Assaulted by the creature

Assault is probably the easiest way to describe how the body feels whilst in ‘the creature’

It was an extremely unusual experience for this girl being wired up in that contraption doesn’t feel like normal BDSM. To explain that, this girl means that it doesn’t feel as though the sensation is being generated by a person – it feels as though the machine is totally in control. It feels more remote and more technosexual (to pinch a word Grimly has started using recently) than most other forms of play. It feels a bit like being tortured by a robot.

Of course, that’s not the case. Whilst it may feel as though the machinery and technology is in control there is a person behind that, the inventor of course, JG Leathers and then of course whoever he chooses to let push the buttons. The design is such that everything is controlled, similar in some aspects to Grimly’s chair – breath play, vaccuum, electrics they are all regulated. With the creature though, this is done from the other side of the room by means of an extremely elaborate control panel that looks like its been nicked from NASA or from a DJ. It isn’t of course, but thats what it reminds this girl of! Though can you honestly blame her for having these sorts of thoughts when the average technically minded dom will turn pretty much any object into an item of sensory explosion??

This girl sort of forgot there was a person in control of it at the other side of the room when she was in it and it was doing its thing. Easy really, when vision is slightly restricted by a breathing mask which is getting steadily steamed up by orgasmic gasps, and then the cables and everything dangling down between the creature and the control panel. Its like the controls, and the ability to make the ordeal stop may as well be somewhere else entirely, because it just felt as though what was going to happen would happen regardless. Thats not to say this girl felt in danger, she didn’t, she knew it was perfectly safe and that she could still communicate, but for several minutes it just felt as though she was being controlled by the machine. Sort of as though she was part of it and that it would do what it wanted.

Its easy to feel that way when every one of your senses is trying to convince you that you are part of the contraption. Visually, as you can see from the pictures, it’s hard to see where wires and tubes and bondage end and person begins. The bondage is so tight and so controlling that it felt for this girl as though the harness and the bondage mits and boots were almost part of her body. In addition the noise of the creature reinforces the idea, the vaccum makes a very sort of agressive noise whilst the bubbler bottles bubble away and froth from the controlled breathing. Smell and taste possibly aren’t stimulated as much as the other senses, but then sometimes the smell of latex and arousal is enough right – and there is still possibly, maybe, such a thing as overload. It’s probably not totally impossible for JG or Grimly at some point to come up with some sort of drinking facility for the creature, since, drinking gags are pretty easy to make and certainly Grimly has one, but perhaps it would be daft to risk someone choking themselves in the excitement. Somewhere at the back of this girl’s head there is a fantasy of being kept in bondage for a long time with enough pipes and tubes to be able to drink and eat and complete other daily functions whilst in some sort of similar elaborate contraption, but maybe thats one of those fantasies that should stay fantasy given what this girl experienced of the creature was more than enough sensation at one time than most people could think of lol.

It was an amazing thing to experience, just to see what that was like. To be in bondage that restrictive, feeling totally out of control and yet controlled, and to have that many masochistic buttons hit by something so engineered. It also explains a bit about why this girl goes for this sort of BDSM, instead of being tied to a St Andrews Cross and flogged – there’s nothing wrong with that of course, it just doesn’t push as many buttons for her as what this kind of thing does.

The sensations the creature gave this girl were almost too intense, her body shook , her eyes watered, every female related part of her tingled and twitched, or at least tried to, but struggled given the restrictive bondage. Its possibly hard to really explain any more than that, because unless you’ve experienced electrics together with bondage and breath play it’s hard to describe…apart from being slightly surreal, and odd…but utterly amazing.

21 thoughts on “Assaulted by the creature

  1. I guess it could be considered assault with batteries, but J.G. uses only the finest A.C. Canada can provide :-O
    Did anyone have a video camera for your time in suspended animation, It would be nice to hear your voice for once, even if it is all squeals and grunts.

    It would seem that there should be the addition of a waxed stick like they do for electro therapy so you don’t bite your tongue while bouncing and writhing!

