This girl may need some help as later on (or maybe tomorrow) she’s going to publish a piece she’s in the middle of writing that may get her into trouble with two of the planets most evil men. There’s no helping her with that one…but you can help her spend some money! This girl has just won a £100 on a scratchcard…help her spend it!

In theory, she should be being sensible and putting it towards bits for the car, or paying a bit more of the credit card, but FUCK IT! Plus its naughty when she’s already got an Axsmar nose hook on order…but anyway…

This was money she wasn’t expecting to have so may as well put it towards something fun.

Here are a few of the possibilities but please feel free to link to others. The winning suggestion will of course appear here.

Some of these ideas are over the £100 mark but if Grimly allows for the budget to be stretched…..

Armbinder Dress £139/ best offer + P/P

Eroscillator £139.99

Chastity belt & bra £139.99

Neck Corset - £69 or Body Corset £69 approx

Wrist Cage £49.99 as seen in pic with JG

Bondage String from £78

Leave a comment please as to what you think! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Help!

  1. How about a 100 pound grab bag from Mr. KC? I’m sure he could part with a few things that would be valuable. For that much he might even ship over Mrs. KC!
    The Bra Chastity combo would look cool as outwerwear over your latex, and locking it on would lock the outfit on well too

  2. still being thought about tonya… 🙂

    Tim, that would not happen. I am sure she is worth a lot more to him than that! Priceless in fact. Besides, Mrs KC only plays with her husband so i think its very unlikely that we would ever get to collaborate with her.

  3. Smiling at the thought of you and sue being linked by the nose hooks again 😛

  4. Knowing how much you like being wrapped up, I vote for the armbinder dress first, pending Grimly’s approval. If he denies the request, the posture collar is a second choice. My thought process is that Grimly can make the rest of the items you have listed.
    Am looking forward to pictures of you wearing the Axmar nose hook.

  5. The neck corset and the wrist cuffs – the more immobility the better to tease you :))

  6. As a faithful reader, I can whole-heartedly approve of any of your ideas under consideration, but…I dig the armbinder in pasrticular. Or you could get a camcorder and sneak in a little multimedia action on your blog; would love to see video snippets of the kinds of adventures you currently share via photos. Just a thought. Have fun!

  7. WOW! Armbinder dress combined with a nose hook. Talk about predicament binding…..No way to move without causing some sort of pleasant(?) discomfort.

  8. The Eroscillator sounds pretty spiffy, and is suppose to give a pretty unique experience from what I’ve read.

    Long time lurker posting for the fist time by the way, thanks for all the wonderful things you share ^ ^

  9. I’m quite aware of Mr. KC’s devotion to his loverly lady. The fact that he has ammassed such a collection might be worthwhile to consider reclycling with you, but the idea of sending the misses over was sarcastic and something I know would not really happen. But as his captions to a few of his story pictures, it is always erotic to threaten to ship her out 😉

  10. I can see your dilema TG. The armbinder dress would look gorgeous on you, because you have the body shape to do it proud and you know you can handle having your arms back for some time.
    Likewise the combination neck and body corset. That you would love because it is a pretty tough item, especially with the neck corset done up properly.
    The cross wrist cuffs you looked lovely in when you tried them last weekend , but I think for you they wouldn’t be restrictive enough for you.
    The chastity belt and bra on the other hand. Well, you know you would hate it, and Grimley would love it, especially when he had a chance to “modify” it to his standard.

  11. Armbinder all the way…unless you’d consider squandering your windfall on a camcorder to allow you to add thw occasional video clip to your gallery! Just a thought. However you spend it, have fun!

  12. It’s got to be the neck and body corset – I’ve had my eye on those for myself for a while! Ah well, maybe when a month comes along where I don’t have to shell out for a broken car/boiler/computer etc… *sigh*

  13. choosing personal orgasm over looking hot for you guys i bought the eroscilator !

    tho i think i’ll get the corset dress within the next couple of months as well!

  14. just tidying up my blog a bit and…ashamed to say i’ve now got all of them..apart from the chastity belt….lol….

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