Q&A month twist : Ask Grimly!

A twist to the whole Q&A month now…

you are now invited to ask Grimly  any questions that you have for the rest of the month, and he’ll do his best to answer accordingly! In case you dont know, he is this girl’s Master, partner, and all round creative inventive demented genius 😉

Please leave a comment here or email using the email link

Ask away!

2 thoughts on “Q&A month twist : Ask Grimly!

  1. Hi Grimly,

    My woman is a wimp…she accepts so much and then pleads with her eyes/body language etc for an orgasm…and the wimp who is married to her can’t resist those pleading eyes or pleading Mmmmphs and fails miserably by satisfying her/himself!!
    How do you cope when This Girl pleads for penetrative release?

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