New Year Traditions

Lots of countries and cultures have special traditions at new years from fireworks to singing auld lang syne and kissing that special someone to maybe some slighter more bizarre traditions.

Despite living in Scotland for more than six years, this girl has never felt compelled to join in Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. Freezing her ass off at a street party that has in recent years a strong chance of having wind, rain, snow or a combination of all three is just not appealing. Though for anyone interested here’s a clip of the celebration :-

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay from Edinburgh’s Hogmanay on Vimeo.

One year, she was in Edinburgh on the morning of Hogmanay after having been at a fetish club the night before and then spending the early hours in hospital after her friend she was staying with was unwell. That’s the closest she got to Princess St on 31/12.


This year this girl and Grimly were amongst the few people wanting to get OUT of scotland, which at present is comparable to Narnia before the witch was defeated. England, meanwhile on new years eve, was not nearly as snowy.

This girl and Grimly went to a party at their friends’ barn , the same place where the pony pictures were done a bit ago. The place has been one of the best discoveries of the year, the people that own it are absolutely fantastic and it has great kit and ambience. In fact, since the demise of Nemesis its one of the few places this girl has enjoyed a fetish night out at. This girl & Grimly also met up with Captivekink there and his lovely bondage model friend Serene_Chaos (who wins the prize for best arrival after turning up in a leather butterfly jacket) along with plenty of other great people 🙂

The majority of the night was much the same as any fetish night, chatting to folk, the odd bits of play and munchies and so on.

However, this girl made the mistake of suggesting that perhaps if she had a go of the bondage wheel and spun it the otherway maybe it would be 2008 instead of 2010, and that if that was so she wouldnt reach a certain age that she will be in a few months lol.

So, Grimly and the organiser were only too happy to oblige!  This girl had been in a similar predicament a few years ago on the web at Nemesis2 but at that time had her arms stretched out so she could grip on bare knuckled. This time she was in the latex strait jacket, and it felt very odd! It was perfectly safe although felt the slightest bit edgey when sideways!

Anyway, unsuprisingly, time did not go backwards! 2010 has arrived. Perhaps the wheel wasn’t spun fast enough, or maybe it would need more than one sub (possibly several thousand) in the world to be in that predicament for it to work. Oh well. Luckily she only went round a few times instead of 12 and despite being a little dizzy was stood upright again by the time midnight chimed.

Of course, another tradition of new years eve is kissing someone special after the bells chime. Shortly after being spun, this girl was strapped into a ‘straight jacket cuddle’ with Serene and then encumbered with a double ball gag to prevent any such thing!

Some sadists are such spoil sports aren’t they???!!

well Grimly says he meant to start the year as he plans to continue it!

so why does this girl have a slight sense of foreboding???

5 thoughts on “New Year Traditions

  1. I think that all your spinning round just made time go faster. Certainly the evening flew by and midnight arrived before we knew it. Great night out TG. Really glad that you and Grimly made it out through the snow.

  2. Just wanted to say that it’s a pleasure, a real pleasure, to read your well-constructed, well-expressed and well-I-never articles…
    You have a lovely turn of phrase that makes your stories so special.

    Thank you!

  3. Destruction, Richy’s idea not mine!

    Richy, yes i just wish now the snow would go!

    DH, thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 x

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