This blog is three. Well, as of yesterday, though, given this girl was distracted by a charming man in leather somehow she didn’t seem to have the time to write!

This girl didn’t really expect the blog to have lasted as long as this, given it started out as a pretty personal thing between her and Grimly and as a sort of anonymous voice. To a lot of people this girl is no longer anonymous. Quite Β a few people know the ‘real’ person behind the kink, and that’s rather nice. This girl considers sometimes whether that makes her censor things a bit more, but it doesn’t really since those people have gotten to know her for who she is warts and all.

This girl likes it when people make the effort to get to know her because of something she’s written about her feelings and adventures with Grimly. Some people still seem to assume though that just saying hello gets an invite into Grimly and this girl’s little corner of kink. Nope. It took this girl a lot more than that. A bit of effort, showing indication to try things, being adventurous , being fun and getting to know him. Its funny how despite things moving on, some things stay the same and there are always fuckwits out there that think there is some easy route to fantastic BDSM and D/s. There isn’t. Gosh, after all this time this girl is still working at that – though slowly getting there. She was thinking the other day how it might be fun to pretend some time in the near future that it’s the first visit again – trying to recreate the anxiety and excitement, and yet with more structure to it. Though of course, that excitement is always there. Like yesterday, even though this girl had only seen Grimly six days before she still had butterflies awaiting for him to arrive. Hopefully she’ll always feel that way about him, maybe she’ll still write about that when she’s old and grey but would people be interested still?

Some days it’s hard to keep this thing going – keep writing about BDSM in a way that people might find interesting and fun. Though, this girl isn’t giving up on it. There’s always something going on and certainly the next few months should get rather interesting πŸ˜‰ So, this girl will just write when there’s something to say, rather than finding laboured topics to write about. Though, if there’s something you want to ask or her to write about just drop an email since this girl is quite happy to hear suggestions as to where people might like this blog to go πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Three

  1. I always look forward to your blogs. They make me smile, remember, and think of naughty thoughts. However, I understand your desire to write “when there’s something to say.”
    Until the next writing, stay safe.

  2. Happy blogaversary!! πŸ™‚ Wow… 3 years is amazing!!

    i love your writing hun…. i’ll keep returning to read you πŸ™‚


    t. x

  3. And remember a picture is good for 1000 words ( and a video is good for even more!) Can’t wait to hear about you and JG getting together. Something says He and Grimly should not be left in the same room too long! Mr. KC either!

  4. tg,
    I hope you have gotten to JG’s and have had a spin at the creature. Both your sites have not updated in a while so I figured I would ask

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