Where’s my head at?

A lot of people ask that question of – how do you switch from being sort of ‘normal’ with each other to being well…this girl and Grimly. How is it possible to make the transition?

Well, the thing is, this girl and Grimly just are who the are, people who have gotten used to being comfortable in each other’s company. Mostly, it’s easy and natural to work out when is time for things to be on a more d/s themed footing and for when its simpler to act as anyone would that is in a normal relationship.

Ultimately, this girl and Grimly are in a normal, loving, stable relationship – or at least, it is to them.

There are times of course when this girl gets confused, times when she wants the D/s to be more evident, times when she wants it to be less so. Mostly, it’s balanced, but sometimes those distinctions can occasionally get a bit blurred.

The thing that ultimately makes it the most clear cut is geography – at Grimly’s its easier for this girl to be herself  – to be who she wants to be, to be his bondage toy, his torture victim, his lover, his partner, and ultimately to be able to share his company. Whereas, down here it’s a sort of half life spent wishing every moment was shared with him instead of alone. It totally sucks.

There are little things that reinforce submission while she’s away from him – the collar, writing blogs, talking to him, trying to dress in a way that pleases him, do other things that please him…but ultimately it’s a shadow of what she really wants.

It doesn’t help when she feels out of sorts either. The last few days this girl has been rather hormonal combined too with a yucky head cold and has felt sooooo so far from being in a submissive place that it’s almost the opposite side. It’s just not on her mind at all. All thats on her mind really is strepsils and paracetamol. And vic vapour rub. Here’s a hint – never mistake vic for lube. Especially  not when you intend to use it anally. Big…mistake. Huge 😉

You know some people might think that even a sick slave should put her Master first,not necessarily by entertaining them with bizarre use of medical remedies! But no, this girl needed a Dom that would look after her.

Though, in reality, one of the things that makes this girl love her Grimly so much is that he will put her needs sometimes ahead of his own and always makes sure she is looked after and protected. He’s so not the sort of man that would stick his cock in her mouth and have fun whilst she tried to breathe through her sniffles…oh no!   Ultimately, if she’s not at the top of her game its not as much fun for him. Maybe that is the premiss behind why they give the condemned man the hearty breakfast!

Maybe its a lot to desire but this girl has just always wanted someone who is a knight in shining armour but also the evil villian in one. Like sort of different sides of the same coin. Oh yeah and sometimes she gets more than she bargained for.

Sometimes this girl doesn’t know where her head is at really at all, she is really still working all that stuff out…and some other times , well, she just has her hair stuck in a zip while a man with odd coloured hair is taking photos.

Surely, for some people, that’s normal??

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