  2. Tim, i like the pun its cute πŸ™‚

    There’s no video footage of the creature i’m afraid not of me, though there will be a video released of a girl I met, Angel, in it, from her go from a month or two back. She is gorgeous! See JG’s site.

    Mrs KC, oh yes, couldn’t be luckier really just a shame we had to come back to the UK!

  3. Amazing..simply amazing!

    Out of curiosity, could you explain the suction element? Was the suction itself part of the arousal, or did it just bring you closer to the electrics that are obviously wired up?

    How many goes did you have?

    Keep it up, I love following your adventures!


  4. Pete, hi and thanks for your virgin comment! πŸ™‚

    The suction is part of the arousal, since what suction does is sort of ‘tenderize’ the skin and pull out things….i.e on breasts nipples have no chance of hiding….and then on the male version there is a penile tube that the suction there creates a sort of milking effect i believe. obviously without the right anatomy i can’t descibe that. Though, previously, i’ve had suction used on my clit and that enlarges it and makes it more sensitive. Well i’m sure you get the idea. Therefore, because sensitivity is increased electrics or vibrations feel more intense, and yes, it means there’s no risk of a break in the contact between flesh and zap.

    I had two goes in the creature, this and a different more ‘laid back’ position – for which i think the photos are maybe better.

    Tho thats not all the bdsm we did ! We tried other things of JGs as well as stuff belonging to other bondage enthusiasts.

    TG x

  5. The computer scientist in me would love to adapt such a rig for bio-feedback, and then pit the victim vs a computer, with the computer attempting to leave the victim on the brink of orgasm, and the victim having to work out how they can control their reactions to the point where they can trick the computer into letting them have one. Of course, there’d have to be some user controls so the dominant could override the computer as and when they pleased.

  6. Not at all πŸ™‚ I’m starting to collect together the equipment I’ll need to have a stab at it myself, but it’ll probably take *years* to accumulate it all!

  7. It’d be interesting to share ideas πŸ™‚ I should probably write all my thoughts down somewhere soon. I worry he’d think my approach a bit on the ghetto side, compared to his art works!

  8. Brilliant! Do you also have a pic of the control panel? And where are the contacts on you for the electrics – safe down below I trust!

  9. lis0r, every approach is interesting! by all means drop him an email if you like through the link at the side or via ic /fetlife if you want to have a discussion about such things with him πŸ™‚

    Greatcornbow, there’ll be some more pictures published eventually…when i get round to it. But there are some that show the control panel on the setting the scene post or you can look at what holiday pics i’ve posted so far in the holiday gallery to the left. x

  10. Found the ones on ‘setting the scene’: very nice. But I’d like to know what all the various knobs and dials actually do!

    Best wishes

  11. simplistically, the right hand half of the main panel controls the electrics as it has two et312’s built into it, the left hand half of the panel controls the vaccum (breast) – and for men penile tube also. The smaller panel is a medical regulator. If you need more detail than that you are probably best reading JG’s articles on it…since i’m the guinea pig rather than the scientist!

  12. Thanks. The ET312 has scope for two different circuits, so with two of them you should have four circuits, so up to eight different contact points, which must give plenty of scope for variety! Obviously contact points will vary somewhat between m and f; and, given the risks of electrics above the waist, the wearer should be wriggling quite a bit. If it’s not too personal, where does Grimly put them on you ?

  13. hey This Girl,i hav few qstns…
    1…is the breathing really hard through all those liquid and tubes???
    2….does longer tubes makes breathing harder???
    3….does breath control arouses you???/

  14. hi fantasyman, yes the breathing is quite hard through the tubes though you know it all adds to the overall experience.

    I think the length of the tubes makes some difference but i think the volume of water to air in the bottle makes more of a difference though. Though i never was much good at chemistry lol.

    Yes breath play is a fetish of mine. Not perhaps to the same extent of others for example i am more interested in breathing being made harder as opposed to being cut off completely, but yes it is something i enjoy and that arouses me.

  15. Any chance of a video? The one of Anna-Rose on Alterpic is one of the best ones that involve the creature and it would be good to see your experience as well.

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