My Space

This girl and Grimly went to a fetish party they semi-regularly attend a couple of weeks ago. Given they hadn’t played much prior to that this year, they decided to make the effort to try and play there.

It started off really well, this girl felt nice in her ensemble of red latex and bondage as she was restrained to the rope wheel and as he inserted two lots of electrodes.

He also put the brainwashing mask on her (this is a mask that has leds inside it that pulse in time to the electric shocks that are delivered) and set everything in motion. Normally the brainwashing mask just gets used at home, but given the versatility of the venue Grimly decided to try it there. It looked amazing. It felt amazing. It just didn’t take this girl to the right place.

But then thats the thing when playing in public, it just ends up being too much  about the showing off and the exhibitionism than the actual floating off somewhere else. Its very difficult to float off somewhere else when distracted by noise and other people.

Sue probably expressed it best when she said in a comment :-

“I totally get all the orgasm stuff – sometimes I really do not want even one preferring the intensity of the ‘nearly there’ space, but hey, it’s not for me to say lol! And the public play/letting go thing – yep, unless in a silent role, it totally ruins it for me if I am unable to express totally in all ways what is happening to me”

This girl could not relax totally. Especially given the electrodes were intimately placed it felt wrong being around people. It might have been different if she had set out for that moment to be one of exhibitionism, but she hadn’t. It was meant to be something else. There are most definately two types of play the  type that is about looking good and the type that is about feeling good, sometimes happily they cross over and yet some othertimes they don’t. This was one of the times they didn’t.  This girl is lucky really though, because Grimly has his own space for her to feel both, which the snow has made her miss!

When this girl is bound and being intimately electrocuted the place she desires most to be is that place where her body is totally racked with pleasure and restricted by elaborate bondage…and at that constant ‘nearly there’ place. Being held on the brink of orgasm at the same time as being almost on her pain barrier is just totally magical. Sometimes its a quite noisy place (unless one of the sixteen or so gags is involved) but sometimes it isn’t, sometimes she’s just on another world and it feels as though its not really her that its happening too – which is why the video mask can often be so surreal – as its reassurance that it IS happening.

The session she wrote about on her last blog was pretty much at that magical place, where the head space was just right. Where she was in the zone enough to enjoy it, instead of being distracted by minor niggles – which happens when things are the slightest bit wrong. It might be that there is some trick to being able to relax and space more easily, but for this girl lately she’s been struggling to find it , unless lots of bondage and lots of sensory overload are involved.  Good job he has the technology for that 😉

4 thoughts on “My Space

  1. It is quite simple, you are in love and that changes a lot of things !! 🙂

  2. Not that Grimly needs defending (we know he needs none) He had you in a free floating position with minimal movement and did limit, sight, speech, smell, taste, and it looks like bud earplugs for hearing. In keeping his subby safe, putting the sound loud enough to drown out a clubs techno, would be creating hearing damage for you. Even noise cancelling headphones can only do so much. I won’t bore you with the technical reasons, but hearing and the elimination of vocal sounds are almost impossible to do. But Damn you look hot up there in your red. He even has straight leg braces there it seems

  3. KC, no i disagree not anything to do with being in love i’ve always felt this way about playing in public preferring the intensity of what i can do at home/in private.

    Tim, really do you think we are the sort of people who go to clubs that play techno? That’s funny. Music had nothing to do with it, just other people being close by.

  4. Must be a US or New York thing. You never walk into a club eveen at noon when there is not a thumpa thumpa soundtrack. And if there was none, and you had headphones, then there shouldn’t have been anything loud enough for you to hear ;-p

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