A Canadian Affair

So, the holiday is over, the jet lag has subsided and now its time to start trying to explain what has been happening over the last few weeks- quite a lot! 😉 and its safe to say its been easily the kinkiest but still most amazing holiday this girl has ever had!

Its hard to know where to start!

Well, for this girl it started on a cold September morning at Glasgow Airport wondering whether the bag full of kink was going to get through security. Sorry actually thats TWO bags. Soft nike bags, which she consented to using after Grimly insisted using a suitcase would not leave enough weight allowance for the rubber and the boots. This issue  caused several debates. But ok, this girl can now admit he was right (reluctantly!)

Well the kink and the vanilla camouflage got to Vancouver, as did this girl and Grimly in a pretty normal fashion. However, from being picked up by JG Leathers, normality swiftly vanished. To borrow the quote from his website :-

“MY life is NOT going to be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely, in a pretty and well preserved body. I fully intend to skid in with my shoes on fire, a smile on my face,
thoroughly used up, totally worn out,and loudly proclaiming”WOW!! What a friggin’ ride!”

Perhaps it was a little mad to go all that way to meet ‘someone off the internet’ but then JG is someone very well respected within the kink community and someone thisgirl and Grimly have been corresponding with on a fairly regular basis over the last two or three years after finding ‘one or two’ things in common 😉 and have several mutual friends as well. So safer than your random internet meets, and is it turned out he was exactly as this girl had imagined though somewhat larger than life!

From the first time he said ‘why don’t you come over and see Canada…and take a ride in the creature ‘ this girl took steps to encourage Grimly into agreeing with her that it was a good idea despite there being always something else that needs to be saved for as well. But you know, sometimes its good just to live for the moment and experience what you can and this girl will never regret having had the experiences she’s had over the last few weeks. Not one of them.

This girl is pretty fortunate in that since she met Grimly experienced pretty much everything she could imagine and then some, but there are still some people out there with ideas that she is curious about….and so that curiousity has now been satisfied 🙂 Though it didn’t stop there, not only did this girl try the creature there was plenty of other kinky experiences as well not to mention all the great people she and Grimly were introduced to and she’s still processing a lot of all that so those people that want to see this girl in the creature will need to wait just a teeny bit longer !!

Ultimately though this whole kink thing works best when you have special friends and one special person in particular to share it with. Otherwise it would be a pretty lonely adventure. When thisgirl met Grimly she didn’t expect that she would fall in love with him, she saw him as someone who might be able to provide a fix for her masochism and let her try a few things she had fantasised about for a very long time. Though, as it happened comptability showed itself in other areas as well and things just went from there. In a way that stuff has all gone a bit full circle in that when this girl first started experimenting with BDSM it was a ‘me’ thing and its not very much an ‘us’ thing and sharing whats gone on the last few weeks cements that.

But there is more to this girl and Grimly than BDSM, its just what brought them together, and the same goes for a lot of friends too.

This girl has been in love with her collaborator and partner in crime for a long long time, and so, the fact that he proposed last week has made her so very very happy – the man of her dreams – its HIM. Some people might not understand that , but they don’t have to because well it takes all sorts and he’s her sort. Pretty much everyone this girl and Grimly met recently commented on that…how well it works and that feels good 🙂

So you can probably work out about how this girl feels about being his ball & chain!

21 thoughts on “A Canadian Affair

  1. Welcome HOME –

    Along with all you fans I guess that we will have to wait
    with sweaty palms for an account of you (mis)adventures
    and hopefully some interesting pictures – Please – 🙂

  2. Again congrats TG.

    Glad you made it home ok. It was a total blast sharing time with you and Grimly at JG’s as well as enjoying everyone’s company.

    Hopefully you will post a pic of the ring?

    Miss you guys,

  3. Good to hear you had a great holiday, but fabulous to hear your engagement news 🙂 xx

  4. WOW!!!!!!!! Congratulations are first and foremost in order!. What a way to celebrate what sems to have been a wonderful ” road trip”. In addition, if I may be so bold, it appears that you are slimmer than some of your previous pictures. At any rate, the universal gods are on your side.
    I would think that the ball and chain are symbloic, but only Grimly knows wht goes through his devious mid.
    ‘Again, Congratulations.

  5. OMG yay! Did you tell us earlier that he proposed and I missed it? I’m so happy for you two, congrats!

  6. Sorry about the misprints. It appears that my keyboard is in serious need on a cleaning. Hope the sentiment wasn’t lost on bad spelling.

  7. Not only is my keyboard out of whack, but my Send button is also not wanting to play nice. The original message, which obviously did not go through, congratulated you on your recent engagement. At the risk of going down a slippery slope, I also note that your outfit fits you extremely well. Hopefully, the ball and chain will be for play purposes only, but one cannot discount Grimly’s devious mind.

  8. Um, apologies for the avatar, I’d forgotten I’d set that as my avatar!

  9. Whoa! you went to my city!! hope you had a blast and that everyone there made your stay enjoyable. Specially JGL. hahaha amazing person!

    Also congrats on your news. truly happy for you both!

  10. Marvellous news…and he can finally get you into that chastity belt (legally) now !! LOL
    One of the nicest couples on the fetish www, wish you well for the future ( it should be electrifying ).


    P.S. Glasgow is cold and wet !!

  11. Nice to see Grimly will finally made you an honest woman. Along with that will this be a long distance marriage? It will be fun to see your recollections as well as JG’s and maybe Grimly’s of the whirlwind tour. May your union be as long and as interesting as the KC’s

  12. Grrr – That will teach me to speed read and jump straight
    to your Ball & Chain picture – I compleatly missed the
    most important bit of your post 😦
    So, slightly behind as usual, Congratulations and all the best.
    I am sure that you two are made for a permanent bond 😉

  13. Hi this girl,
    I LOVE that picture!! I know you had come out to see JG but I was glad you were able to find some time to go for a coffee while visiting so we could meet each other. I will always remember it and am glad we could spend a bit of time together. I am very happy for you with your engagement and your ring was beautiful!! I’m so happy for you and Grimly both.

  14. Padme,
    So Grimly got her a real ring too? I guess there was a traditional proposal and for once it was Grimly on his knee(s). I would have expected the ring to be the one welded to her ankle!

  15. I can be an old romantic, though I did not get not get down on one knee. As for a ring welded to her ankle, no that would just get in the way of other stuff.

    Cheers Grimly

  16. Oh hun!! Congratulations!! i am very happy for you both!

    Wow… the holiday sounded awesome too and i am LOVING that photo of the ball and chain! 😉 i have had a yearning to visit Canada for a little while, but now you’ve made me want to go even more! 😉

    *warm hugs*

    SG and t. x

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