Creature Comforts

When this girl was in Vancouver in the autumn she was lucky enough to try JG Leathers’ creature twice. The second time being on the last night of the holiday after meeting the lovely Padme.

The second time was much more successful and more relaxing. The first time (which this girl wrote about here a few posts back) was sort of overshadowed a bit by apprehension and the initial shock factor of actually being in it, as opposed to seeing pictures and videos of it safely from the other side of the Atlantic!

The second position was more relaxing , a sort of reclined position instead of being suspended upright, so it meant less stress from the bondage, so this girl could just float and bounce around.

In addition to that Grimly had modified a headset and microphone to give aid communication. The first time this girl was in the creature it felt a bit of an assault, that although there was someone at the controls, it felt as though the machine would do what it wanted regardless. It felt a bit like being tormented by a robot instead of by a person. Which is a totally different thing to anything this girl had experienced beforehand.

On many levels that appealed to this girl’s needs as a masochist. Sometimes she thinks that Grimly holds back a bit and exercises a bit of restraint on his sadism maybe because he doesn’t want to push things too far and cause her harm but more so because he loves her. This girl thinks back sometimes when she first met him and wonders whether he was harder to her back then, but realistically its probably that she’s just more used to his type of play now than he was then. But thats the thing sometimes its hard to know whether he is holding something back because of his feelings for her.

However, the creature wasn’t like that. She didn’t feel as though it had any emotions that might make it hold back! Perhaps therefore it was one of those be careful what you wish for things, because in so many ways it fits that fantasy of unwielding machine of torture…and yet, in reality the concept was a bit more than her body and headspace were both ready for. The first time the assault was maybe a little bit too much to process quick enough to work out how to make it less fear and more the fantasy. It was a complete sensory overload and a total shock to the system.

Though, there wasn’t that much there that was different to what she’d experienced before. Electrics, suspension, bondage, gas masks, breath play – are all things this girl is well used to, and enjoys. It was the combination and the ambience that was just different. The visual effect of the thing sort of works quite a lot on you before anything is really even turned on. It would have perhaps been interesting to be in a position of having been put in it without actually seeing it first, or seeing herself in it , to know if it would be more or less scary without the visual feast that presents but then that was part of the build up and part of the fun.

It really came down to the fact that the first time she was a little (ok a lot) overwhelmed. She had got herself a bit worked up and anxious about trying it, it was a new thing, and there was far too much going on to arouse her curiosity for her to fully relax.

This girl is always much more comfortable playing at home with familar equipment. Since she knows how things work there, and is in her own environment and most of the time when this girl plays with Grimly its easy to communicate. With the creature, the amount of whirring and mechanical noises made it difficult the first time and took the human element away.

This girl is a bit torn in between which fantasy is the more appealing – that of being tortured (it least in illusion) by machine – or by man. Despite the technical nature of Grimly’s inventions it is always absolutely clear to her that he is in control of them, nothing as yet has the premiss or illusion of being fully automated, but that, may of course happen in the future.

For now, this girl thinks she prefers the idea that he is ultimately in her head and being controlled by someone who can use technology to reinforce the idea of control. Which is why, for her anyway, the creature was more effective when she could hear his voice in her head via the headphones to remind her that he was guiding what would happen. Nothing at all to do with the fact that she needs his voice to orgasm. Of course not 😉

5 thoughts on “Creature Comforts

  1. When I saw the title of this post my devious mind
    jumped to Wallace & Gromet 🙂

    The thought of a “Creature Comforts” series
    with plasticene folk doing bondage and torture
    appealed to me – I am trying to imagine you
    and Grimly doing the talking to go with the
    creatures’ actions . 😉 Glad you enjoyed yourself!

    And a Happy and Boundiful New Year..

  2. One of the best parts of 2009 was getting to meet you and Grimly. I really enjoyed being able to share some A&W together and be able to meet. I am glad you enjoyed some time in the Creature. I admit I have been really curious about it myself. 😉
    Happy New year and all the best in 2010!

  3. housebound , i love Wallace and Gromit, out of interest i tried to see if there was any Wallace and Gromit kink but there isn’t (unsuprisingly), only one vid on utube of no trousers as opposed to wrong trousers.

    Padme, it was great to meet you am hopign we get over again at some point but i have no idea when!

    happy new year

    TG x

  4. Sound like an amazing ride. Just wondering if the vacuum and electrics are constant or do they pulse or suckle?

  5. The electrics are powered through ET312 which has many different setting options so it can be varied. The vacuum can either be constant or variable also. So theres lots of possible combinations . To read more about it visit JG’s site. link to the left 🙂

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