Pony Day & The Barnyard Club

This girl and Grimly went to two events at the weekend – both on a pony and pet play theme – both very different but equally amazing!

The weekend began with an early morning jaunt over the border this time to Lancashire. Minus hat. Minus men at work (thank fuck!)

This girl HATES Lancashire. There’s no logical reason for that , apart from the fact she originally comes from Yorkshire, it’s neighbour. Its one of those regional turf war things. Though, after the weekend, Lancashire certainly has a few more appealing reasons for a visit than it did before!

After a few transport related issues, this girl and Grimly arrived there Β on time, and met up with other friends. Geetwo & Maxi (of geetwo stories) & Troublekeeper and his beautiful pony girl, Gypsy. It was good actually going to an event with the purpose of meeting people, and having fun πŸ™‚

The venue was amazing, and much had been done to convert it so it was fit for purpose due to the great works of the organisers . The great thing was the amount of space and that it was covered, and flat. So perfect for testing all the different carts (and chariot – that the organiser had made).

The organisers made a little stable area in one of the recesses with hay, a training area, an obstacle course and also a gizmo that ponies could be connected to to practise their steps whilst connecting to a rotating frame – a bit like a whirligig. It was extremely effective! The other amazing thing was the amount of people that turned up, and the effort that they put in. This girl was half expecting that given pony play has always seemed quite hard to get involved with that the kit people would have would be very basic and limited – it wasn’t! In fact there were plenty of very well kitted out attractive pony girls and boys. As well as cutie the puppy again, Sir Guy, and some of the rest of the mob that were at the Wales event.

Here – a picture of thisgirl aka Grimly’s pony, Penny, in the stable area, complete with hoof boots – which sounded great on the concrete! :-

The morning was spent generally socialising and playing around and practising giving people the chance to get used to their carts, and the other capabilities of the venue. The venue also provided a very nice lunch!

The afternoon was a bit more competitive. Though in a very relaxed and fun way. Good, since this girl has never really been competitive at sports. In fact, she hated sports at school, any sort of racing was a complete nightmare for this girl at school given she was always convinced she’d finish near the end and had a reputation for well, not being talented in that field. Yep, this girl was more an academic sort of kid than a sporty one.

Though, you know, it’s not that easy running with a pony cart. It’s fun though. Running in bondage, being responsible for making sure your Dom doesn’t crack his head open (should he have worn that protective hat??? lol) and trying to race against other people. In the first sprint race this girl came last. In her second attempt she won though, although it didnt count as it was for an extra go for fun only. When it came to a slightly longer race involving a lap of the venue this girl messed up as well since she she ran into the changing tent – oops! Though, as you can see, Grimly was laughing about that.

Sir Guy borrowed the Chariot from the organisers to try with two of his fastest ponies – and it was incredibly fast – it’s a good job he was wearing his crash helmet!

Shortly after that, there was an obstacle course race and other fun and games and then it came to giving out the rosettes.

Grimly and this girl didn’t win any! 😦 Though, it’s the taking part not the winning that counts isn’t it! Hummph. lol

Gypsy won a rosette though, for best dressed newcomer since she’s not been a pony very long. Though, from the picture you’ll see she clearly deserved it – for those magnificent nipple bells if nothing else ;

Everyone had an amazing time, and this girl doesn’t think anyone went away feeling that it wasn’t totally worth it. There’ll be other opportunities hopefully to attend since it’s hoped it will be a three monthly event – though its likely the next one will clash with this girl and Grimly’s trip to see JG Leathers 😦 But, maybe this girl will get to be a pony in Canada. Though of course, the main reason for wanting to go there is of course to be part of a different creature entirely πŸ˜‰ If you are tempted by the pictures of this pony event here then you should really consider it – one couple travelled from as far as Sweden to visit (yes…swedish girls are hot!) and so whats the excuse??

After the pony event finished, we all returned to where we were staying and then the six of us went out for dinner, and funnily enough, it wasn’t the first time where this girl has sat in a restaurant thinking ‘if some of the other diners hear this conversation they’ll be disturbed! Grimly also later showed Maxi the prototype for a gadget he is making for her, much to her alarm, well and excitement too. That’s all this girl will tell you about that device just now – since its not for her she’s just the guinea pig!

The next day there was more excitement and the Barnyard Club.

The Barn is Β a wonderful venue. It’s a real barn, complete with stables, pig pens, and suitable for anything a pet player would want – in addition to having room for other sorts of play and a schoolroom as well. The event was attended by some more puppies, a kitten girl and a piggy boy – as well as some of the ponies from the day before. There were no cows – though there was a milking machine. Grimly has been dying to try one of those for ages – but unfortunately there wasn’t time for it. Maybe another time! This girl didn’t get dressed up so much for the barnyard day, since she’d left most of the pony stuff in the car which had been left Β as a lift was shared – but it was fun to observe. Besides, she still got dressed up – though as a schoolgirl – but instead of regulation knickers Grimly made her wear the chastity belt with shock device. What a git!

The main highlight of the barnyard event was the puppy show. Three pups all adorable in their own ways – put through their paces with a series of tests involving following commands, getting points for their looks and ability to get into character and other befitting tasks. The highlight probably being baddog’s show piece – where he was able to perform tricks and rolls with just a very small gesture from his Mistress – you can read his story of what happened here. Though funnily enough he doesn’t mention the appearance of the Vet – maybe Grimly wasn’t intimidating enough this time!

Both events were amazing though, and this girl and Grimly had a brilliant time. They also met someone who has actually managed to make a pear of anguish…so hopefully he can be encouraged to make one for this girl! Though it looks very scary!

You can read alternative reviews of the events here :-

Tanos’s blog on the Pony day

Sir Guy’s and other peoples thoughts on the Barnyard Club

Also, there’s various threats on the Open Air Bdsm group on IC and the pony play groups on Fetlife. A summary of forthcoming events! So many, it’s impossible to get to them all – but if there’s something within travelling distance do please try ! :-

Forthcoming Pony events

North Downs Pony Club, Sat 30 May 09
All day event on the 52 acre DV8 woodland site in Kent.
West Wales, Sat 6 / Sun 7 Jun 09
Working weekend on the 17 acre hilltop site in south west Wales. Please contact AdultOutdoorPursuits for more details.
Sub Hunt at West Wales, Sat 27 Jun 09
On the 17 acre hilltop site in south west Wales. Please contactAdultOutdoorPursuits for more details.
Sub Hunt at West Wales, Sat 4 Jul 09
On the 17 acre hilltop site in south west Wales. Please contactAdultOutdoorPursuits for more details.
Lovetrix Summer Fetish Festival, Sat 11 Jul 09
Weekend outdoor event near Watford, with space for camping, stalls, demos and play space.
Southampton Pony Play Day, Sat 11 Jul 2009
Please contact MsSarah for details.
North Downs Pony Club, Sat 1 Aug 09
All day event on the 52 acre DV8 woodland site in Kent.
North Downs Pony Club, Sat 26 Sep 09
All day event on the 52 acre DV8 woodland site in Kent.

The Preston event should hopefully run sometime in September, and then again in December- dates tba.

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  1. Indeed!

    nb. if anyone was interested in the Preston pony day have found out the next one is September!


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