Friendships that bind

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but this girl has had a relatively busy fortnight or so! About ten days ago she and Grimly took a trip down to see Geetwo & Maxi . Geetwo is a fantastic bondage author (this girl is reading one of his stories at the moment so  a reviewy thing might pop up at some point) but he is not so good at DIY! (which this girl can now say safely being two countries away!)

Grimly helped Geetwo finish decorating the playroom of his new house ready for the arrival of  a motley assortment of international kinksters including JG Leathers & Captive Kink fresh from their boundcon adventures.

It was really nice to see them again especially in a very relaxed setting. Though it may have been partly that relaxed as this girl spent about four nights in a row completely drunk but the excuse is that there was an anniversary party as well as a belated (and upcoming) birthday celebration or so too amongst the group. Today, the result is a very big hangover and a general feeling of suspended animation as the fun has all stopped 😦

But yes, it was a very relaxed chilled out week, with the occasional bit of play and daftness scattered here and there and it reminded this girl how much her friendships mean to her. Despite meeting people sometimes as a result of a crossover in kink and fantasy it is possible to often find more in common than that. Things would get very boring very quickly if the only shared interest was kink. Its part of the reason this girl has not enjoyed munches that often since the extent of the conversation seems to be ‘what are you into i’m into …..’ and not much more than that once the person you’re talking to files you away into that play with , fuck or avoid category. But, there are people such as these where she has been able to find much more common ground than the one thing.

Though…going to a local castle with two devious bondage inventors and an erotic author is definately not something you do everyday 😉  Especially with amazing cheesecake , and then a bit of bondage for afters.

Grimly and thisgirl also introduced everyone to the wonderful lady* behind Alternative Mindsets** and her Dom who came along. It was interesting watching someone else get a ride in the creature and useful for there to be someone else to divert the twisted trio’s attention 😉

*possibly a code phrase for hiding this girls not so hidden agenda 😉
** check out her blog for pictures and a story about JG & the creature.

6 thoughts on “Friendships that bind

  1. You may be two countries away and out of my clutches for the time being, my dear, but when we get together again later in the year, we shall see who laughs last……Hahahahaha…..smirk…….leer……twirl moustache………..


  2. Geetwo, where’s that laughing monkey card when i need it!

    Guys thanks for the compliments 🙂

    Sue…hmm but i am the shy and unassuming type LOL

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