‘What I did on my holidays’

A reference to a book written by the character Twoflower in Pratchett’s Discworld Series – it tells his stories of being the disc’s first tourist and his tales of experiencing wild adventures including dragons, wizards and falling off the planet.

This girl’s holidays haven’t been quite as elaborate as that, but they’ve been imaginative all the same!

This year has been weird so far though, in that most of this girl’s main BDSM activities have taken place away at events rather than at Grimly’s, which leaves her with not a lot to write about inbetween times – given most of the rest of the time has lately been spent trying to finance it all!

Both events this girl and Grimly have attended have been a great deal of fun and obviously both on a pony theme. It’s been good to finally experience that amongst people with similar kinks and also in the right sort of backdrop. It was all worthwhile 🙂

Most public events don’t really appeal to this girl and Grimly, given the average fetish club is full of people who do the same thing week in week out and generally can sometimes be a bit narrowminded in outlook. This girl doesn’t have a problem with those people, or see them in any way inferior – she just doesn’t get it. Maybe for some people doing the same thing every time at a club is fun….but this girl has been spoilt into wanting more adventure, and to sometimes explore outside her comfort zone. In addition to that, on more than one occasion someone has approached this girl or Grimly and asked if what they were doing was safe/sane or consensual. What’s the point of going to a club to be advised by a DM with less experience and less kit to use? Though, whilst clubs arent an attraction for play for this girl and Grimly, they do have the social benefit, which, can come in handy! Although it can be nice to sometimes be wrapped up in an isolated little planet of kink, it’s also fun to share that, its sort of part of what the whole BDSM malarkey is about.

The events recently were good for that – getting to know interesting people, making new friends and trying out ideas – the ploughing at Wales was especially different!

This girl hopes the fun of those trips has been communicated in her write ups about them, and hopefully it might have helped encouraged other people to look into it 🙂 If anyone reading this has a review of an event they’ve attended and wants this girl to consider publishing it here – get in touch 🙂

This girl has now added a box net tab to her blog – this shows a video clip of the pony play outing in Wales from April – she looks a bit stompy given the grounds rough – but for those that have wanted to see a video of this girl – there you go! There’s also a clip to give a clue of something Grimly and a certain creative friend will hopefully be doing to this girl in a few months – now that will be a big holiday to write about full of hopefully plenty of new BDSM experiences and new friends to meet up with.

So far it’s been a busy year. This girl was away at the weekend as well to London, tho for family reasons. She saw ‘Oliver’, the musical on friday starring Rowan Atkinson (mr bean/blackadder) and it was amazing – not kinky – but worth getting a ticket for definate. This girl had a great time, but isn’t going to write up about what else she did given it’s pretty vanilla and touristy!

As this girl said above, it sort of feels a bit as though she’s too busy to really pay a lot of attention here, so sorry for that. It’s sort of difficult when you set a sort of standard of what you want to try and express to keep going when other things are happening. It seems last year was a big year for inventions, this year seems the one for socialising and travel. Though this girl isn’t complaining. She’s so looking forward to her main holiday this year, aside from anything it’s going to be the first time she’s been out of northern Europe! EEk.

This girl and Grimly have an international visitor in a few weeks too – so watch out for news and pics of that – its hopefully going to be a lot of fun and it will be interesting to see how their guest views their holiday experience! The accommodation may be a little clinical, but this girl and Grimly plan on doing their best to entertain!

This girl needs to get back into a masochist head soon too… in preparation for this year’s main event…some hard play is definately called for soon!

Now….she’s going to regret she said that isn’t she?????

It’s been a bit hard to write a lot about submission recently, given its sort of ticking over in the background….she’s waiting at the moment to see if Grimly will want her to have another stint of chastity this month….

she can’t decide whether she hopes he decides to or not….though she really hopes he gets back into an inventive frame of mind soon….though, there’s going to be several adaptations to things to suit the visitor later in the month, so that should kickstart the creativity!! 🙂

9 thoughts on “‘What I did on my holidays’

  1. Regarding the query – “Is what you are doing Sane? etc.”

    I am pretty certain that most people would say NO.
    BUT –
    As you both are very obviously Happy, enjoy and ignore
    stupid comments from people who are not you.

    and yes, I like TP too – my favorite author.

  2. Ok, maybe I misread, but you mentioned a movie you’ve added here…I am having problems finding it…where is it at?

  3. Do I sense the Creature coming on? This could possibly be the greatest development this year….

  4. Well, maybe this is just an overanxious prediction, but I bet if a video of said creature with devious improvements from Grimly (I’m sure he could think of a few) was to be put on sale, this_girl would suddenly find herself locked in many, many new toys funded with the proceeds.

    Put me down for a copy 😉

  5. Just as a note systems like AOL and netscape don’t show your video widget but Google chrome and Explorer do. Can’t wait to see more clips, it will be nice to hear your voices (gagged and ungagged!) Hope you do a double creature feature once you have mounted the beast. Maybe he will have his new coffin ready for you too

  6. ah right didn’t realise some browsers wouldnt show it…


    we dont have a video camera at the moment, a friend filmed it, so we dont have anything else to post right at this moment. Though the last spanking video set posted on my friends website northernspanking.com ‘boobies & bottoms’ features me though you need to join their site to see!

    we are hoping to film some of the things we do in canada…whether it will be appropriate to sell it depends on JG and Grimly. I’m just going for the ride 😉

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