Chastity isn’t just about not having sex

The chastity debate has caused a bit of a headache recently. Grimly is determined that this girl will wear one…and has made an investment in one in the last few days! This girl..well…is less than excited about her beloved Master’s generosity! So…who is going to win this one? He is of course!

It’s one of the main topics that makes this girl question her submission because she really wants to rebel against the idea. Part of her really  hates the idea of wearing  a belt. The idea of the discomfort, of the constant reminder….of the control. It scares the shit out of her. Given BDSM is such a thing so driven by sexual urges…controlling someone sexually is sort of the worst or best thing that you can do…a dream for him a nightmare for her!  Though, given that she fell for the man of her nightmares rather than the man of her dreams there is nothing unusual there when you think about it 😉

Yep, this girl had years of nightmares of being held prisoner by an evil sadist and sexually tortured…a warning perhaps?? Although  sure she’s not kidding anyone…she has what she wants!

This girl knows that he already has a great deal of sexual control over her, as well as control in general. She cannot have an orgasm without him allowing it by giving her the right trigger. Thinking about it, if Grimly had  warned her about how that would be prior to implanting that trigger in her head she might have rebelled against that too!  Certainly the idea of being told in advance that she wouldn’t be able to orgasm without his input would have scared the  living daylights out of her if she’d known it was possible. Also, she probably would have been more sceptical. She probably would have put a mental block up against it , and  her BDSM would be not as good as it is now if she had. She wouldn’t undo the fact that he can make her orgasm just like that. No way.That would be madness, complete and utter insanity! What Grimly has implanted makes everyone orgasm magical…every one a reminder of the fact that he is the man who drives her fantasy and controls her body.

Its a bit the same with the collar. It’s a symbol of that control. Sort of subtle, but sort of not – to anyone that knows what it means. Sometimes this girl hates it. She wants to rip it off, she wants to be able to wear a normal necklace or wear her hair up and not worry that someone might notice there’s no clasp. Which kind of makes this girl feel a bit bad, because its as though sometimes she doesn’t feel completely proud of who she is. But then, she isn’t. This girl could do better. She could do better by Grimly. Mostly though the collar feels good. Like he is always there, sort of reminding her how much he loves her and how much he loves controlling her. She would not want to be without it for any length of time. Not really. Whenever she’s been without it she’s sort of always felt a bit lost like something isn’t quite right. It might seem a bit bizarre that a bit of metal means that much, but it sort of helps hold everything together. A bit like glue.

It really comes down to whether or not this girl wants to belong to Grimly as to what she accepts.She does want to belong to him. She does want to be his slave, and it seems that is going to mean that she has to come to terms with the fact that chastity belts are a huge fantasy of his.

This girl is not sure whether they are a fantasy of hers or not. It’s a bit complicated, because its not as though they’re just about preventing sex and masturbation. If it was just about that maybe it would be simpler to work out. This girl could easily live without being able to play with herself. Easily! It’s boring for a start…what’s the point when his particpation is necessary for it to be worthwhile? She could possibly live for a certain amount of time without sex too. Sex isn’t everything. Though it can be pretty amazing of course 😉

No. They’re not the problems.

The problem is the idea of constant arousal. CONSTANT.

So far, whenever this girl has been in any kind of bondage, she is nearly always aroused. Senses heightened, horny, all of that. When he’s played with the control belt it’s been especially bad. Being near him, being near all those um possibilities and being reminded that its all real at the same time…is a lot to process.

The control is erotic there’s no doubt about that. The sort of issue is the fact that its a very visual reminder of a little weirdness in life. Surely this girl cant be the only one that looks at some of the predicaments she gets herself into and sort of loves it at the same time as thinking ‘oh my fucking God what the heck is this!’. It’s all a bit bizarre sometimes. Then there’s conflict too, she wants to be controlled….but she doesn’t…she wants to sort of have some say in things…and yet him take over. Maybe it all confuses the hell out of him some of the time. Trying to work out what she wants, because most of the time this girl doesn’t really even know herself.

