Caught between a rock and a hard place

So,this girl and Grimly have been trying a little experiment. For just over the last three weeks this girl has been locking herself into the chastity belt every night at 10.30 on the dot.

It was one of those things that came about because this girl was daft enough to suggest it and when she asks certain types of questions she should really know deep down that he is never going to say no! She suggested it because she’d just come away from a weekend where D/s and rituals and things had been discussed and hinted at a little by other people and it got her thinking a bit. What would it feel like to have some sort of bedtime routine? In fact, this girl and Grimly have a bit of a night-time routine anyway of talking to each other being the next nearest thing to being able to cuddle and stuff normally, given the distance – so, the idea was to just do something around the time of that last call. This girl had the belt in the house, so, to try and show him she was trying to add something the D/s side of things she made the suggestion ‘how about I sleep in chastity tlll i next see you’. He was completely in favour.

This girl felt rather positively towards it as well. She wanted to consciously do something to show him that she’s trying to submit to the sort of things that make up his fantasy – of which sexual control is a very big one.

After the very first night this girl woke up in a very aroused and spaced out state. It might have had something to do with spending a good bit of that weekend thinking about girl-girl stuff and being spanked, but having a reminder of Grimly’s control was the real reason. Although it was sort of her suggestion, it was something she was doing for him and with his piece of bondage engineering.

It reminded this girl that one of her biggest motivations for getting involved with BDSM was to fulfill sexual fantasy. For something total dream-like and sensory to feel real. To be real.

Grimly has made that happen by being able to come up with all these ingenious things at the same time as being able to control when she orgasms. Even two hundred miles away he can do that. In fact how many people can do that to their partner – give them an orgasm from 200 miles away whilst they are in chastity? Probably not that many!

Ultimately, this girl loves that sexual control. Why wouldn’t she given that she has had better orgasms whilst being controlled by him than she ever has when she’s been free to sort of control them herself?! She needs things though that remind her of it. Maybe that makes her sound a bit , you know, remedial, that she needs reminding of it – but sometimes explicit signs can do a nice little job of reinforcing an idea or concept and this recent idea has ended up being very erotic.

This girl found herself getting aroused leading up to the ‘lock-up’ time and felt herself in a sort of relaxed and semi-sexual state for going to sleep. It has actually been quite relaxing and extremely surreal.  She’s felt as though she’s been almost in a constant state of arousal. Some people might think to do it overnight is a bit of  a half step, and perhaps it is, but this girl is not yet quite ready for wearing a belt full time and to work – especially since the belt Grimly has for her at the moment isn’t ready for long term wear – but he assures her he will make further modifications in the near future. Funnily enough, this girl is quite patient in that respect. It might not seem a lot to some people, especially those that wear chastity full time, but this girl felt quite proud of herself that she was able to stick to this routine without begging him to let her off or anything like that. Though, part of the reason to that of course is it turned her on as much as hopefully it turned him on. Certainly, his voice on the phone and his atttitude towards her gave this girl the impression that he was pleased with it!

And if that didn’t…certainly his arrival a few nights ago did! This girl spent the last few days with Grimly. The night he arrived it was just after lock up time. In fact, she suspects he tried to arrive for that exact time to maybe try and catch her out or maybe to lock her up himself who knows? Anyway, she had the belt on ready, and despite his weariness he was visibly turned on by it. Though, being the sadistic evil loving bastard he is…didn’t do all that much about it till the following morning. Guess what? If sleeping three weeks in chastity makes a woman horny imagine what then sleeping next to a clearly aroused man does to her? Especially one that she has dreamed about submitting to whilst in that predicament? Yes, she didn’t sleep well that night at all!

Needless to say, as an experimental routine it worked. It’s maybe not one that will happen all the time during absences, but it will happen again for sure and gave this girl some very interesting dreams.

The experience was a little dream- like, a little spacy and a little bit comprised of fantasy, but it worked. The frustration was of course at a relatively high level, but, perhaps that’s a small price to pay.

That sort of idea inspired this picture a bit in which this girl is wearing the chastity belt and collar and lying on a pile of rocks near a waterfall near a loch. It sort of illustrates the idea behind the fantasy and the idea that the sexual pleasure of one person is given by the sexual control and slight discomfort of another. But then, isn’t that what sadomasochism with a bit of romance thrown in should be about??

Yes…not exactly what you do everyday…but very interesting and erotic nonetheless!

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4 thoughts on “Caught between a rock and a hard place

  1. It has actually been quite relaxing and extremely surreal. She’s felt as though she’s been almost in a constant state of arousal.

    This is the hardest point to get across to people who ask why we do this. But you’ve described it perfectly: the constant low-level arousal can be almost addictive.

    Looking forward to reading how you’re coping.

  2. Chastity is something I don’t think either of us will desire to do, but I have enjoyed reading about it from your blog. It’s so very descriptive and emotional that it puts me there in that place with you. I can foresee me suggesting something similar with Master, but not yet…. not yet.

  3. Luna, if you look back at some of those older posts there you’ll see i’ve been dithering about whether i really like this or not for about 4 years lmao

    I suppose thats the same with most bdsm things …go from fear…to curiosity…to addiction! 😉

    TG xx

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