How long?

Cliff asked – ‘thisgirl how long have you gone being fucked by the machine?

What is the most orgasms ?

This girl gets asked this type of question a lot. How long were you in that postion? How long were you wearing latex for? How long were you being electrocuted for?

Maybe people are interested, but this girl doesn’t totally get it because, it’s not something she feels the need to ask other people.

It’s one of those sorts of questions that makes it feel like some sort of competition or show or reality entertainment thing…and it isn’t that. Does it really make it more impressive if something is endured for fifteen minutes or thirty? Isn’t the fact that this stuff happens at all pretty special?

This girl hasn’t got anything against people that ask these questions. Maybe they are genuinely interested…but…they never follow it by why didn’t it last longer…or …how did it make you feel. You know, hardly anybody ever asks how stuff actually feels!

The thing with asking how long something went on for, is that it is , essentially something this girl can answer with a grey response.

BDSM isn’t like work. You’re not kinda constantly clock watching to wait for it to be over. It’s like time stops, or slows down or something like that. Erm maybe a bit like Narnia 😉 Time is just not something this girl is conscientious of during play. A couple of times Grimly has asked her how long she thinks something has lasted – and mostly – she gets the answer wrong. She might think a session has lasted ten minutes and it might have been ninety.

There’s been a couple of times where Grimly has *made* this girl conscientious of time. Like once he put her in a relatively simple bondage position and strapped her to the medical bed and put the clock in front of her telling her he’d do something else every fifteen minutes….like increase the electricity, or , change the butt plug for a bigger one and so on with everything queued up in front of her so she knew what was coming next.  Ok, that was kind of a bit of a head fuck, but it sort of took the element of suprise away. Besides, it’s sort of fun to play the mental game of ‘can I endure this as long as he wants me to?’. That is really the answer, anything lasts for as long as he wants and will only stop if he decides to do something else or listens to her screaming and begging for mercy!

It lasts for as long as Grimly feels necessary for his own manic purposes 😉 But how long something is going to last for is not something this girl is thinking of in terms of minutes, more in terms of sensation…is it time to stop, time to scream, time to orgasm….again, something this girl has little control of! Funny old thing.

It’s nice actually…to not think about time, when its something that is relevant all the rest of the time. Time to get up, time to go to work, time for break, blah blah blah.

In fact, this girl quite often fantasies about not having to worry about time at all, and not being conscious of it i.e maybe spending a whole couple of days with no clocks or mobiles around.In fact, maybe no technology at least nothing with clocks on. It’s perhaps a daft fantasy, but this girl sometimes wonders what it would be like to be completely in his hands…for him to choose when to let her sleep, eat, whatever…total control. Not forever of course…just for a little while..maybe even combined with a bit of sleep depravation torture and stuff. Gotta love the whole torture thing;)

Orgasms themselves can be a torture, once it goes past two or three each one is leading this girl closer to depravity…closer to wanting to beg him to stop giving her pleasure. Which is a relatively weird place to be in for someone that until they met him found it very difficult to have any orgasms at all! Also, after a few orgasms its very hard to repress the urge to pee too. It’s one of the really stupid things that this girl has an anxiety about ‘what if i piss on Master during sex’ …well…what if…it would be his own fault anyway! Though he insists he is not into water-sports.

Now, this girl is just going on the limited evidence to hand but she reckons Grimly gets off on all of that 😉

This girl is very convinced that he gets off on her trying to look at him in a state of panic,whether it be because she’s getting close to not being able to tolerate the pain…or the pleasure.

Is he some sort of sadist or what?

So, maybe the next time you look at the pictures maybe you’ll try and work out how long it lasted for whether it was a few minutes or half an hour or two hours or a day…or in more interesting terms…did it last long enough for her to beg for him to stop, or to beg to cum, or  for her to actually want the orgasms to stop, or did it last long enough for Grimly to have a little heap of submission quivering on the playroom carpet? 😉

7 thoughts on “How long?

  1. Perhaps the people who want to know how it feels find ways to find out for themselves by trying it? I hope so because it can lead to amazing experiences. And even if it’s things that they ultimately decide they don’t ever want to do again, it’s all a learning experience.

    Certainly in my case what I expected to love or to hate didn’t turn out to be what I actually loved or hated. I surprised myself repeatedly. I can’t say though that anything felt different to how I expected because it was so outside of anything I’d done, I didn’t know what to expect.

  2. Well true, and in any case it feels different for everyone….but…

    by the same token…different people have different tolerances of how long they can take things for…

    so why do they still ask this question about how long stuff lasts for beats me!

  3. To answer your question ‘what if i piss on Master during sex?’

    You are sleeping on the wet patch!

  4. Leave it to Grimly to break the tension, and angst. Bravo!

    girl, as one who does ask questions, There are a few reason we ask.
    1) You answer. That in itself is a rarity

    2) You answer honestly and back it up with photos to verify it. Having spent months corresponding with individuals and caring about their well being, only to find out that it was all made up and that it was a guy instead of a girl you were working with really can hurt. Like Mrs KC, there has never been a doubt, that if you say it happens, we know it has.

    3) We live and learn through your adventures. Most of us have never had the experiences you and Grimly have. We get to learn about it not only from a technical point in case there is an urge or ability to recreate it, but psychologically where we experience it through your eyes even if they are blindfolded, and hear what you say even if it is in your mind because of the gag.

    4) We get aroused. As much as I enjoy hearing how your day went, I get a good hard on when I read about and see what happened in a session. To quote one of my favorite Broadway shows City of Angels. “There wasn’t a dry seat in the house”

    For all of these reasons we are curious. You are reality TV for the kinky. We get to spend time as flies on the wall with you and Grimly. It’s a nice place to buzz around!

  5. When you are “screaming and begging for mercy”
    Do you real mean it at that very moment?

    If so, when do you come back round to thinking
    – That was fun, when can we do it again – ?

    How would you react if Grimly actually took notice
    and acted on your pleas for mercy, instead of just
    carrying on having his wicked way with you ?? 🙂

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