His steely determination

Grimly has wanted to get this girl a steel chastity belt for a long time. He has threatened it and threatened it, and finally it is here. This has perhaps been expedited slightly by the fact of some friends asking him to design something special and different for them and Grimly requiring a victim for the prototype. Oh yes, with friends like that…who needs…..

Well anyway, he has now made it.  He has made this girl belts before, out of aluminium and other metals. But this one is proper stainless steel. It won’t  rust or tarnish, break or cut. In fact, it won’t do anything apart from look pretty and shiny and unbreakable. It all seems a bit overkill for the simple task of locking away the cunt of a girl who is very much a one man woman. But then, that man we are taking about is Grimly. A loveable control freak. lol.

Though thing is, it’s not even as simple as just locking away sexual organs. It doesn’t just make sex impossible. It makes NOT being sexually stimulated  impossible, and highly frustrating!

To date, there are also three remote control devices. One for a remote control electric vaginal dildo (which can be used together with an inhibitor bar), one for remote control prongs that sit just above the clit and one for a bullet vibrator. So far 😉 Something tells this girl it’s not finished yet lol.

Anyway, there’s no denying it looks pretty impressive. And terrifying.  This girl has said quite a few other times that she has mixed feelings about chastity. Though it’s one of his main fantasies. So there’s not really any getting out of it.

This girl never really thought she would be sexually controlled by someone, at ALL , let alone to this extent. In fact, if she hadn’t met Grimly she might have been like a lot of other people that just get what they get from sex, and hope for the best that there might be an orgasm somewhere along the line. Not so with him. Being controlled in that manner, having her fantasies directed by him, makes every orgasm this girl has more intense, and each one is a bit of a subliminal reminder that he’s in charge. It sort of makes her hate her body for bending to him so easily, but it feels amazing!

When he puts her in chastity, sexually things are even more heightened. Especially if there is other stimulation going on, like from the extras on the chastity belt or if he is doing things outwith that. It sort of feels a bit like an explosion simmering.

Grimly is determined that this girl will spend longer in chastity. The idea terrifies her. Though there is a bit of curiosity there as well, and a bit of fear too. It is sort of scary actually of how good being controlled by someone else can feel…especially when you know they want to do it because it’s their fantasy – and yours.

Though….the thing this girl will always like most about  any chastity device he puts on her…

is when he takes it off! THAT is not going to change, despite how she might feel about it the rest of the time!

20 thoughts on “His steely determination

  1. I think you are a very lucky Lady…most men these days don’t even open a door for a Lady !!!

    Many women will be soooo envious 🙂


  2. I have been described as a gentleman sadist, I always open the door for a lady……….then close her fingers in it!

    Cheers Grimly

  3. Can we please have a detailed close up of the
    (undoubtedly pun-ey) message on the small
    front plate?

    PS. I love that definition of a Gentle?man, I shall
    use it myself sometime.

  4. Housebound,
    its only the indtructions for changing the battery and find your own definition!

    Cheers Grimly

  5. Oh dear.

    I have a feeling that TG’s worst nightmare is about to come true. Constant stimulation without the ultimate relief over an unspecified, but very long, period of time. I almost feel sorry for her.

    (Almost, but not quite)

  6. I am always in awe when I read the adventures here and see the machinery that is built to tease torchure and please .
    To see how being subservent or submissive (I think its called)
    is done by the Dom and how the pleasure pain ends in fun.
    You learn a lot by reading and seeing the photos..
    well done 🙂

  7. KC…hmm…not sure how many people will be envious.

    Richy…hmm i should know not to expect sympathy from you given you delight in being devious yourself and there was me thinking i would ask Grimly to loan you the belt …hmmm…maybe not a good idea!

    tonya…thanks for your comments too!

    TG xx

  8. Be careful not to get sunscreen on it – I’ve had an orange neck for half the summer where the metallic compounds in the sunscreen have corroded my stainless steel collar 😦

  9. sunscreen – on a chastity belt???


    1. we live in Scotland – no son.

    2. i’m not really a topless sunbather – let alone in a chastity belt


  10. It’s not a lot better in Sunny West Yorkshire! 🙂 Great big hole in the ozone layer makes going out in the sun a risky proposition at best. (or maybe my quality Internet Tan makes me more vulnerable?) I tend to slather the stuff across my back, lest my top ride up when I’m not looking.

  11. Battery changing instructions! thats not very sadistic.
    What about the standard red warning sign ?
    Disconnect from the mains supply
    Before removing this cover.
    More appropriate for a chastity belt ?

  12. lis0r – if i go out with the belt on i am going to make sure the clothes i wear cover any hint of it lol even if it means wearing a burka…given that Grimly has in the past dressed as Lawrence of Arabia for fancy dress then its a possiblity that could happen lol

    Housebound – its what came on the shock device component so not a lot that can be done about that.

  13. TG

    Are you offering your services as a willing victim for CaptiveKink to ensure that only the wearer and not the item in question is abused or misused.


  14. Richy you know she would be a willing victim for CaptiveKink all we have to do is work out when

    Cheers Grim

  15. “…she might have been like a lot of other people that just get what they get from sex, and hope for the best that there might be an orgasm somewhere along the line…”

    This is really telling about, and I’m speaking in generalities here, women. It’s key that men, even in vanilla relationships, must take the lead, bring her along into the adventure, because without that mental stimulation, they are doomed to shuffle along throughout their life only half-alive.

    TG you’ve summed up so much from that one line!

  16. I dunno, my girlfriend and I are quite enjoying our man-free half lives ;P

  17. semega, you’ve took my sentence out of context. sorry but you have. i maybe should have made it clearer that i meant penetrative sex with men can often be non orgasmic & non fulfililng for a woman. The sentence you have quoted is to do with the fact many women are unhappy because their man cannot give them an orgasm from penetration, as was I for a very long time. Nothing to do with any particular gender taking the ‘lead’. i wasn’t fulfilled by the sex i had in previous relationships so if you like i took the lead by finding what i wanted instead of being endlessly frustrated by staying by a man who would only want sexual interraction to be either a blow job or a quickie of about three minutes.

    the post above is about the fact that grimly controls my orgasms not because he’s a good looking man with a big cock (which is true but not the point) but because he’s been able to use technical ability to make me feel psycho-sexually controlled. in my head. And the post is about how THAT compares to having unfulfilling vanilla sex with a rubbish boyfriend.

  18. dribble . I WANT TO MAKE ONE for my partner . chasity is somethink we have not done but are both curious about and i am one for chucking her in the deep end , think this would give an edge to the funn. any tips on chasity belt bying ? and mod ?

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