Having nun of it!

You remember how this girl said Steffy would get revenge….well…there’s getting revenge and then there’s doing things that would shock the even the Vatican πŸ˜‰ Though what Grimly did to the Nun AFTERWARDS was even more depraved! Perhaps its wrong to post pictures of kink with religious connotations on a Sunday…but so what. If you’re catholic look away now. Or…take notes πŸ˜‰

This girl was lucky that Steffy was kind enough to lend her some very nice bondage gear to try – some inflatable rubber mitts (which unfortunately the picture doesn’t show too well) and also the inflatable rubber hood which is from Studio Gum. This girl and Grimly have lusted after studio gum stuff for a while, especially the layered hood with all the different gags – but it is all pretty expensive so it was nice to get to try some to see what its like – and yes, the quality is worth it. The hood was amazing, because whilst you would think that you have plenty of space inside the hood because of the increased inflated size – you don’t Β – because there is an inner layer of latex which is tight to the face. It feels quite weird but its very interesting and erotic. Though knowing you have an evil sadistic bastard across from you and a latex nun in the room whilst you can’t move an inch sort of helps too! Not to mention genital electrodes and high powered vibrators! Though, before Grimly got that far he used the vacuum on this girl’s clit to make sure it was extra engorged and sensitive – what a horrible man he is!

It felt different actually to have all that going on knowing that Grimly wasn’t the only one contributing. It sort of made this girl feel just a little bit more helpless than she already was, and perhaps a bit more masochistic too, as though, maybe she had something to prove. It’s that old mascohistic problem of wanting to sort of prove you can take it, even when you really have nothing to prove at all.

Though, with her hands and face wrapped up in latex, and her body bound to the chair and the electrics and vibrators doing what they’re supposed to this girl didn’t last very long before she was desperate for an orgasm! Though having spent the previous night in chastity might have also had something to do with that. Ironic really since this girl had suggested sleeping in chastity because she was too tired for sex and then ended up being so very very sexually charged on the day of that session. Which of course Grimly found highly amusing. Warped sense of humour that man!

Though you know, this girl had no complaints….when it came that orgasm was somewhat mindblowing…though quite noisy.

Surely, the Church would have a much bigger following if all nuns had this effect on women. This girl would take a vow of chastity every night if she could get a heavenly orgasm like that every morning! As for a vow of obedience…only Grimly can judge whether this girl has made one recently or not πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Having nun of it!

  1. Wonderfully descriptive as ever. The way you explain your thoughts and feelings leaves “this reader” on the edge of her(his) seat wanting to hear more and wishing I was part of the event – in equal measure……..

    Wonderful picture too. Was Sister Steffi wearing a white rubber mask under her habit?

    Take care

    Darcey x x

  2. I LOVE the Studio Gum masks, especially the one you’re looking to buy. You should setup a Chip in account to raise funds for getting one. I know I’d contribute if it’d lead to good high res images of the play that would ensue…

  3. Not long initially since the restraints are leather straps with buckles, though of course adding extra things can take longer dependant on what he wants to combine it with…and that can alter during the session as well.

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