too, the principle is more or less the same!

Purchase details here :

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9 thoughts on “Book review : Olivia Enslaved

  1. Hello, you have a very nice blog here. I have a BDSM Photo Blog and i wonder if you like exchange links betwen our blogs. Let me know

    Best regards

  2. Many thanks for the positive review of my book. I’m really pleased it managed to strike a chord or two with you – and what’s wrong with keeping you in a corset all the time? You look great in one and I’m with Grimly on this. A party advocating “Corsets for women” would certainly get my vote, although maxi might not be quite so keen.
    Talking of whom, as you and Sue noticed, Yes, she is pretty vocal when she’s having fun.

    Cheers and see you soon

  3. ” A party advocating “Corsets for women” would certainly get my vote,”
    and mine!

  4. Great review & love the personal insights mixed in with it! Felt compelled to add my 2 cents…

    To each his own, but I’ve never been drawn to 100% non-consentual BDSM stories. I much prefer the consentual adventures, even if they come in the form of “she signed on but got way more than she anticipated” or “she never should have made that bet” situations. When I write my own stories, it may be a scenario where the slave(s) face extreme bondage, punishment, etc., but there’ s usually a time limit on the adventure, e.g. the girl submitting to being a slave just for the summer between her junior and senior years of college.

    I guess I always come back to the fact that I would not want to have – and I certainly would not want to BE – a nonconsentual slave/prisoner.

    In fairness, there may be a little wriggle room in that statement if I’m unwillingly abducted by, say, Isabella Sinclaire. I digress.

  5. Sounds like a great read I love the word choice, compliments to Geetwo! I may have to pick up a copy for some summer reading.

  6. Ollie, the heroine of the book sort of becomes ‘consensual’ towards the end. Or consensual non consent at least. If you’ve done any writing please feel free to email me some or send a link if you’re published to where its sold 🙂

    Kat, i think you would enjoy it most definately. If you’re looking for fetish fiction to read i’d also recommend Anneke Jacob.

  7. heya! I lost my copy of the book.. it was such a great find! but I am really curious as to what happened at the end? who was eventually her master? i would love it if u let me know of that!

  8. i’m not sure i’m allowed to spoil the ending lol…but let’s just say it was a happy ending or as happy as it could be 😉

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