Don’t know, maybe she’s scared of actually how good this could be despite the whole thing being erotic and weird and controlling. Sometimes she’s sort of scared to admit that this is her. That it’s what she wants.

It’s NOT just about not being able to have sex. It’s about the control, and about losing a little freedom. But it can be about more than that even.Really, it’s just about the whole thing being  a bit of a mind fuck and a bit of a reminder of the fact that she chose to be with this creative and devious bastard who just sometimes she loves to hate! This girl’s experience of sexual control so far has taught her that.  The belt Grimly has been generous enough to buy  isn’t like this one from Neosteel, but it’s a couple of ideas of what could be possibilties. Electrodes, remote control…oh and  a strap on!

Imagine that, imagine being driven wild by frustration and sexual would drive this girl completely insane – but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she had the tools there to be able to fuck the bastard up the arse!

Yeah. Like that’s going to happen!

Well…this girl can dream….but then…so can he…and his dreams are sometimes different.

But whose dreams are going to come true? That’s the question.


22 thoughts on “Chastity isn’t just about not having sex

  1. *nods in agreement* i think it might be Grimly too… 😉

    wow…. what a prospect!! i am excited for you and i hope you don’t get too aroused in it!

    t. x

  2. I cam see (oops ‘can’ – idea association there) two possible
    futures here !
    He is going to ‘Save’ you for the Wedding. 🙂

    He has got a new torture lined up, Lock you in the belt and get you aroused, then make you cum on command whilst locked.

  3. I have some experience in this venue. :-\

    Chastity is a type of “bondage lite” in that it’s not horribly restricting and for the most part, not obvious to anyone else. You can wear a device for days or weeks (or in my case, months) without anyone else noticing.

    Anyone else but you, that is.

    The constant low-level arousal starts to get to you after a while. And the idea of going without an orgasm to relieve the pressure is scary – but in a hot, hot way.

  4. Tom.

    I think you’ve summed up exactly what TG is so scared of. The fact that the arousal can be so constant for an unspecified time.

    Knowing Grimly, The belt would only come off if TG didn’t ask/plead for it to be removed. When she really needs relief from the arousal is the time it’s most likely to stay put.

  5. i must be ok at this blogging thing you all seem to have such a good idea of my ‘beloved’s’ intentions!

    Thanks for the comments 🙂

    TG Xx

  6. Just found this site. I agree with Grimly. Plus have some remote control extras.

    IMO a good c belt is essential, 24/7 and only comes off when KH chooses.

  7. >The belt Grimly has been generous enough to buy
    I’m amazed he didn’t build it himself.

  8. He has made ones himself, but his plan is to buy a basic one and then modify it lots given that aluminium and other metals (that are suitable for longer time wear) of that nature are very difficult to weld!

  9. Having been a long time fan, I do not recall that: 1) You self-satisfy; and 2) that you don not orgasm without command. That having been said,since Grimly is in control, and knows you better than the rest of us, I wish you well on his decision.

  10. If Grimly is buying one, take a look at Tollyboy. They do a nice range, they’re in the UK (Sheffield) and the locking system is 100% secure.

    No wriggling out of one of these…

  11. I somehow thought you might have…..take another look at the FGA…..

  12. well…they are taking orders again at the moment.

    But….we need to save for the holiday! FUnnily enough i’m not desperate for him to buy or make one. lol x

  13. Never mind. Maybe some time in the future. Maybeat some stage it can be combined with a remote control like the

  14. I think Grimly should work on an all plastic female version to get through aiplane security.While it might require an airport where you won’t be too delayed by the process knowing the exibitionionist girl is, maybe setting off the detectors and hving to remove all the metal from her pockets before being stripped searched might be an interesting twist too! It would add a whole new meaning to being “wanded” Hmmm wondering if the latexlady has any rubber burkas she can lend you

  15. hmm when i fly i want a minimum amount of fuss the aim is to get to the destination. Do you believe latex lady is for real? I think what she writes is very very well written…but i don’t see how she would get away with it!

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