The Dollhouse

This girl has just started watching series 1 of the Dollhouse. For people that haven’t seen it, it’s a bit like across between la femme nikita ,stepford wives and the film paycheck. It follows the central character, Echo, after she has been sent to the dollhouse after some sort of criminal wrongdoing. There, her memories are wiped and she is given new ones to undertake assignments before her memory is wiped again afterwards. In a way its a bit like prostitution , in that some assignments she’ll be the girlfriend or in others she’ll have a different role such as a hostage negotiator or singer. Inbetween assignments she is almost an empty shell.

This girl quite likes the program, in that there are quite a few kink undertones. For example, the therapy given during ‘mind wipes’ involves a great deal of electrodes apart from anything else!

This girl has always had a sort of brainwashing fantasy. Partly because the whole idea of having mind modifications encouraged Β via physical pain is just incredibly erotic but also because it sort of takes away the idea of culpability and responsibility i.e no longer being submissive because you are submissive but because he’s made sure you are. Well anyway. Its a fantasy.

A fantasy, that for this girl is pretty real since Grimly has got all the electrodes and mind machines and stuff to do all that. Though, he hasn’t got as far as implanting a different personality into her. Or has he? Would she know if he had πŸ˜‰

After watching the first few episodes of the dollhouse the other day this girl asked Grimly if he *could* do that what parts of her own personality would he keep and what would he modify? He was extremely vague and non-indicative with his answer. Now its just a question of whether that was to conceal a plot or whether it was just a way of avoiding that thing involving a foot and a mouth which men are so very good at – yes even doms!

So, its probably not possible with the current technology to go that far, so this girl will be staying just as she his and he will just have to cope with it!

However, its got this girl thinking about her brainwashing fantasy again, especially since its so long since the brainwashing mask was used. That, combined with the electrodes used in the dollhouse reminded this girl of this session :-

and got her thinking about what it would be like to combine that position and that many electrodes with the brainwashing mask :-

Brainwashing machine

especially since Grimly bought a new ET312 in canada so there are now TWO. So could do it with heavy duty electrics instead of some being tens πŸ˜‰ This girl and Grimly havent’ actually gotten round to using both ET’s together since getting back from Canada – definately on the to do list.

Often after that sort of session this girl is in a very blissful state afterwards, and gradually comes round into a sort of normal mode and then, normally, falls asleep since it is so much of an ordeal on the body. Not an ordeal in a bad way of course, but physically exhausting and very mind blowing. This girl wonders what it would be like if she wasn’t brought out of that post orgasmic trance so quickly. If he left her like that a bit. To be his doll for a bit longer.

Maybe to have the brainwashing mask carefully taken off and replaced with a leather hood, and then carried through to bed in bondage and dependant on his feeling either used or left for the night , next to him in the dark. And then, tormented and tortured the next morning too, dressed by him, and bound by him into whatever he wants – the whole time not seeing whats coming next.

Just being his little brainwashed doll.

* this girl should perhaps check with Grimly’s sister first what his treatment of dolls was like when he was a kid πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “The Dollhouse

  1. Remember what that horrible little lad did to his
    sisters dolls and other toys in “Toy Story” ?

    Be careful what you wish for and good luck πŸ˜‰

  2. Yes to Dollhouse!

    There’s an excellent cut scene between ‘engagements’ where Echo is coming back to the dollhouse after being sent out as a dominatrix. hahah. some of the lines she uses are sexylent!

    Also YES to Grims using you as a doll. hahaha That’s a great idea. .

  3. > He was extremely vague and non-indicative with his answer
    I think he just doesn’t want to reveal his long-term plans for you. Or accidentally let slip what he’s already done. πŸ™‚

  4. “not possible with the current technology”

    What a lovely electro-play joke you slipped in there πŸ™‚

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