Here’s looking at you kid

This girl has often wondered what it would be like to have some sort of eye contact restriction or be totally blind-folded or hooded for an extended period to give an enhanced sensory deprivation feeling and to heighten the remaining senses and sensations.

It really goes back to when she spoke to a mistress who had blindfolded her sub for the duration of their first play weekend as Mistress and slave that she has had these thoughts. He spent the whole weekend not knowing what was going to happen next, not knowing whether  his Mistress was watching him or not, not knowing what she was wearing (it could have been full fet or pyjamas he would not have known) and not having any visual stimulus at all until the very climax of the weekend came and she chose to reveal herself to him to share a moment of tenderness after an intense two days of titilation, torture and teasing.

This girl spoke to that subby guy as well and asked him what that was like to experience and he’d said it was one  of the most sensual things ever because he couldn’t see his owner but was picturing her reactions to things, what she might be wearing, and just imagining her smile whilst he was enduring that physical handicap and bondage along with whatever pain she might want to inflict which did of course feel more intensified.

This girl often wonders what it would be like to experience that with Grimly to be with him and yet not see him – which would be a little torture in itself given the whole long distance thing. But, would it make his voice sound darker and scarier? Would it make every touch more magical? Would it stop her wondering what the next thing he was going to do would feel like if she couldn’t see it? Because she has to admit sometimes her mind does cry wolf if she can see where the play is going and gets unnecessarily freaked by it. Also what would it be like to trust him to guide her to food…to making his coffee…to bed … 😉 Maybe it’s an odd fantasy to have…but just really something this girl is curious about.

The thing is though whilst that might enhance some of the physical sensations it might also subtract one or two things.

Grimly mentioned the other day that he thinks this girl has expressive eyes. To her, they are just wonky…due to not wearing the patch given by the sadistic eye doctor when she was six and not making the bird go in the cage with the weird eye torture machine.  But…Grimly says they tell him a lot. But, it is certainly one way of communicating during play. If you can’t speak…sometimes trying to communicate your needs non verbally does require a little body language – which can quite often be restricted to just a look if every other part of the body is restricted – which – it often is for this girl!

It’s probably this girl’s main method of begging for a start. This girl hates/is not good at verbal begging. It just sounds wrong. She’s about as good at begging as she is at talking dirty i.e. not very. But normally when she looks at him pleadingly when being electrocuted and buzzed to orgasm for him to click his fingers he gets the message she is trying to convey even if she can’t get out the words ‘please Maaster i need to cum’. His eyes in turn seem to suggest that he savours that moment….getting to the point…watching her eyes water as she struggles to hold out just a tiny bit longer,  yeah because Grimly has expressive eyes too! lol

Sometimes this girl wonders whether some sort of eye contract restriction would be a middle ground on this, not all the time of course, but sometimes to experiment with high protocol. Just to see what it’s like. Or not see of course 😉 Would having a simple restriction like that help this girl feel more in her place, more submissive? Would it feel a little humiliating and yet possibly make her appear humble and graceful to him? Or would it drive him nuts, if she were to only look him in the eye when she was desperate for mercy or for an orgasm at risk of punishment for breaking a rule?

Eye contact is a weird thing isn’t it? It seems sort of wrong to make eye contact with a stranger on the train – it’s like if you accidentally make the contact them 9 times out of 10 both you and the other person ending up looking the other way. This girl has tried sometimes to not look away, to maybe smile instead but generally that just gives her a return look of contempt or a look of ‘are you insane or something’. Yet when you know someone, it shows that you’re listening to them, or that you’re interested, or confirmation that you’re focussed on what’s going on and it’s second nature to do it heavily with a romantic partner, kind of just part of the natural connection that is always there…so maybe that would be hard to remove…even temporarily..since this girl would never want to adopt a protocol of that sort all the time …but it might be interesting to try some of these ideas sometime.

The odd thing is…when this girl looks in his eyes during sex, it’s a really odd feeling which makes her feel owned and controlled and sort of reminds her that her slightly weird and nightmareish fantasy is very real. It makes her feel very possessed, and sometimes, a message that important just needs a simple look to convey.

4 thoughts on “Here’s looking at you kid

  1. Its interesting that thisgirl has written this post at this time because unknown to her I have been looking to see if I can source a set of totally opaque contact lenses. The idea behind this is that wearing them she effectively blind without it being overt. I would still be able to see her expression and her expressive eyes but she would see nothing. It would also be interesting to see how she would react to the helplessness and resulting dependency that finding herself being suddenly blind would create. So far I have not found what I am looking for, if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be obliged.

    Cheers Grimly

  2. I look forward to hearing about your extended time bling tg. I have a feeling it will be quite interesting to hear. When I have done experiements with my graduate students on handicap awareness, sight is the one area that they all feel at a loss more then any other. We learn visually. With all simulations like that, there is something I call the Three A’s Anxiety, Annoyance and Acceptance. Of course this is not quite the Grimly design where Air conditioning, Alternating Current and Accupuncture could all be in the mix as well. But from a pure sense until you start, knowing that you will be without a sense makes you anxious to know what that experience is like. OF course you have done sense removal before so it is not as much a jar to the system but you have many other things to be anxious about.

    This is followed for the next few hours by annoyance about what you can’t do, or see or move. eventually you get the idea that this is the way it will be so you accept your “lot” and compensate to try and listen more, or smell aromas, or detect changes in temperature. In your case completly encased ala creature, even these forms of sensory feedback are messed with. If it continued fully that way, it is sensory deprivation which eventually can play on your mind because of the lack of stimulation. I don’t think that is the usual format for you where too much stimulation happens, but in objectfication the way Gord might use to put someone away for the night would create that over time.
    Now for the eyes, there are a number of stage contacts that you can get that can be colored over. They do make blind ones there is a great gwenmedia using them. My suggestion is since you might want to leave them in for extended periods that you look into custom made contacts. Here is a link to a site that makes custom blinding contacts. Just remember that they need lubrication like any contacts would for extended wear.


  3. Thanks for the information and the link Tim, unfortunatly they dont ship internationaly so cant use them. It is what I am looking for though.

    Cheers Grimly

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