March is question and answer month.

 Does anyone have any questions for this girl?

 If so, leave a comment or send an email 🙂

14 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. What if he asked you to do something you really REALLY didn’t want to do/try? Would you feel you have let him down or would you feel disappointed he actually made the request?

  2. Well I’d like to know a few sessions that to you were most memorable, and maybe why they were(and if you would want to experience them again.) I’d also be interested after you give your answer to KC, what Mrs. KC would answer to that same question

  3. Dear Thisgirl,
    Although I have not managed to read every one of your blogs, I cannot find any reference to you being the dom and Grimly being sub. Since he clearly indulges in all of the same fetishes in which he places you, and there is no reference to another woman involved, I have to believe that you get to bind him in all of the same devices, and run the ET-512 on him at times. Am I right?
    (I would consider that to be the PERFECT relationship.)

  4. Oh,…this is an easy one to answer…


    I’m the sub…he’s the Dom – thats what works for us. Yes, we have the same fetishes but from the flip side…i.e i like to be tied up – he likes to tie me up.
    I’m not sure what gives you the impression that we would even be remotely likely to switch with each other…but no we don’t.
    He’s the mad inventive genius…i’m just the squeaking guinea pig!

    TG xx

  5. Dear ThisGirl,
    Thank you for clearing up my misinterpretaion of your relationship. I guess I was projecting my on fantasies to you and Grimly. You still have a great life.

  6. Do you have just ONE thing, BDSM-wise, that you could say is your most favourite to experience with Grimly? If you could only pick one thing for Him to do to you.

    t. x

  7. hmm thats an easy question to answer.

    my favourite thing is whatever he is doing at the time lol

    i like variety, and also most of the times we use more than one thing at a time…so…i cant’ choose! xx

  8. This one’s for Grimly – Could you tell us a little bit more about the software that you use to run your camera – videogoggles setup?

  9. And to follow up on sydmswitch, and are there any plans to convert that so it can be shared? I for one would really enjoy seeing a bit of time lapse of a session, and get to hear the loverly girl each time she gets a new jolt of reality into her helpless and deliciously tormented time!

  10. sydmswitch,

    I am in the process of switching the video set up from an analog system to digital.
    When I have all the bugs worked out I will let you know how the system works.

    Simple answer to that is NO

  11. Oh well can’t blame me for asking. How about a techno remix of her greatest “hits” ?

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