Setting the Scene

One of the issues about being into weird technical mad bondage stuff is how long it takes to set up. Though, saying that, sometimes the preparation is part of the fun. It certainly was when JG & Grimly were assembling this girl into “the creature”!

It started off relatively simplistically with lots of latex – the catsuit, and then an open faced hood (to later combine with a gas mask) and latex mits – and kinky boots of course!

Getting into the latex was actually a bit different this time compared to what it is normally since JG introduced this girl & Grimly to a really good type of oil that made the rubber very shiny and wasn’t too sticky on the skin..better than getting talc everywhere anyway!

Then, came the bondage, hand cuffs, boot cuffs, and of course the harness. The harness is designed in such a way that it makes Grimly’s version of bondage overkill look simplistic! So many straps and buckles, all tightened to the nth degree partly for aesthetics and partly for safety. In addition the idea is that it holds in any ‘in flight entertainment’ devices. In this girl’s case that was a vaginal electrode, a vibrator (that in the end refused to stay in the right place!) and breast cups that are both electric and vacuum controlled. In the case of the male version (which you can get an idea of from the picture in the previous post) there is a suction tube for the penis with a urethal electrode…having seen it in use…this girl is glad she is female! Although, seeing the creature and a lot of other devices there have given Grimly a great many inspirations so she’s perhaps not that fortunate , or is she? 😉

It was actually quite strange having someone else put her in bondage, especially bondage so intricate, because aside from when she tried on a few things belonging to Captivekink at BBB and also during a friendly visit in the spring, no one other than Grimly had put her in any bondage stuff. That is at least since her ex – and with him it was just really cuffs and collars and pretty simplistic bondage….nothing on such a demented scale as this. It was okay though. This girl felt very comfortable with JG and he explained what everything was and so on. It was good too because it meant she could watch Grimly’s reactions more than what she can normally. Grimly had first seen the harness (or a similar one) about 10 years ago, so to watch him seeing her being strapped into something that had been an inspiration for such a long time was amazing. He looked so happy.  He had this sort of look of boyish devilment, but then he does that a lot when his sadistic mind is being stimulated!

For this girl, it’s hard really to equate it. Probably the easiest metaphor is to equate it to how you feel when you are being strapped into a ride at a fairground. A ride that looks bloody scary and you aren’t really sure you want to go on because you think you might end up petrified or sick but your friends have talked you into going on it and you don’t want to look chicken. Then, there’s that last moment, when the guy operating the ride pulls down the safety bar and that’s it. No going back….it’s going to happen now and there’s no stopping it……

More pictures to illustrate this post after the page break…….Stay tuned too for the next part of the adventure

The first part of the harness goes on…..

More straps are added and tightened

JG makes the final adjustments after adding electric suction breast cups

13 thoughts on “Setting the Scene

  1. It had never occured to me before that I had been given such a unique opportunity TG. I feel a bit honoured now.

    Looking forward to the second installment. Having seen what John puts himself through with just part of the creature, I can’t wait to see what effect the full blow get-up had on you.

  2. The first picture says it all–Beauty, wrapped, serene, ready. Magnificent picture of surrender to what is to come.

  3. You look so serene in these photos. Is this the calm before the storm?
    Thank you for sharing them with us.

    where did you get your catsuit – it is superb?

  4. From the neck up, you look like a nun. But ONLY from the neck up!

    BTW, NOW congratulations (on your engagement)! I’m sure it’s gonna be one hell of a ride! Where is your bridal registry?


  5. I agree with TC. The next photos will no doubt depict a different and stimulated demeanour !

  6. We are thinking that it must have been a fantastic vacation.
    The question we have is how do you now manage at work? Are your coworkers wondering why you sometimes slip into a little trance and why your smiling so much?

    You, and Grimly, must be floating on a cloud.

    wendy, and jim

  7. Richy, no need to feel honoured its just how things are 😉

    Bellmaster, TC not sure if it is serenity or nerves! The catsuit was our own design , made by a friend who just at the moment does the odd project here and there for people he knows to fund his fetish.

    Kirk, Robin, thanks

    Wendy & Jim, the sort of job i have doesn’t let my mind divert that much so its not really an issue at the mo. But yes we’re happy just didn’t want to come back here!

  8. ” there is a suction tube for the penis with a urethal electrode…having seen it in use…this girl is glad she is female!”

    I bet Grimly could figure out how to rig you up a clitoral suction tube and urethral electorode, so you can experience the full intensity.

  9. we have a clitoral suction device and used it several times, we also have an urethral electrode and tried it once and didn’t work with me…female anatomy is rather different to male…and we’ve not tried the urethal electrics on me against since. If there are any ladies out there who have successfully enjoyed urethral electrics please get in touch 🙂 x

  10. I guess saying ‘It looks intense’ would be pretty pointless. It does look like you both had the holiday of a lifetime (and not in the crappy Family Fortunes prize sort of way either)! What was the oil you mentioned, Mrs Magpie and I are always trying to find just the right one, but to no avail.

  11. indeed yes 🙂

    i’m not sure of the type of oil, its one JG took a long time to find, and as far as we know only available in the USA, and its not a kink supplier either just a place that sells it in great big bottles. If they came in smaller quantities we would have maybe tried to bring it back….well that…and obviously the problem with airports and liquids. If we find a UK stockist we’ll let you know.

  12. Thankyou.Grape oil is getting a lot of recommendations at the moment, but I need to find out how in reacts with rubber first. The quest continues…

  13. Dow Corning silicone oil is what JG uses but I am having a hard time finding it in the UK

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