Babycat asked:

“So i remember reading that you did have some sort of nipple piercing in the past.. i’m thinking of having mine done, and my Domme mentioned she would like it too. What was it like getting them done/when they were healing? Do you think they were a good addition when it came to play? And what went wrong with yours?

and on a similar theme Dan asked :

Why no piercings?  Perhaps I’ve missed your discussion on this matter, but I thought I’d ask anyway.  To me,  steel and flesh are forever intertwined as symbols of d/s devotion and commitment.  I’d be most interested in your thoughts on the power of the ring — or rings.

It is a long time since this girl had her nipple piercings. It was something that she had got done (twice) when she was with her ex. He was very into it, and had given her enough signs to encourage her that  getting it done would please him so she decided to do it. Though mostly it was because with hindsight he bullied her a bit into it until she gave in.  He didn’t come with her either time.

It isn’t something this girl would have ever thought of doing herself. She hadn’t even got her ears done till either just before or just after her nipples. Can’t remember which. She wasn’t really the sort of person that was into body modification. Then.

The first time she got it done in her home town. She went with a male friend, who was one of these friends that probably wanted to be more than a friend ,so going there with him and then showing him after was probably a sort of cock tease thing…but well thats irrelevant to this story lol

Before each time she felt physically sick. Nerves. Butterflies. All of those. Though she didn’t dare not go through with it for fear of disappointing her ex dom. That should have been a sign that it was the wrong reason to be doing it.  She was uncertain she was comfortable with it but she was afraid of upsetting him. Afraid. Not submissive.

The actual piercing itself is a bit of a blur. Of feeling sick. Of concentrating on random things in the tattoo parlour to try to not think about it. But after it felt great. It took her a while (and a few drinks) to feel half human again but it felt good the feel of metal, secretly, in her skin.

The problem this girl had with her piercings is that they didn’t heal right either time. Despite everything she did to keep them clean , rotated, looked after. It just didn’t work out. Which is one of the reasons for not doing it again. It took this girl a couple of years after the piercings to be able to use clamps again, and even now sometimes they are more sensitive than they were before the piercing because of scar tissue. This girl is not against piercings, she is just a bit wary of how they might turn out.

When she got it done for her ex, it was partly a fear thing. She was scared how disappointed or how angry she might be if she didn’t. It should have been more an act of loving submission. If it was, it would have been very erotic indeed. The piercing caused a big argument when this girl did take it out. She took it out the second time she was at Grimly’s because it was looking very unhealthy. When she returned home her ex went mental that she had removed it. But health is more important than keeping a dom happy, both these things have to be balanced.

Later, this girl ended up getting some tattoos done for Grimly. He didn’t ask her to. She did it for him to sort of prove she loved him and wanted to be owned by him. Getting tatooed felt a lot better than getting pierced. With hindsight she wishes she’d waited till he could have been there with her.

The thought of getting anything pierced again sort of terrifies this girl , because the last twice it hasn’t worked out. Some people’s bodies just reject such things. Grimly hasn’t asked her to get anything pierced since most piercings interfere with some types of play like electrics and other intimate things.

Though, thats not to say it might not happen in the future. Partly, this girl thinks it would be great to get something pierced for him, but with him there, to hold her hand, to maybe whisper certain things in her ear.

Maybe what this girl is trying to say is that piercing can mean a lot and be very erotic if its for the right person, for the right reason, and if your body decides it likes it. The worst thing to do is to do it because you’re being  bullied into it, or to get it done by a bad piercer. Its best to look and find one thats extremely well recommended and then look after the piercing as they instruct.

7 thoughts on “Piercing

  1. Thanks, tg, I appreciate your thoughtful answer. I know healing is often a bitch and, in some cases, can take up to a year to do so properly. I’m sure it would be a psychological boost to have Grimley involved from the beginning, but then he’d have to wait an awful long time before he could play with them as roughly as he might care to. (And us men are notoriously short on long term patience.)

    In my eyes it would bring you that much closer to perfection, but then I’m not the lucky man who owns you. And he probably already thinks you’re pretty close to his ideal already without them.

    Thanks again.

  2. Dan,
    I already have perfection and piercings would not enhance things for me, they would just get in the way of the things I enjoy doing. The only piercing I may take TG to get one of these days is her septum as I can see a use for that one.

    Cheers Grimly

  3. With the use of clamps like the (AXMARTAS?) clamps like the nose one you used with JG, it can be similar to a play piercing It has always been a fascination to see how a fine chain could keep a person on edge in a predicament bondage. But with just the pierce or clamped skin threatened to be torn if there is too much movement, it serves as a great incentive to do exactly as intended. A simple pair of hoop earring can be used very effectively for compliance for example

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