Flickr deleted

A note to anyone that follows this girl’s flickr — it’s been deleted by flickr.

She is not going to redo it. Grimly’s is still there….at the moment anyway. 

11 thoughts on “Flickr deleted

  1. Picasa. Seriously, Google Picasa. Not as many features, but they wont’ suddenly drop your account, either. Well, at least they haven’t dropped mine.

  2. Maybe something is in the air? My ponygirl blog on Blogger was blocked at the beginning of September and I’ve been trying to get it back unsuccessfully since. I made a KinkyPonygirl blog on WordPress but feel so gutted over the huge loss of years easily trashed by someone’s power to judge my blog inappropriate. How sad! Whatever happened to a warning?
    Sorry your Flickr account was deleted….Hope you didnt have too much on there.
    Best wishes,

  3. TG,
    I’m not sure what Flickrs problem is. There is material on there that is TOTALLY offensive , yet it stays. Nicci had her account deleted yet her impostor is still there even after repeated complaints to Flickr that this person was posing as another person.

    I too have been tagged as a dangerous account. They are so hypocritical.

    The problem is that you have no recourse to argue your case as it is all done by faceless peons who hide behind the facade of the corporation. They won’t even let you address the complaints or issues that caused it.

    So much for fairness.

    I am sorry TG. I hope that things will improve on this front.

  4. I put some photos online only, but the ones that I want to save, I make sure to place in a folder on a hard drive.

    I also set my blog options to email me a copy of each post; this way, i always have a backup in case my blog host decides that male chastity is, er, too sexual.

    You can find a few free utilities to back up your blog, pics, and (I think) comments. I downloaded one, but havent’ used it.

    You might also consider using your Google account (you do have one, right?) to set up Google Docs. You can save all of your posts as a G-doc, or alternately, write them in G-docs and then paste them to your blog.

    If you are hesitant about having all of your blogging eggs in one basket, then get a free Zoho Office online account. Write your posts there, and then paste them to your Blogger, Typepad or WordPress account.

    I was bounced from Photobucket after I accidentally set pic of my frenum piercing to “Public” view. Ooops. Fortunately, I didn’t have much uploaded, and nothing I needed to save.

  5. Hello Steffy 🙂
    Tim, Captive Kink is away in Us of A at the moment, sunning himself. But well worth asking if he would host ‘this girls’ superb photographs ( bigger thanks to Grimly 😉
    This Girl…we never had children for exactly the same reason(s) as you…and if more couples thought these matters out more responsably, then the world would be a better place for it !!!

    PS We don’t upload as much material as we used to ( especially to sad Flickr )……slowly sliding into obscurity ( like those 70’s Bondage Life magazines etc )

  6. must open a blog provider for us! it’s not the first time i hear about someone was close the profil or blocked like anna rose! does your blog are in netherlands?

    It shame i haven’t my own serveur for you, because i will provide service for bdsm people only! someone must do that for we are not censured anymore

  7. Guys first thanks for all the comments and support. First of all, I don’t actually mind my flickr has been deleted this blog was just an announcement of the fact. I hadn’t posted to it for sometime anyway. Though , it was more useful to have the profile to build up contacts with other people who only share stuff with you if you have stuff yourself.

    Anna, have you tried Wayback or similar just put in the url it might work. i know that my blog is on it but it only archives for me up to Dec 07 But you might be lucky or with a similar internet archiver.

    Tim, I wouldn’t ask captive kink. His website is for HIS photography that he has taken himself and yes the stuff is amazing but i wouldnt try and invade his space. Sure, there’s a tentative plan for him to take some photos of me at some point but thats another issue completely!

    Steffy, as above, I can live without flickr! To be honest i have other things to be anxious about at the moment as should you *weg *

    Tom, thanks for the suggestion. The blog is really my creative outlet. I have no intention at the moment to post my stuff anywhere else, though Grimly might want to. But here is my place. I have actually recently started backing everything up in aword file and so once thats done then i will start saving everything as i go. But most of its backed up and all our pictures are on aremovable hard drive as well, and i have also printed an album of them too about 80 pictures worth so i have a record of my existence!

    Mrs KC, thanks as ever for your comments 🙂 nb i came across a website that is to be relaunched and will have freen member galleries, though i guess at the moment i just like all my stuff where i have control over it!

    Smahax, i think there are some kinky blog providers but it depends on what you want your blog to look like and where you ant it hosted – ie.. its possible to use informed consent, or fetlife for writing as well as other places too i think.

    I’m happy with where the blog is for now, WordPress have me as mature so i don’t appear in their internal searches and stats. So someone must have reviewed it at some point and decided i’m ‘mature’ but not too mature. Well i’m only 29 lol

  8. What a pity! I had the same problem a year ago and lost not only my pictures but all my contacts… The problem is I DO NOT UNDERSTAND the logic behind those deletions…

    This is now the time for the politically correct communication, this means that if you disturb even one person you are in trouble this makes people like us more and more isolated because of this lack of media.

    Keep the track and all the best,

    Le Doc

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