Money matters

Written by Grimly 

In a reply to the blog “Having Nun of it” Codom suggested that we set up a “chip in account” to fund the purchase of kit…..

I am not comfortable with the idea of a chip in account, it is one step away from setting up a pay site in my opinion. I have never had any intention to make money out of what thisgirl and I show in spite of the many people who tell me I could make money from it since it’s not what it’s about.

 The main reasons we share things are to give an insight to our love of what we do, maybe educate people as to fun possibilities, to make friends and last but not least to show off. I keep our costs down by making most of the equipment we use and buy only the things that are beyond my abilities or are specialised. There is of course a wish list of things we want and we will get those items as and when we can afford them. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get a loan of items such as the inflatable hood and mitts and some people have kindly donated items which we have put to good use as well.

I get asked from time to time if I hire the playroom out and the simple answer to that is no, its our private play space and not a commercial venture. I also get asked how do I get an invite and how much do you charge. The answer to that is to get an invite you take the time and trouble to get to know us and form a friendship and if we hit it off then you can come and visit. There is no charge because if you get an invite you would be here as our guest as those who have been here will testify. I also have a couple of rules that I ask anyone who dose come here to respect. 1) Have fun. 2) What happens in my playroom is under my control and I decide what happens there, it’s a control thing. If people were paying then the control shifts to the customer and they can decide what they want and that would not be getting the Grimly experience, it then becomes a job and I would be running a BDSM theme park, I’m sorry but turnstiles and candy stalls just don’t do it for me! What we do is an escape from our day to day life; this is our fantasy where we take a holiday from the 9 to 5 employment. Why on earth would we want to turn it into another job?

People ask me if I will make stuff for them again usually the answer is no unless its for a friend, something I think I will have fun building or they have something to barter that I want. Waving money under my nose is more likely to make me sneeze than persuade me to make something, I also get a perverse satisfaction from the look on their face when they realise that their money can’t buy everything.

Lastly we get requests for pictures, can you do this or that or I would love to see thisgirl in this situation. Again the answer is an emphatic no, what you get is our style of BDSM and a glimpse of our loving kinky relationship. If people were paying then we would have to show what the people paying wanted to see and that would compromise my integrity and the magic that thisgirl and I share. 

 So there you have it, unless I win the lottery I’m never going to be wealthy but as long as I have the love of thisgirl and good friends my life will be rich.

Cheers Grimly

9 thoughts on “Money matters

  1. Good for you – Stick to your principles
    just please let us know if and when you two
    get married.

    I am very greatfull to you both for the
    sharing you do do. Keep it up 😉

  2. Ah, an honest man that doesn’t want to start cashing in. That’s great.
    I like the site and I enjoy reading what you and your girl write. I also enjoy the pictures.
    Frankly, some of your kinks aren’t my kinks but that’s why we’re different.
    Keep up the good work and keep having fun. Be yourselves and do things for yourselves.

  3. Ooooh, a BDSM theme park? That sounds VERY entertaining. Maybe I´ll start that some day. I feel like there might be problems finding somebody reliable/responsible to watch the security videos of that, though.

    But, seriously, I admire both the principles behind this, and the fact that you manage to make as much of your equipment as you do (and safely).

    Aren´t all the best blogs the ones people made to show off? 😉


  4. Yes thank you both so very much for sharing all that you do.
    I for one enjoy reading and seeing your pics.

  5. Thank you all for your comments, its nice to get feedback

    Cheers Grimly

  6. A beautiful sentiment, almost brings a tear to the eye.

    I’m surprised you don’t get more requests for details of construction techniques, or how your toys work, etc. Maybe you do and you’ve just not posted about it? I often find reading this girl’s posts and the accompanying photos to be most inspirational, and I inevitably spend an hour or two looking up ways I could design new toys.

    Thanks for everything 🙂

  7. I do get requests for details of construction techniques and try to help when I can by email. I don’t like to publish too many details online of how it all works though as I like to keep some of the mystery and magic to myself.

    Cheers Grimly

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