The toy that changed things

This girl was sent a nice email by the chap that runs asking her to take a look at his site. It’s very good and informative about violet wands, and it got this girl thinking about her own experience of wands and reminded her that it was probably the toy that changed bdsm for her a bit in that it made her realise bdsm could be more hi-tech, more sensual, and less about the tie and spank sort of play.

This girl can remember the first time she tried a wand, and you know the first time is probably similar for a lot of people – you get a shot of someone else’s at a bdsm event of some sort. Which is the easiest way to experience a bit of it without having to fork out the expense for something you might not like. It was at a munch in Leeds, some nice gentleman had one and he was letting people have a go – just a little bit on the arm and back to see what it felt like. The first time you have a go it’s fun – there’s that newness to the sensation…which feels sort of prickly and tingly…and it looks pretty. Most BDSM doesn’t look pretty, so maybe that’s what attracts some people. It looks extreme at the same time as looking pretty spectacular.

Around about the time this girl first tried a wand (we’re talking maybe 7+ years ago) in her own area it was getting to be the must have toy. DM’s at clubs pulled them out to a queue of people wanting to try. One particular Mistress always made it look like some sort of artform as the subs writhed about as she touched them.

This girl fell under the spell of the wand too. So she bought one on ebay.

Ebay is not actually the best place to buy a wand. Because it’s a risk. A) Whether what you’re going to buy is safe, given most original ones are really antiques and over 80 years old and could be a bit dodgy B) Whether the thing will work. Obviously A) being the important one, given this girl has known people who have had accidents with faulty wands. So just be careful if you’re buying second hand, you can save a lot in price but it helps to make sure you’re satisfied with the sellers description and ideally good to have someone that is good with electrics to check it for you before you use it on anyone.

Anyway, this girl bought hers on her ebay. It’s never been used much, because slightly after she met Grimly. Most of its use was on her ex sub, who loved the sensation of feeling as though the sparks were branding her skin. They weren’t of course, the effects don’t last if you do it right and don’t cause damage…but it feels erotic enough at the time and it’s fun.

After this girl met Grimly she lost interest in the wand, since she discovered other electrics more compatible with her kink since this girl always dreamt of being tortured and of being some sort of experiment of an evil doctor – and insertable electrodes and pads are more compatible with that. But, it was still the toy that introduced her to electrics and still the one that showed her there’s more to this whole thing than being tied to a st Andrews Cross and flogged or spanked. Which , is all very well, but, there’s just more you know, if you’re willing to explore.

The site is good for anyone looking to know more about wands and get started. Though really it is best unless you’re loaded to maybe see and try someone else’s first given the cost since they can range from being a bargain on ebay to being hundreds of pounds for a complete new kit with a full set of electrodes. This girl discussed this with Grimly, this girl’s concern is that its the sort of toy that people might buy and just plug it in and wave it about like they’ve seen someone else do. So, it’s good that such a good resource exists and worth a read because there are techniques mentioned there that you might not think of, and apart from anything else its important to understand the safety concerns and perhaps easier to read than some of the heavier material on electrics if you’re new to electro-play.

Grimly and this girl still have a violet wand. It doesn’t get used a lot because other things are favoured – but it’s pretty fun all the same, and just be different, it’s 2 in 1. 

Despite it being a toy that introduced this girl to electrics, it’s something that she know could live without…since mostly she just finds in ticklish now…but…sometime it’s handy to remember what steps lead to current pleasures 😉

8 thoughts on “The toy that changed things

  1. Hi this girl,
    🙂 I love the violet wand. I was so afraid to try it the first time but I became addicted after that and wanted to play with it more! I havn’t found anyone who owns one though so I can play with it again. It’s very expensive to buy also. I’m glad you were able to find one on Ebay. 🙂

  2. sure there are bargains to be had as long as you make sure they’re checked before use and used with care 🙂 xx

  3. Very helpful info. The branding sensation sounds intriguing!

    I remember VelvetClaw saying her stay with you had sold the idea of getting a wand. 😉

  4. Liking that – very open-minded of them. So restored is the way to go rather than new? Easier to get hold of? More kick?

  5. Not necessarily….just cheaper.

    Though…for someone who has no idea what they’re doing with one new is going to be safer, not necessarily because of the power capabilities since i’m not aware of any major difference but because it’s less likely to have anything dangerously faulty about it.

    Restored is only a good idea if it is definately checked by someone who knows what they are doing. The one i got was restored, and I had it checked, by two different people before i used it on anyone given its circa the 20s. (nb that is not the one in the picture the one in the picture is Grimly’s double)

    I suppose how to look at is the same way as you look at buying a car, new is shiny, under warranty, and basically as the manufacturer intended it. Though..depreciates fast. Second hand, especially over 3 yr or so, you could have problems if the previous owner has been an arse and also through general w&t. Hmm lets see how many arses are there in the fetish scene that might take a passion for something than get bored of it? Not a hard question is it. Restored violet wands are generally 80 years old. Antique more or less. So, the advice is get it checked, and treat it with the sort of respect you would treat anything that is that old and if you can’t do that buy new, or forget about playing with electrics. It’s great in the right hands, but i dont really want to think about it in the wrong ones.

  6. Thanks. 🙂 The restored sets look amazing – love that one in the article. But sounds like some intense sensations are possible with a Wartenberg wheel, and I just read something on Wiki about needing an isolator gap for metal attachments, so thinking having the two designed to work together would be good. (Oh, and US connector sizes are different to EU – will they ever go metric? ;-))

  7. VanillaLite and all,

    Just so you know, Residential Power in the US is totally different in the US. We use 110v at 60 cycles here. While there are a few Appliances that use 220, they are the exception not the rule. In Europe you use 220v at 50 cycles. That may sound like a small difference, but it’s really quite huge. The Voltage could be managed, but the 50 Vs 60 cycles cannot be easily changed.

    The two systems will always be separate. It’s not about Metric or English Systems of measure. It’s a fundamental difference in the way Electricity is generated and delivered. It can’t be changed without tearing it all out and starting over. I’m sure we will live with Converters instead.

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