Slave for a day?

This girl’s work have a charity day soon. Apparently one of the ideas to raise money is that one of the departments are going to offer themselves to be sold as slaves for the day. Of course, that’s not going to involve any element of human bondage. Some of the male members of staff might think of the imagery above, or of getting free blow jobs. But of course it’s not going to be like that. It’s  going to involve things like fetching the coffee and doing other mundane chores…now wait….part of that sounds a bit familiar lol.

Though of course, what people at work think of as slavery won’t be the same as what this girl thinks of it…or at least not the same as the personal context she thinks of it.

The idea got this girl thinking a bit. A lot of people probably wouldn’t agree that this girl is a slave. (Let’s avoid the historical arguement) Some people might think she’s too headstrong and too opinionated for that role, and maybe, sometimes she is. This girl wondered if she could be someone else’s slave for a day. Whether she could obey someone, just for the sake of being in human bondage and no other reason than because someone had paid for her and expected obedience in return for their purchase. She’s not sure she could do that.This girl has been in a situation before she met Grimly when she was a pro sub, and was looking very slave-like – in a cage, half naked and collared. A man walked in and spoke to her as though she was a piece of dirt, it wasn’t part of a session, just a visitor to the dungeon. He assumed because of how she had been left that he could talk to her like a lessor individual? On any level was he right to do that without at least asking the Mistress in charge of the situation? Well, this girl wasn’t comfortable with it. She wasn’t comfortable with a stranger trying to enforce a dynamic without being prewarned of it. This girl of course always tries to treat other dominants with respect, but when they approach with assumptions that they are in control of her, well, it doesn’t  feel right. This girl wasn’t a pro dungeon sub for much longer than that, whilst she’s always felt the desire to belong to someone it didn’t feel right to be paid for so casually…it felt kind of tacky.

Maybe this girl could obey someone else if Grimly arranged it – but the likelihood of him wanting to is pretty unlikely. Perhaps if he agreed the terms, and left it for her to trust his judgement those terms would be met it would work. Of course, at the moment the focus is on obeying him properly and learning how to serve him how he wants. An ongoing lesson.

This girl wanted to belong to Grimly very soon after first playing with him. He demonstrated that he deserved her respect and obedience, and that she could trust her body and mind to him knowing it wouldn’t come to harm. Sometimes she has to remind herself of that. Maybe this girl isn’t ‘a slave’ in the sort of definition some BDSMers would use. She could not suddenly obey a stranger. She needs to trust the person to know what they are doing, and that they wont take her to a place that she doesn’t want to go. So maybe she’s just a slave for him. Though, it’s just another word for signifying a committed relationship – with a bit of fantasy and kink thrown in. It means a lot, it means a very deep commitment indeed. This girl needs the full package to feel owned by someone – she needs it to be part of a loving and fun relationship.

Lately, this girl has been trying to meet Grimly’s needs more in what he needs from his slave, and in that respect another stint in chastity starts later. It’s odd actually, the feeling of getting aroused awaiting to get ready for bed in the way that he wants….knowing a few hundred miles away he’s picturing her there for him.

Long distance relationships suck. Even more so when its *this* type of relationship. This girl is doing her upmost to signify to him how much his ownership of her means and that it means more than just a few weekends of kinky play here and there. This girl doesn’t want to be a slave for a day, a weekend, a week…but all the time. Perhaps not explicitly, since that’s not practical, but she wants him to know that she’s his, always.

A few days ago was the 2nd anniversary of Grimly collaring this girl ....happy anniversary Master

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