Tim asked :

“Well I’d like to know a few sessions that to you were most memorable, and maybe why they were(and if you would want to experience them again.)”

This girl has a lot of great memories. Sort of in order by date rather than necessarily by importance

The first time – February 2005

First times are always memorable – unless they are the sort that you *choose* to try and forget on account of being a drunken fumble or some other sort of dumb mistake. Grimly was not a dumb mistake! In fact, choosing to visit Grimly was probably the best choices this girl has ever made. The thing that makes it the most memorable is the  fact that it was fun – it wasn’t because of all the weird and wonderful stuff he did – well it was in part – but this girl’s memory of the actual play is quite hazy now (well it was 4 years ago!) What stands out is the incident that happened after play – when this girl decided to get revenge on him being a bastard….She ultimately worked out playing pranks on him doesn’t work – unless she prepares herself for the fact that he will make the punishment fit the crime! 😉

Brainwashing – unsure of date!

The link shows some pictures of the brain washing machine Grimly has – a mask with built in l.e.d’s  which can make lights flash in time with sound and with electricity. This girl has written this like probably loads of times – but what happened was Grimly made this device to really cater to the fact that she wasn’t comfortable with submission to begin with – she needed to feel like the choice had been taken away from her a little – but safely – she wanted to feel brainwashed…it wouldn’t have worked if she hadnt. This little device combined with a bit of hypnosis enabled Grimly to plant a trigger into this girl’s head to enable her to orgasm on command – and later , he used it to plant one to cause her to get stomach cramps from just one word too. You can either believe that it’s true or not, but, certainly the device exists…and it works in this girl’s own head. Or at least…it did till recently it seems a bit broken at the moment!

First pony play – June 2006

Pony play was something that few years ago this girl might never have expected herself to enjoy – but, Grimly encouraged her to try it. It’s great! It’s sort of the combination of bondage, of control, of showing off, of just sort of pretending to be something else…it’s hard to describe. This article does a very good job of describing it. This girl enjoys role play anyway, but it was just, well, more fun than any of the schoolgirl or nurse stuff…it felt sort of like going a bit further than that…because it felt she was being made into something else by him, and that she had very little control over the transformation. It’s very difficult to get opportunities to do pony play, but this girl has done it a few times since and has two lots of trips planned for going to events in England & Wales later in the year so watch this space! 

Collaring – June 2007

Again, this weekend was really special, because this girl and Grimly had gone again to a special BBQ come fetish party weekend, and had a bit of fun with ponying and general showing off. The collaring itself was very simplistic, and very emotional…some of the time this girl isn’t totally sure she’s lived up to really deserving it since, but it remains a sign of commitment and it always will 🙂

Hanging Around – November 2007

This was the first time this girl tried upside down suspension – this sort of follows on from her last blog – about how Grimly is good at demonstrating that things she might have concerns about are fine – she got to have her Master dangling from his toes before he did it to her! Being upside down is actually a lot of fun , this girl has done it a few times since…tho hasn’t yet worked out being able to cope with too much else at the same time…maybe just because all the blood rushes the wrong way!

BBB – December 2007

At the BBB in December 07, this girl got to fulfill one of her fantasies of being a reindeer – and sure – if the chance ever comes up again – she’d do that again! 

The new fuck machine & video mask- March 2008

The original fuck machine was very basic – and very violent. This girl had to be strapped down on the floor for Grimly to be able to operate it safely! The one he made recently is far better and can be used as an attachment to the dentist chair, on the medical bed, or mounted on the stockade which he made a few weeks ago. The fuck machine is amazing – it’s relentless, it keeps going no matter what – its sort of torture by orgasm overload- can anymore on that subject really be said 😉 Also , aroudn this time Grimly made the video mask – similar to the brainwashing one, but it has built in video goggles – have you ever watched yourself being fucked by a machine? No? Well …it’s weird. But fun 😉

Enema and Drinking gag – June 2008

This session was mostly memorable for the reactions it caused. Most people thought the liquid in the bottle was urine. It isn’t. Ok , admittedly it was designed to look it to get people thinking and wondering – but it wasn’t. It was probably kind of one of the first times this girl suggested a session to Grimly for the purpose of creating specific images. Sometimes that’s fun to do , but sometimes its also fun to just sort of play without having to be distracted by taking pictures of stuff, and so, sometimes pictures are done before things get serious so that it doesn’t distract later. But yeah, enemas are yet again something this girl didn’t think she would ever be into …but…from a humiliation point of view…they work. That wasn’t this girl’s first enema though – just the first one that combined insane bondage at the same time!

Wooden Pony – August 2008

That is – the electrified one. This girl likes the wooden pony because it sort of allows a little personal input into her fate – what part of her body get’s stressed out the most…there’s no easy answer – pressure on the feet – or pressure on the cunt – either way before long it doesnt make a lot of difference. This girl loves all bondage ideas that are based upon something that was once medieval torture – its very twisted…but very sexy! This girl loves electricity, and loves bondage…so it sort of combines the best of both worlds.

Velvet’s visit – October 2008

It was a lot of fun when Velvet came up – the main thing this girl got out of it was really to see properly how someone else might react to all his devious inventions – and sure – there are some things that work better with multiple subbies! 😉 It ‘ll probably happen again in the near future that other people might come up and play if they are likely to offer something interesting or a challenge like Velvet did – though mostly…this girl has to admit to being a possessive monster!!!

That’s mostly the main highlights.

There’s probably stuff this girl has forgot – though – that’s kind of why she keeps the blog as a bit of a record, because there’s just so much that happens!

8 thoughts on “Memory

  1. Nicely… hmmm… nicely… I’m sure I have that ability filed away somewhere. I just have to remember where.

  2. Besides, I have to finish the blog of the first visit yet, before the people following it fossilise.

  3. I may be a bit reckless at times, but I’m not totally insane, you know! I think the nickname that came from the hiding place for his cigarettes got me into quite enough trouble. As did calling him a “rotten bastard” when I was well strapped down to the medical bed, with various electrodes attached to me.

  4. Okay to make up for my not remembering my last year’s question,I’ve got a sort of follow-up one for this year’s question month.

    Grimly enjoys using predicament bondage with you. My question is do you try and strain to delay the effects of the predicament, or as a masochist. do you try and make it hurt more. As an example with the caged “urine” or enema capable of being held off until you either moved or are triggered in some way by your movement or actions would you trigger them to get the rush of sensations, or would you do all you could to keep that from happening knowing it evetually will? I’ve always like the Gord tilt when the tetth lose their grip a great example of that too

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