Suitably Shocked

On Saturday, this girl suprised Grimly by turning up unannounced. It hadn’t been planned in for her  to go up to his until June, because of other commitments and other events, but she had spent the week missing him, and so, just went there.

It was of course nothing to do with the fact that the weather was quite nice on Saturday and she wanted to drive her car up through the Scottish Highlands (the drive back however this afternoon was wet and horrible!)

He’d thought she was on a night out with her work. This girl NEVER goes on department nights out. They are dull, people get drunk and make idiots of themselves, and, after  working a 60 hour week she was determined to spend what little she had left of the weekend doing her thing. So what if her thing is bombing through Scotland whilst plotting how to suprise him?

She ended up sending him a photo message of her car parked locally. He came and found her. In a slight state of shock, and complete happiness. She then went back to his and found his place like a bomb had hit it. Grimly has recently started making things again, and is modifying an old dentist chair for some friends.

It might not sound particularly submissive or sexy or interesting to you, but it was nice just to sit and chat to him whilst he was working. Bedtime however, was more interesting.

This girl had made the mistake of putting some locking leather underwear as a no sex hint, since she had PMT. However, when that was combined with a hood and more bondage it just frustrated her. It was the horniest she had been in a while. Lying next to him in bondage, unable to do much, apart from whatever he wanted. Which was to make sure she was frustrated all night!

Despite her comment to DH, this girl actually made Grimly’s coffee on time today. Though it may be partly because he’s found the cattle prod. Which she had forgotten where she had hid. Six months ago! Though it WILL go missing again. If she has her way.

It wasn’t just that, she wanted the time she had with him to not be wasted procastinating for once.

It wasn’t.

This girl had an amazing session with him this morning.

Or rather, not with him. More so a sunday surgery with the doctor.

He dressed her up in corsets – a normal corset, plus the leg and arm ones, plus the neck one and a hood. So, every part of her was restricted apart from what he wanted to get at. He then strapped her down to the medical bed as well, so she couldnt move a muscle. Then, it was his turn to shock and tease her. Grimly told her that she could have as many orgasms as she wanted. When she wanted.  She didn’t have to ask, they would just happen. He did everything he could to make her want to have millions. He electrocuted her cunt, used suction on her clit, vibrators, his tongue. Everything. More or less, to get her totally sensitized. The thing is , she didn’t want to have as many orgasms as she wanted. Her body didn’t want that. It wanted control. It has been a while really since this girl has wanted to admit that, but then its so long since she had such an intense session. They’d tried to at a party last week, but in public its just not the same. There’s not the same intensity when there  are other people around. Besides, there werent ear plugs available at the party either, which the other people would have needed! In public you just can’t really let yourself go. So, playing at home is far better. It was something this girl really needed. So she asked him for an orgasm, she begged him to control her, and he did. Over and over and over. She wasn’t gagged, so she screamed and begged, since there wasn’t much else she could do to protest or to stop him, being bound so tight. Her body started aching with being forced to orgasm and unable to move the bondage pretty much reasserting the fact that what he wanted was going to happen and that was that, she was his toy and his lab rat since the doctor was back. The evil brainwashing bastard that she fears yet secretly longs for ….just a bit.

When he goes into that zone he’s a little more distanced, a little more sadistic, a little more cruel. Almost so that she forgets he’s her fiancee.

Until he carefully unties each part of the bondage, waits as she comes down to earth and wipes away the tears of pleasure .

6 thoughts on “Suitably Shocked

  1. They say that spontaneity brings out the best in a situation, and that’s certainly the case with someone like Grimly, because he sees being inventive and creative as a challenge, which is what you thrive on. Was the locking leather underwear a mistake? or was it a subconscious challenge to Grimly to do his worst to you, just like your first date when you squirted him with water.

    Either way, it sounds like you made his weekend and got everything that you wanted (needed) from it as well.

    Great to have you back on form.

  2. My word, what a lucky bloke !!! Ladies like your goodself are really REALLY hard to find ( nice one Grimly 🙂 )

    BTW You can always pop into Cheshire on your way back 😉

    Keep up the good work you two !!!

  3. How lovely to just surprise him 🙂

    I totally get all the orgasm stuff – sometimes I really do not want even one preferring the intensity of the ‘nearly there’ space, but hey, it’s not for me to say lol! And the public play/letting go thing – yep, unless in a silent role, it totally ruins it for me if I am unable to express totally in all ways what is happening to me.

    PS – did all the orgasms help your PMT? Grins!

  4. Richy, yes did us good probably since we hadn’t played at his for a while so good for us both to do something intense.

    KC, is that an invite 😉

    Sue, i agree perhaps i shouldn’t say so but i like those nearly there moments to last quite a long time! I think the orgasms helped rather a lot, tho my moody boss didn’t!

  5. Now that would be an interesting set of pics ( or maybe even video) Mrs. KC and thisgirl both “stewing in their own juices” as Mr. KC likes to put it, at the same time

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