The wild wild west (of Wales)

This girl and Grimly went on holiday to the south west of Wales recently (a round trip of around 1000 miles) and it wasn’t just any holiday – a rather kinky holiday! Was it worth the drive? Well…see what you think…. here’s the story and some pictures….

This girl and Grimly left Scotland around 5.30am. It’s the first time this girl has been on a ‘driving holiday’ that’s involved setting off that early for a long long time. It’s generally something her Dad used to do to the family quite a lot – pick somewhere at the other end of the UK and then make everyone set off at stupid o’clock to get there in time to beat the traffic. Maybe all Dads in the UK do that. But this time it was sensible. It was Good Friday.

This girl started the driving, whilst Grimly sat like an excited child in the passenger seat. Wearing the hat that you will see further down the pictures. The hat is a bone of contention. This girl hates it. Grimly loves it – this girl would really welcome your thoughts! Imagine though, at 6am, Good Friday, a car full of bondage equipment crossing the Scotland/England border with a cheery sadist in the passenger seat wearing THAT hat and singing and dancing to THIS – it’s a bloody good thing there are no longer any border controls! Well, funnily enough the service station we stopped at near the start of the M56 was clearly not big enough for Grimly and his hat. Luckily THESE were just statues or it could have been pistols at dawn. (a picture was taking with Grimly posing with them but it looks so ridiculous it’s not going here!)

The mistake was made of going right through the whole of North Wales instead of going to the Severn Bridge, but, the little car still arrived at its destination for around about the planned time after having seen a lot of nice scenery, and the backs of many tractors and horse-boxes.

This girl and Grimly received a lovely welcome from the host of the West Wales Pony Girls group.

He led us in convoy to the farm where we met the other kinksters who had already arrived, and the rest of the organisers. It was also the first time we met Sir Guy who is one of the most active people we have come across at trying to help start and arrange pony/pet play events.

One of the main aims of the weekend was to help a female dom practice ploughing with human ponies. She is wanting to give her Dad the 50th birthday present of being able to plough with real pony girls – so it will be interesting to see how that all pans out. But, practice was needed to make sure the equipment could be used. The plough is a tiny one meant for a small real horse or donkey, but, was modified a little so it could be used by people. So, those that could got harnessed up and we gave it a go. It was tricky to say the least. We had belly boards to push against, specially made for the purpose, but it was difficult. Grimly however, being his technical self, managed to get it to work, after a bit of the bracken and other stuff was cleared out of the way of the land. Now, who says he likes to show off??

There were some pictures and video taken, which might follow later – but for now is a picture of the backdrop, and of the furrows that were completed – sort of in the middle of the brown bit of land -needeless to say everyone was quite impressed with themselves! Though it was fairly knackering!


After that, everyone went up to the main play field. Up a little hilly track, to where stood an awning and a static caravan. Much effort has been made to the site to give about 1km of track, with various routes to take, and a grassy circle of land that can be used for lunging, and plenty of socialising space too. Grimly and this girl were very impressed. Though, it seemed like it was time to try out the new cart he made recently – and seemed only fair to let the Mistress have the first go – since she had let Grimly rope her into a harness as there hadn’t been enough ponies to do the ploughing otherwise.

The new cart is a bit different. Lower that the old one, and it’s attached to the pony by a bondage belt as opposed to the shafts having to be held by hands – which makes the bondage possiblities a bit more interesting….this girl maybe looks a little rough in this picture as shortly after the ploughing she fell over her full length – but you know – it was so much fun she wasn’t caring….

It was great. It was the first time this girl has had a proper track to be able to run on so it was great fun! After much running around Grimly and this girl went to check into their B&B, a converted Mill house which was just gorgeous. We could have camped at the venue probably, but given it was Wales, given it was April, and given we had lots of travelling, a bed was very much needed! So, they went and checked in and then went back up to the fields for dinner. One of the best things about the whole weekend, was the great social company, Guy cooked everybody dinner al fresco and given everyone was so hungry – it didn’t last long! It was so cosy, just sitting round the camp fire talking with everyone, really snuggly. Grimly and this girl slept very well!

The next morning, this girl and Grimly went up to the fields and helped make tea and coffee and bacon sandwiches for everyone, before getting the pony stuff out again. This time this girl put on her silver zentai and the other harness (complete with bells) It was a bit too chilly to do naked, so the zentai worked quite well. Though it was a beautiful day.

Here, a picture of it, when this girl was having a much needed rest from all the running around, and where she was completely spaced just wondering what he would do to her next…

Grimly was actually a very kind pony Master. So, it was probably quite shameful of this girl that she ran of with his hat and threw it up a tree. Unfortunately though, in all that bondage paraphernalia she could not out run him, especially since Grimly and one of the other Doms both chased her with lung whips until she was cornered near the whipping frame. See the hat – it’s bad isn’t it???? Say yes!


Shortly after that, this girl was introduced to Cutie, who had , until then been a pretty girl taking pictures and chatting with everyone. She was still pretty…but now a poodle.

This girl hasn’t very much experience of puppy play, only a little tiny dabble, and certainly, as yet, not with the right equipment and toys. Until Cutie, she had seem some really good puppies, who had put a lot of effort into it – but all men. All leather dogs. Which are still cute, but quite masculine.

There is nothing masculine about cutie. Too much pink, and too much fluff for that. Guy and Cutie made the outfit and kit themselves – details here.

To get a good impression, it’s probably best to watch some of the video footage of her on her website, The bells jingle about, and you just get this impression of a totally daft poodle. Not a person.

