Plans for global domination

Question : Sweet tart asked :

Have you ever thought about mass-producing, marketing and/or licensing any of your creations?

The short answer, is no.  Grimly wrote a blog sort of on this subject here.

Relating to this particular question what he said was :

“People ask me if I will make stuff for them again usually the answer is no unless its for a friend, something I think I will have fun building or they have something to barter that I want. Waving money under my nose is more likely to make me sneeze than persuade me to make something, I also get a perverse satisfaction from the look on their face when they realise that their money can’t buy everything”

There are times when its tempting of course. Like today, this girl had her annual pay review and it was rubbish. So much for being out of a recession! Times like that make thinking of using kink to make money a good idea. But really, it isn’t, it takes away the fun.

Also, the thing with making things for money is that generally people want a bargain, they want their money to stretch.  Grimly used to have a business making some more regular items for sale such as cuffs and collars and things like that and after so long he got bored of making the same sort of things over and over again for very little profit margain. Whereas he prefers each new creation to be unique and custom. Therefore someone approaching him about something very specific that he hasn’t already done would be a more interesting project than recreating something he’s already made. For him part of the kink is working out how to make the thing. The design, the creation and oh yes of course the testing!

Of course also with being a business there are other issues like having an address for customers to write to for returns,having to deal with complaints and issues.

Even if he were to only sell customized kit then there’s always the chance he could invest money into the materials and then the person change their mind about the finished product.

Nope, too much hassle!

Also for this girl there is something sort of special about knowing that she has things that arent’ ‘in every playroom’. Maybe the fame would be nice of having a recognized unusual product but then it just isn’t worth the personal price.

One thought on “Plans for global domination

  1. I arrived here via jg-leathers.

    I have often been asked a similar question. I have a very well equipped woodshop and can weld, run metal working machine tools and the like.

    I also do it entirely for the fun. Not everything I make is kinky of course. Frankly the time I spend in the shop is *my* time. And it is my little refuge from the world.

    No-one could in any reality pay me enough money to take that time from me to do something for them. And when I do make something for someone else it is a gift of love, not for money. Although if the raw materials are expensive I’ll take payment for that.

    Having said that there ought to be a BDSM toy-builders forum out there. Maybe I should start one….


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