Giving it some welly

This girl spent most of yesterday morning shopping for wellington boots for her Dad to wear to go to the Highland Games, which is expected to be really wet and muddy and horrible. Yep, this is Scotland! Shopping for wellies, as rubber goes, is totally NOT fun.

It’s actually quite difficult. Especially for mens ones. This girl had to try about three different places before any could be found. Most of the shops sell womens’ pink ones if any or childrens’. But eventually, mens’ green wellies were found. But, not in pairs. They were all over the place, and finding a left and a right that were his size was very difficult! This girl ended up handling the entire welly collection of 2 B&Qs before finding a pair that fitting him. Her hands stank of rubber, and yet for once it was so un-erotic.

This girl is not remotely turned on by wellington boots…

Yet…apparently some people are! There is actually a wellington boot club for members to record their unique welly tastes. Maybe not that unusual, given they represent most peoples’ first item of rubber clothing from a very young age. Splashing around in puddles as a child and all that.

Even so, this girl does not find them very erotic. At least…she didn’t….until she came across these farm girls who are raising money doing a calendar :-

hmm maybe it was a bad idea to remind Grimly he wants a milking machine 😉

19 thoughts on “Giving it some welly

  1. “maybe it was a bad idea to remind Grimly he wants a milking machine”
    As if I would forget!

  2. How totally cute and funny! i am from the south US, so the tractor would have been john deere green. Hehehe 🙂

  3. Grim, would you ever forget ANYTHING??

    briseis, thanks for your comment! here we have a whole range of tractors most of which i’ve been stuck behind at some point or other!

    Tom, not sure if you mean the wellies the tractors or the milking machines…well anyway i’ve not bought anything in harrods for years anyway…i’m too common…and way too far from london (which is not a bad thing! 😉 )

  4. Grimly, Here are some links to help inspire your “udder” delights. The first is a States dairy supplier and assuming you have an air compressor, you might be able to just get the teat cups from here or a similar supplier.
    The second is a video of a gal being milked using hand, hand pumps and finally a home made milking unit. They used various glass tubing, which probably would fit better anatomically. Might be just fun to show tg while being bound and stimmed in her chastity to mentally plant some wicked images.

  5. tg I hope it made your belt tingle and moisten as well as helping the gears go round in Grimly’s brain. and trinitywhen you visit remember that dogs can be milked as well

  6. well i’m not wearing the belt at the moment, i have to say porn doenst have that sort of effect on me though, especially when the actors make such weird fake orgasm noises tho its interesting sometimes for ideas!

  7. Even worse is the “voice over porn” where you are supposed to hear her inner thoughts while bound. I saw one recently where you could hear her switch pages to continue ready(badly) the text

  8. i think He would approve it… as long as it’s all filmed! 😉 t. x

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