Grimly decided to see if cutie would make a good guide dog. Clearly someone has not told him that the Blind Association would never consider poodles. Theres a good reason! It’s not what they are for – they are there to be pampered, and be pretty…and cute…and …well they are just not working dogs. Though it was fun to try!

The mission was for cutie to lead this girl back to the camp from the top of the field. This girl could not see a thing, apart from the bit of ground she could peek through the blindfold which was not enough to see where she was going. She ended up being led into almost a face full of branches…which was prickly…but hillarious!

Cutie could be forgiven though…because how gorgeous does she look – you could not be mad at that if you tried? Unless maybe she piddled on your foot. What makes her so convincing is that there is total believability – and a clear indication that she is completely in the role of poodle. This girl is still sort of working out getting into the role of pony a bit, the bondage is easy, the mindset is taking a bit longer, but with more practice it will get more polished!

After much hillarity that afternoon, supper was made and everyone settled down for another social evening. As it got colder and darker everyone piled into the static caravan, with some gas lamps and Whisky and stayed there till well after dark. It was a really nice way to round up the weekend, nice and cozy, relaxed, and very social.

Getting down the track afterwards to the car though was pretty tricky with just a few torches – but it was managed!

Probably what made it the most special for this girl, was the way Grimly made her feel. He seemed to be really happy with her, really proud of her and she felt absolutely gorgeous and it was great to meet so many fantastic people. The only thing she did to piss him off related to that damn hat!

The journey back was not completely kink-less either, this girl and Grimly stopped in with Richy from which was a welcome alternative to a service station or greasy spoon since he made this girl and Grimly very welcome and treated them to lunch. Hopefully Richy will make a bondage exploration to Scotland soon!

Will Grimly and this girl go to Wales again? Oh yes! There is also another pony event in four weeks time in Lancashire where a lot of the same people will be – plus a whole host of new friends to meet up with – so this girl can’t wait for that 🙂

If you want further details of any of these events – or how to get to – please visit the links in the post or email this girl privately 🙂

14 thoughts on “The wild wild west (of Wales)

  1. this girl,

    your photos were lovely, you make a lovely blott on the welsh landscape and make me quite envious that i wasn’t there to play with you. hope we get together soon i think the 23rd has been mentioned, but trying to sort the time off work at the mo. would be nice to have a drive up to scotland instead perhaps 🙂
    love sslut xx

  2. It was great to finally see you both again. It’s hard to believe it was nearly a year and a half since I first met TG for the one and only time. I will definately make the effort to get north of the border this summer if you’ll still have me, but I’m not too sure about the sleeping arrangements at Grimly’s. I don’t think I’ll fit in the cage.

    Oh, and Grimly. Where did you get that hat. It’s got to go……

  3. Richy, I think you should reconsider your opinion of the hat …..I can easily build a bigger cage!

  4. kandslut , hope you get to make Preston. I am sure it will be fun.

    Richy, of course we will have you though it might have to mean you sharing a bed with Grimly and me in the cage LMAO or…a B&B i guess!

    Master doesn’t snore honestly!

    TG Xx

  5. Greetings and thanks for your tales of West Wales. Pity we couldn’t make it but I’m really looking forward to seeing you at Preston and getting together for various pony type play. That is if you are willing to speak to me after the trouble Grimly is getting you into with the prototype belt for me!

    Hope I’ll also get to see you at a future West Wales event sometime soon if you can bring yourself to face the trip again.

    I know how you feel about the hat – Geetwo has one too!! I daresay that will appear at Preston too.

    Hugs maxi xx

  6. thanks maxi 🙂 Grimly is always getting me into some sort of difficulty so i wouldnt worry about it.

    I do hope we’ll get to Wales again this year, tho, as yet not sure when as we have just booked a bigger holiday, which may end up being quite costly – financially and physically 😉

    Maybe there should be a competition for the worst dressed dom at Preston..then again…it might encourage some interesting wardrobe malfunctions! heaven forbid! lol

  7. It can’t much of a hidden agenda if I’m that transparent. I wouldn’t limit it to rope though. Grimly has far more impressive toys for me to play with.

    I might have to pass on the option of sleeping with Grimly though. He’s not my type. Now, if we put HIM in the cage…That solves everybody’s problems.

    Talking of sleeping arrangements, I hear that your accommodation is likely to have some interesting sleeping arrangements for you by the time you arrive. Going to be sleeping in an isolation coffin for your stay are you TG?

    As for KC.

    Stop your sulking. All I get off you is a lousy cup of tea when we get together. Grimly buys me there:-)

    Got to get together again soon matey. I feel a trip up the Ponderosa coming up at the end of next week maybe.

  8. Is it knot your place to accept/like ANYTHING your Grimly wants to wear??

    If He likes it, then you like it… simple rule

    Owner of morningstar

  9. Richy, indeed yes i am assured appropriate arrangements are being made…rather daunting ones actually. 😉

    Morningstar’s owner, – yes and no.

    In our relationship, I am entitled to an opinion. It does not have to be the same as his. Ultimately, though, he has the casting vote and the control of course and I do respect that.

    Maybe i shouldn’t have joked about with the hat, but, it was a bit of fun that didn’t bother him – maybe look at the big grin on his face to get an idea of that!

    We take a fun approach to our bdsm.

  10. Owner of morningstar, Its NOT your place to tell MY sub how to behave or to tell her what the rules are.


  11. wow… what an awesome holiday! The photos are fab! You lucky girl! Can’t wait to hear about the next trip!


    t. x

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