A tight spot

A question from Tim :

Okay to make up for my not remembering my last year’s question,I’ve got a sort of follow-up one for this year’s question month.

Grimly enjoys using predicament bondage with you. My question is do you try and strain to delay the effects of the predicament, or as a masochist. do you try and make it hurt more. As an example with the caged “urine” * or enema capable of being held off until you either moved or are triggered in some way by your movement or actions would you trigger them to get the rush of sensations, or would you do all you could to keep that from happening knowing it evetually will? I’ve always like the Gord tilt when the tetth lose their grip a great example of that too.

To illustrate what predicament bondage is, or, predicament bondage combined with a bit of humiliation, here is one of this girl’s favourite predicament bondage pictures from the fantastic encordees.com

The idea of this particular bondage is that the lady is bound in such a position that she cannot move until whatever he wants to do with her is over. If she does move, then various parts of her body will be under stress and pain. That might be while he canes her, or electrocutes her, or takes advantage of things being at just the right height. This girl does not of course fantasize about such a thing, or of course in being used in such a way, and if you believe that you’ll believe anything 😉

In answer to the question, this girl doesn’t really do anything to make it hurt more. Thats not really how the game works. It only works if she knows that he is control of what she is feeling.

The idea of it is that she can try and endure it and try and hold off on whatever point to the predicament there is as long as possible  whilst at the same time having a sort of knowledge of inevitability. That certain things will happen sooner or later whether those things be pins and needles, or an electric shock, or more tension….and that there is nothing she can do about that.

But he can.

It’s just a mind game that’s all. Of him giving her enough insight to know what is likely to happen, and then sometimes letting it. And sometimes not. Just dependant on how much she begs, or screams or really just sometimes on his mood.

If she were to try and increase the pain herself, which , perhaps subconsciously she maybe has done, then there is always the added predicament of not knowing whether it will get too intense or whether he will prolong it.

Only one person is supposed to win, right? 😉

* you do know it wasn’t urine??  😉

3 thoughts on “A tight spot

  1. Wow, I luv the pics you have here. This one is such a turn on for me and I only wish I was brave enough to try something like this.

    I find it such a turn on looking at your pics. Brilliant.


  2. Yes I know it twas not urine (that time LOL) and Grimly would not have missed the detail of securing your wrists if it was you in the picture 😉

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