This girl often fidgets quite a lot if given more than an inch to move. It’s not often of course that Grimly gives her more than an inch to move during play…but sometimes he does!

This girl isn’t really sure why she does that, it’s just really one of those things. It happens mostly when she’s left in a sort of state of fantasy abandonment – where she’s not really abandoned – since he might be within earshot or maybe watching on the CCTV. During those moments, she starts wondering if she can get out of the bondage.

It’s daft really because this girl loves bondage, she loves the feeling of control it gives. Though despite that , she sometimes wants to test it. Of course, she only gets out of the bondage if he wants her to, but it doesn’t stop this girl Β fidgeting if Grimly’s not there to make something else happen. There are times when he’ll maybe make it possible for her to get out of the bondage. Where ‘possible’ actually means – difficult, provided a bit of skill and cunning are both used. In fact, it’s probably just as well he doesn’t take photos of her when she’s trying to work out escape routes because it would just no doubt look comical!

When this girl is successful in getting out of it, its a weird feeling because whilst there’s the momentary feeling of success…it sort of feels wrong as well…like she’s not supposed to. But then you know, if he didn’t want her to work out an escape route he wouldn’t make that possible.

Mostly this girl fidgets just to remind herself of the restraint, of the control, and of his deviousness of course since the security of it demonstrates how things are supposed to be. Sometimes even simple bondage can be effective at that – like in the picture below, taken during this girl & Grimly’s holiday to Canada…just a few handcuffs and a bit of chain can be as effective as anything of higher technology. During that afternoon, Grimly was just a little way away being shown something in JG’s workshop….this girl fidgeted and fidgeted and jangled the chains about akin maybe to something out of a Christmas Carol…and whilst she could get the chain off the hook in the decking she couldn’t get any further since she couldn’t stand up because of the cuffs round her feet. So, it left her with no option really but to relax in the sun until they decided to come back, and funnily enough, once she relaxed into that knowing she had no way out until a key was provided, she got a little spaced. Not a lot, but enough to be in a nice relaxed happy place.

This girl met a very nice man on holiday whose main kink is straight jackets – she tried a couple out and might post some pictures of that at some point. He offerred to teach her a little bit about how to get out of them…and she declined.

This girl doesn’t really want to be an escapologist as such. She doesn’t want to learn about the weakness of a piece of bondage kit unless it’s something blindingly obvious to her. Since, thats not the point of it. The point of bondage for this girl is for her to feel in a secure and controlled place where she can wait for other things to happen. Things that she wants to happen, but might decline if actually given the option. That, and it’s erotic of course just by itself. Although, the straight jacket fella did hint that he enjoyed the jackets he couldn’t get out of possibly more than the ones that could be escaped.

Ultimately, this girl doesn’t want to escape .

Someone once asked her at a club she was at, where she was in the simple bondage and restrictions provided by ballet boots whether, after protesting how evil Grimly was, whether she wanted to be rescued :

“Well do you want to be rescued?”

Her answer of course was no. At that point, and so many others she loved the predicaments presented by the bondage…and knowing that such very visual signs of control were there until her Dom chose for them not to be. This girl would never want to be rescued from bondage, since she’s never been restrained in a way where she’s felt in any danger…apart from the danger of knowing that some of her fantasies might come true of course!

So, she remains an extremely ineffective at escapology, and wouldn’t have it any other way πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Fidget

  1. What, no thumb cuffs…you wouldn’t last two minutes in our house !!! LOL
    When we like aneasy bondage session……our chains/padlocks come out as well…no give and no escape without the keys !!! ( Even Mrs KC could use chains as she ties a lousy knot !!)
    You are looking superb..and thanks for the blog updates πŸ™‚

  2. Fantastic image :-). Just the way I like it! It’s strange that you like to see if you can escape. I sometimes do that too but know I can’t get free from a straitjacket! I’ve mentioned you in my ‘great reads’ post πŸ˜‰

    t. x

  3. Just a lurker from Germany: I am reading your blog for a while now and just wanted to tell you, how much I appreciate your writings and sharing your thoughts with us.

    And I write today because I really must tell you: this picture sends me shivers down my spine – and because I am a switcher I like to see you as much as imagining me in your place πŸ˜‰

    It’s such a simple but for me such a beautiful picture. Thanx. (And if you ever visit Germany / Berlin, come and visit ;-))

  4. Once you’re married and living with Grimly full timme, I expect you’ll spend a lot more of your time that way.

  5. thankyou so much andy πŸ™‚

    Ralph, do you think i would have said yes when he asked me if that wasnt the case πŸ˜‰


  6. I have read a few parts of this blog now and each part gets me more interested each time, it is very addictive….

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