Question time ?


March is question and answer month.

Does anyone have any questions for this girl? or for Grimly?

If so, leave a comment or send an email 🙂

7 thoughts on “Question time ?

  1. Have you ever thought about mass-producing, marketing and/or licensing any of your creations?

  2. Yay questions 🙂
    So i remember reading that you did have some sort of nipple piercing in the past.. i’m thinking of having mine done, and my Domme mentioned she would like it too. What was it like getting them done/when they were healing? Do you think they were a good addition when it came to play? And what went wrong with yours?

    And… do you still get sub drop even now you’re living with Grimly? Like if he goes away? Any suggestions for coping?

    Thank you!

  3. well since it is question month. are there scenes that you consider most memorable or your “greatest highs/hits?”

    Are there some things that you have tried that did not go as you thought they would and they were dissapointing or things you would really not like to repeat?

    After 3 days in a row of posting I wanted to give you something you might want to answer today because then can MARCH 4th

  4. sweet tart, thanks for your question hope you enjoyed the answer 🙂

    babykat will catch up with your question shortly since its probably going to be a bit lengthy and crosses over with something else i’ve been asked.

    Tim, in answer to your question you asked the same thing last year LOL

    its not really changed much i suppose tho i would add it to the things i did in wales and in canada really most things are memorable especially when they involve something a bit different.

  5. Guess I short circuited a few brain cells. They were good answers, and I still am reading them avidly when you post them. I would think the creture time would rate up there especially the second time ( I wish you shot some footage of the experience!) Hopefully life will return to a dull roar so Grimly can try a few new ideas he has been working on

  6. @thisgirl No, that is actually exactly the answer I did not want to hear! *smile* Not that we could afford any of it, you understand. (We buy cheap incontinence electrodes for our electrosex.) But hey, everyone has to have a wishlist…

  7. we dont spend a lot either, he learnt to make stuff to be frugal LOL well and because he’s good at anything to do with engineering or mechanics.
    as far as electrodes go we’ve found ones like this the best you can get them as a set or the guy sells them individiually as well. its really the control box that is the expensive bit.

    we keep meaning to do a few ‘how to make’ guides but its finding the time! tho hopefully will get round to it at some point in the future!

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