State of frustration

Something to illustrate this girl’s state of mind at the moment :

This girl is in the dark about what might happen next, very sexually frustrated and unable to stop the imminent future yet relaxed about it. There’s absolutely no point worrying about what you can’t control especially when it’s what you want.

It’s not an issue….it really isn’’s actually quite a nice feeling.

Just sayin’. There’s not really an awful lot else to say at the moment, this girl’s concentration is really not on blogging…but just a thought she wanted to share, and illustrate .

10 thoughts on “State of frustration

  1. Hmmm.. are we to assume you have now conceded you need to be in a chastity belt ?

  2. i am admitting nothing for fear of incriminating myself and also from fear of men in leather trousers and/or strange hats.

  3. Hmmm all very cryptic! πŸ™‚

    That’s a fab image nonetheless…. it’s got SG thinking about getting a chastity device for me…. :-s

    Hope you don’t get too frustrated… i can help to de-stress you if you like… πŸ˜‰

    t. x

  4. It’s surely up to Grimly to decide your need to be in a chastity belt. Personally, I think 24/7/365 would be perfect for you!

  5. Put it this way.

    Suppose you were a guy and Master Grimly were Mistress Grimly, and as good a Domme as he is Dom.

    Five gets you ten you’d be 24/7/365 then all right.

    Trust me, I’ve just found a blog where it’s happened only eleven days ago. And a cast iron written declaration by the subbie. If you don’t believe me, google Mistress Anne blogspot and see what you find.

    A good blog: I wish I’d found it earlier.

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