The wetter the better

This weekend was Grimly and thisgirl’s anniversary of first playing together. FIVE YEARS AGO!  What happened back then…

“…….. the highlight for this girl was at bed time.

Try sleeping in a room hanging with leather objects on all four walls when you’ve just spent hours playing. Its not very easy. Its difficult to calm down from the buzz of play if you’re kept in a sort of play atmosphere.

So she couldnt sleep.

Earlier in the evening, Master had put this girl in a suspension ‘box’ and then sprayed water over her. Well, she thought, REVENGE! So at around 5am, she crept into his bedroom and sprayed icy cold water in his face and in erm his personal area. He woke up quite startled. She ran back through to the playroom and hid under the duvet in her bunkbed. He didnt come through straight away so she almost thought she got away with it, or worse, that she had pissed him off, but it turned out he was just quietly contemplating how to deal with being woken up with a cold shower.

So Master came through to the playroom, and climbed up into the bunkbed, and put leather mittens on this girl’s hands and then inserted a vibrator in her and then strapped a chastity belt around her. Chastity + vibrator seems a bit of a weird combination, but the man’s evilness was being illustrated by showing her that she wouldnt get to sleep either due to sheer frustration! Bastard! But worse, the chastity belt had an electric zapper on it just above the clit that he could remote ‘detonate’ to torture her further. He then took her into bed with him in that ensemble to make sure she couldnt get into further mischief.

The outcome though…

Well that incident had shown this girl that Master had a good sense of humour and a deviant and imaginative mind, and had shown Master that this girl would be an ‘interesting challenge’ for him and good fun”

So, five years on, this girl and Grimly can still have fun with each other. Despite the fact that sometimes she wants to conduct various acts of homicide 😉

This morning for instance.  He decided to get revenge for the above incident. Oh yes, a Grimly never forgets!

He woke up in the night wanting a drink of water, holding it in his hand, he thought back to that moment when this girl had soaked him and woke him up and decided to do the same back to her. What a bastard!

Freezing cold water in Scotland on a naked sleeping body just doesn’t mix! However, this girl did manage to fall back to sleep with the help of several towels in the bed despite his sniggers.

It often makes this girl crazy that no matter how much of an evil bastard he is, how much she might partly twist and turn from what he does it always turns her on. Not a complaint. Just an observation.

Well, at least this morning there was not as much water (or other types of copious fluid)  involved as when he got the hose out!

One of these days he’ll get what he deserves!

happy anniversary Master xx

7 thoughts on “The wetter the better

  1. On this side of the pond, we say “Paybacks are a bitch”, so you are lucky he didn’t hose you down while you were in your birthday suit!
    Any wedding date set yet, or is a private matter?

  2. lol thanks tom

    bellmaster, rubber can either be very cold or very hot so not quite!

    we havent set a wedding date yet. and yes. it will be private. i’m not exactly jordan LMAO

  3. Five years of torture, you must be in love !! 😉

    Well done both of you ( how you ever sleep with a tap in the house is beyond me !! ) LOL


  4. Mrs. KC, you and this girl seem to have occasions where it is probably best described as fitful sleep. Just remember your Dom is sleeping less watching and caring for you all night ( at least that is what you might think behind that blindfold


  5. Congrats on the anniversary you two! Sometimes you get what you wish for! Luckily the both of you are as fortunate as we are! We love reading your blog tg and are happy to see Grim hasn’t let up with the tortures! Keep it going! We love hearing about your adventures together!
    J3 and Wendy

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