Grimly’s doll

From this thread on fetlife :-

I’ve always thought a true Rubber Doll, in my book, was essentially a fully rubber coated submissive, with no sight or sound, controlled by electronics in some way. On the outside they might be dressed as a doll, with a false face, a wig or clothing, but underneath they are coated in rubber, plugged and wired in ways to “activate” the doll for action.

This girl isn’t quite at that stage *yet*. Though it is a goal. If like this girl, it’s something that interests you, objectification/dollfication – then, read the above thread it’s quite interesting ūüôā

The reason why it appeals to this girl is perhaps obvious, perhaps not. It’s sort of ultimate control, bondage, fetish fantasy all rolled into one.

As her normal every day self this girl doesn’t always feel as attractive or as desireable as she does when she is indulging in fantasy. In fact, if you met her in the street in everday gear you’d walk by. This girl is good at being non-descript. But you know, its *this stuff* that makes her shine. Well, it’s Grimly really. This girl has never really had an awful lot of confidence which has in the past been coupled with low self esteem, which can sometimes still¬†raise it’s head occasionally.¬†¬†He does a lot to combat it though. Grimly always makes this girl look and feel good. He always makes her feel as though she’s everything he wants, without really trying to change her.¬† Or at least, not in ways she doesn’t welcome. This girl and Grimly are ultimately heading in the same direction as each other, though, sometimes one maybe more stubbornly than the other!¬† One of this girl’s biggest problems is really fighting against things that really deep down she actually wants. Stupid isn’t it??

One of Grimly’s desires is to turn her into this completely controlled bondage doll. Ultimately – completely in rubber or leather, completely in bondage, controlled by computer and¬†controlled by him – without much more effort than that required to push a few buttons. Or at least, visibly. Deep down it requires a lot more effort than that. To observe someone that much, to observe someone that can’t communicate because they’re gagged and bound so much they can’t move anything apart from their eyelids requires a lot of care and vigilance! This girl trusts him with that though. She has for a long time.

Why does this girl want him to do that to her though?

For a start she wants to be his fantasy. She wants to be his ideal woman. Ok, so he’s a bit of a weirdo whose ideal woman wears six inch heels, latex and lockable underwear…but if thats what it takes! We all¬†want that thought don’t we? Not necessarily the lockable underwear of course but to fulfill the fantasies of our partner? Especially when they are so compatible with our own? Some might argue the vanilla¬†girl¬†should be enough for him….but let’s be honest here…the attraction was never based on that….what brought Grimly and this girl together was primarily shared kink and because she was attracted to the fact that he could demonstrate quite capably that he could satisfy her fantasies – so it only stands to reason that she should want to – and it’s fair to – satisfy his too.

Though, there’s also something really erotic about almost being someone else. About feeling inanimate, about feeling like a doll or a robot. Its an oxymoron really, but that amount of control is quite liberating. It’s sort of ‘leave reality at the door’ sensation which really is the ultimate indulgence in BDSM – to make it feel something different, incredible, sort of trippy but without any illegal hallucinogenics. Really, it’s not that far different from what this girl did as a child – aside from the bondage element of course – but she always enjoyed pretending to be someone/something else more glamurous, more exciting, more adventurous. It’s like, this whole thing lets this girl be the sort of person she can’t be normally.And of course, this girl can get the attention from kink and¬†also a little ¬†infamy…which…in normal life…just isn’t there. Who would be interested in just another plain looking person with a dreary job after all??

But of course that is not her main motivation.

This girl does this stuff for the same reason she pursues any kink – it feels good – the outfits, the bondage, the mental control – and it turns her on, and more than anything its fun. A fun thing with the man she loves.

Why wouldnt she want to be his little latex bondage doll? Especially when he spends so long thinking up new games to play with her, and new er ‘accessories’¬† to dress her up in;)

For this girl, probably the most erotic part of the whole thing is that no matter how she might look. No matter how de-humanised, dollified, bound, electrocuted and sensory overloaded she might be…is that she’s like that because he did it to her, with the knowledge that he’s doing the stuff of his fantasies and hers too – and that underneath she’s just his girl, totally at his loving mercy ūüėČ

For more information on rubber dolls, you might want to check out the Rubber Doll World site.

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