Being completely encased is something this girl finds completely terrifying, but at the same time a very erotic experience. In the picture above she is wearing a catsuit, and then put in a latex sleepsack, with the air sucked out of it so it is wrapped tightly round her and her breathing controlled via a gas mask and oxygen cylinder. On top of that she is also totally strapped down so in no danger of going anywhere!

In a lot of ways the fear of being encased is a bit similar to the fear this girl used to have over hoods. It stems a bit from a minor phobia. This girl has always been just that little bit terrified of that nightmare of being trapped somewhere like a lift, or buried alive, or something like that where she is trapped and cannot get out. But, those sorts of situations create adrenalin and endorphins. Sometimes it’s hard to not also be just that little bit turned on at the same time as being terrified.

Of course BDSM is safe. Or at least, as safe as being put in a restrained situation by a creatively dominant madman can be! Grimly does take all precautions though, and this girl always feels that she is as safe as she can be – in that no harm will come to her, and that nothing will happen that he hasn’t planned for. This girl couldn’t do most of the types of play that she does with Grimly with anyone else – especially anyone that she didn’t know – because the trust needs to be there – trust in his expertise and that he won’t get too demented by it and take it too far or get careless. There’s always a risk of course but this girl is aware of what they are, and so is he.

Despite that, when she’s bound that tight, sometimes this girl can still get a little bit panicky.

Her breathing gets quicker, or more laboured if its restricted, sometimes her body convulses if electrics are involved, and all the senses seem extremely heightened. It’s an amazing sensation and can lead to intensified orgasms, if he so chooses.

This girl ย ultimately knows that she will be released from her bondage, but during that time everything else sort of feels a bit slowed down as though its all there is.

If this is a fantasy of yours you might enjoy this story by JG Leathers :-

The Sarcophagus – click here

11 thoughts on “Encasement

  1. Mrs KC is similar re total enclosure…although I don’t think she could go as far as your goodself ( who could – LOL !! )

    I LOVE putting her into total bondage..to see my beautiful wife reduced to a sex object and totally relying on me for her freedom ( oops, cold shower time ).

    And JG Leathers, well John is without doubt one of the BEST authors out there…and all because he has played the games as well and not relying on his imagination !!

    Cheers KC

  2. What happens if Grimly is incapacitated while you’re in this state? Are you making sure there’s a backup plan if Grimly has a sudden heart attack or stroke?

    It looks like fun for a few hours. I’m sure it would get old after a week or two…

  3. Hi kk…just a little input from myself…..anyone in bondage, even the simplest Damsel tied to the bed type, is at the mercy of their partner to release them….to worry excessively about the dom ( domme ) collapsing is maybe taking the theory a tad to far and maybe bondage isn’t for you ! I’m not as good with words as This Girl…just my input as we have been playing for many a fine year and the wench still makes it to the red wine afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and I do hope you are jesting re your last comment !!!!!!

  4. It’s all part of the total trust thing which these two
    lucky people are privileged to share.

    he knows what’s going on ans she finds out ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Love the story you left in the post. This has probably been asked many times over, have you entertained the idea of piercings? Not to the extent of the Sarcophagus story, just in general?

  6. KC, thanks for keeping the conversation going whilst Grim & I were away on holiday!

    kk, When you are playing with someone you know so well, it’s not that difficult for someone experienced to work out how to make sure their submissive is safe within the scene yet sufficiently on edge to get the adrenaline going. Grimly is far from being a kamikaze pilot, he knows exactly what my limitations are as well as his own. ๐Ÿ™‚

    What we do wouldn’t be what we do if the bondage was such I could get out of it instantly (tho a lot of things maybe I could if i was desperate enough if there was an emergency, tho it might mean ruining the kit to do so, but then, neither of us would enter into a scene in the first place if we were feeling the least bit unwell or at any likely risk. But you know, we are not exactly going to start using plastic or inferior bondage equipment to make it ‘safer’ we feel we are both knowledgable to do what we do in the ways which are the most fun, the most asthetic and within the capabilities and experience of both of us, and as people have said we are damned good at it! LOL

    Housebound, thanks again for your comments and support ๐Ÿ™‚

    Subby, JG’s stories are briliant – as for piercings JG has suggested to Grimly i should get a sternum piercing but at the moment I am unsure since i did have my nipples pierced twice (both times failed and left me with scar tissue) when i was in my previous relationship – so , i’m a little reluctant. I would need to feel very confident that it would look and heal ok and have confidence in the piercer before I would do it, so watch this space…but….i reckon its pretty unlikely i’ll get any further body mods other than the pierced ears and back tattoos that I already have…I would love more tattoos as I found getting them done very erotic and i loved the sensation, but i don’t want to become over inked and quite content with what I have got! So, i guess for the moment the answer is no more piercings and no more tattoos either, but it could of course change.

    TG x

  7. After seeing probably every square inch of you in some form, I don’t remember seeing any tatoos. Maybe you could post an illustration. As for the piercings, it can make for some very interesting predicament bondage when attached by earlobes, nips or septum. Because even small movements can be painful, and you really don’t want to rip out any pierce, something like standing in ballet boots is far harder when anchored. Something you might like is using thin rubber bands that will break if stretched and use those in an attachment chain say between two earlobes to opposite walls. You will feel any movement, and if you really want you can pull hard enough not to damage, but just to break the band. It becomes even more interesting if a chain of rubber bands are used because you have to tension each on in the chain to get one to break. This also can be effective with nip or labia clips.

  8. Thanks for your comments, good ideas in theory, but i wouldnt recommend anyone trying to stand in ballet boots whilst being restrained in part by piercings – unless they are VERY good with ballet boots it seems a bit dangerous to me, and given i have had issues with piercings in the past (i’m not going into detail) i think it would be madness!

  9. Ballet boots are very dangerous bondage tools !! LOL
    Seriously, only a handful of the www models can walk confidentally in them…and any bondage relly MUST support the Lady wearing them – it is a long way to stumble without the use of your arms to break a fall.
    Sadly my better half can’t wear them because of a toe problem..otherwise she’d be ‘forced’ to wear them.

    Not to say we don’t see enough of This Girl in her boots and appropriately restrained ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I see someone brought up the idea of a partner being incapacitated while we are bound. That got me thinking about a few things. When those of us find ourselves in submissive situations, are we cognizant of the risks? Or are we simply accepting those risks as potential, though unlikely, outcomes? I know personally, the idea of something catastrophic happening, and being left there, is part of what creates some of the natural fear of being bound.

  11. I think risks *are* calculated. Maybe not consciously, but I think if either of us felt the risk was greater than extremely minimal…we wouldnt do it. Though of course, during the session the risks and fear being thought of isn’t that! It’s something completely different

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