Sex doll

‘BDSM doesn’t have to be about sex’. This girl has said that before- and it’s true – it doesn’t. Not all the time. Sometimes other sensations can be just amazing. But sex itself can be pretty amazing when you feel exceptionally kinky and controlled πŸ˜‰

Grimly bought this girl a new outfit. Below. Well, the chastity belt has already been mentioned. But he asked a friend to make the catsuit shown in the picture. Purposely to make torture possible. Well, and sex too. That’s the thing with rubber catsuits – any girl – or guy – will know, that having the feeling of knowing an evil bastard wants to get at your genitals…at the same time of knowing that there is a tight fitting zip in the way is a bit scary, because you just don’t know whether the unzipping process will hurt more than the actual torture – plus – having things unzipped during play sort of looks a bit messy. So ouvert seemed a good idea.

Some people don’t like ouvert clothing, boobless, crotchless – whatever. In fact, mostly it does look a bit cheap and tacky. This girl’s ex bought her some underwear from the awful Anne Summers that had no crotch and didn’t cover the nipples – it made her feel cheap and tacky. It made her feel as though she might as well not bother wearing anything – and would feel sexier if she wasn’t. The catsuit is not like that, mostly because it covers every other part of flesh. It makes her feel like his sex doll, his toy, his fantasy.

The idea behind it was that it should be compatible with the creature when this girl and Grimly go to Canada, or with whatever else might happen there, and that it was also work with the chair at home.

Grimly and this girl tried to use it with a session with the chair last week. It didn’t work, but not because of any real problem! After taking a few pictures things got a little bit too distracted and much sex followed. Most of the afternoon and most of the night as well. Having sex in skin tight latex is a lot of fun. It feels sort of like being trapped within someone or something else. It’s not really easy to describe without it sounding a bit like some sort of porn story…but if you’ve experienced similar yourself then you’ll get the idea. It was very erotic, though a little strange that there was very little skin to skin contact for a change.

This girl felt completely as though she was his sex doll, wrapped up in all that rubber. Controlled by him, orgasming at his command.

What else is there really to say about that? Who wants to read about sex, sweat and latex right? Because this girl really can’t articulate too well how it feels to have that much sex whilst wearing latex after being locked up in that bloody thing because it was just so erotic…so orgasmic…and just a little too intimate to go into too much graphic detail. So maybe a bit of imagination will fill in the rest πŸ˜‰

8 thoughts on “Sex doll

  1. Well, I wondered if you would get a new outfit before your assignation with the “Creature”. Very nice and obviously stimulating !!

  2. Lovely post an picture πŸ™‚
    Did you stay all suited up through the all night?
    And how about spanking/flogging? do you do it while rubbered?
    At most time we find it no fully compatible with latex…
    And were you able to fall asleep in it?
    btw- I have the same “zip phobia” lol. Do you have a picture showing the ouvert crotch area? also from behind maybe?
    it’s a solution we should consider too πŸ™‚
    Thanks again for you post in specific and blog in general

  3. Dear This Girl,
    I have often written to tell you how much I admire you and Grimly, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures with all of us. You live a remarkable life. You are really an expressive writer as well as a perfect submissive.

    Just out of curiosity, could you please give us your vital statistics? It would just help to better appreciate you in the pictures if I could put a size relationship to everything. In particular, height, UK dress size, UK shoe size, and anything else you care to share.

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments.

    Though, I am not answering your questions neither here nor privately.

    I share what I choose to share and nothing more, some information is personal, and as a woman, with issues about her body image (as most of us do!) I am not sending a stranger my stats. I choose to share whats on my blog, thats all that i’m sharing no more.

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