Housebound asked :-

When you are “screaming and begging for mercy” Do you really mean it at that very moment?

If so, when do you come back round to thinking – That was fun, when can we do it again – ?

How would you react if Grimly actually took notice and acted on your pleas for mercy, instead of just carrying on having his wicked way with you ??

Are this girl’s screams meant? Yes. What would be the point of faking it?

There  will be times maybe when her mind reacts more to something than her body might really feel of course. Screams, fear and adrenaline are not based on physical reaction alone but also a little on the mental stimulation provided by the threat of what is coming. So, sometimes her mind might tell her it’s going to hurt when it’s maybe not all that bad. Yep, this girl is only human she can be known to over-react. Though, not intentionally. Although, see that thing Doctors do with the metal thing on your knee…this girl never feels that! She only kicks her leg up so it looks normal lol. So much for neuroscience!

This girl tries to react genuinely. Sometimes she has a problem with whining about things and crying wolf about things that might be a bit uncomfortable or achy which can put Grimly off a little, but lately she has tried to consciously not raise a concern unless it really is a problem. She really shouldn’t need to voice her concerns about things like that when he can read her body language easily enough to be able to correct anything that might not be working to its ultimate affect..and of course, communication is always important during play as well.

There is a difference between having a whinge during play and being seriously desperate for the session to reach its destination 😉 He knows how to tell that difference funnily enough! Grimly can recognise orgasm driven panic no problem at all! Of course, when you know the person you play with so well…it’s very difficult to fake anything with them.

This girl has faked reactions for other people before. She has done some modelling and also pro-spankee work in the past and sometimes it’s necessary to intensify your reactions a bit for the sake of the client or for the shot. So like 70% of its genuine and the rest is just a bit emphasised and exaggerated. It’s not as much fun as the real thing. It’s really not. It’s so much better for this girl when she knows what is happening is for her and Grimly and no one else. Well apart from maybe you. A bit. You know, the whole ego and exhibitionism thing can hit sometimes.

But if this girl is screaming ,and begging Grimly for something directly…it’s because she’s got to the point where she is very near to really needing him to let her orgasm, or stop, or slow down and it might be that it might be a very painful place. This girl doesn’t do begging all that easily. In fact, it’s a last resort. Which is a problem, given of course he loves it. As most sadists seem to.

This girl tries not to beg him for anything, or ask anything of him till the last possible moment…and the best bit of the whole thing is that bit of time between when asks and when he gives in. His sort of consideration time.

One of the times when he has looked the most sadistic and the most erotic was when he was using the video mask on this girl in combination with the fuck machine, electrics and breath play (with poppers mixed in)…this girl was so close to really needing to orgasm from pain , from pleasure, from everything and the video mask allowed her to see his face standing at the side of her as well as a clear picture of what was happening to her body. It was very surreal. His face was completely sadistic, yet sort of loving at the same time, and sort of well, you know…smug.  This girl could see his fingers just about touching each other as he was about to click (an orgasm trigger) and it was just very difficult to choose between watching his fingers on the edge of that or watching what was happening to her body. That moment seemed to last for ages and was ultimately one of the best orgasms this girl has ever had.

Does she come back for more? Oh come on thats a bit of a daft question isn’t it? 😉

This girl is a masochist with a very strong addiction with someone able to feed it in rather unique and inventive ways. Of course she comes back for more. There aren’t really all that many things that this girl hates completely. Even the things that she makes Grimly think she hates and can’t tolerate sort of hit that masochism fix on some level. It’s one of those things about this girl that she hates…the fact that she can hate something so much and still love it and still be as  horny as hell from it happening even though its a nightmare.

Sometimes he’s merciful , sometimes he isn’t. Mostly, he makes it go on for just a bit longer than this girl thinks she can tolerate, just pushing things a little bit further each time.

Grimly is always very good at reading a scene and knowing when it’s got to where it needs to go.

It’s just a shame that no matter what happens the time always seems to go by so fast!

2 thoughts on “Reaction

  1. This was a fabulous post. I’m not really sure why because your posts always make me lose myself in them, but the imagery in this one really helped me bond to the emotions, the explanations and the feelings in the answer to the question. Loved it.

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