‘I wouldn’t harm a hair on your head…’

So he says! Yep. This girl knows Grimly would never harm her really. She knows that. Hurt her? Yes, of course, but that’s different. It’s what she wants. It’s what she desires, and what he does too. But, he wouldn’t do anything to cause her any mental or psychological distress or suffering. Well, unless you count the occasional mind fuck – which is another thing entirely! Like this…

Imagine the scene. He straps her into the dentist chair, bound tightly, gagged with a ring gag and not going anywhere. Not able to protest, or able to move, with the added distraction of a vibrator or two buzzing away. This girl wonders what he’s going to do next. He brings out a little table – its sort of one of those thats on folding legs and  a bit like the sort you might expect in the interrogation scene of a movie which the torturer uses for laying his shiny implements on. To look all menacing and daunting like.

So, this girl is sort of lying there. Pretty helpless. Very horny. Waiting for him to load that little tray up with various electrodes and clamps and what not.  Only he doesn’t. Maybe because he hates being predictable? Well, yes, but he has something else in mind. He brings out the laptop, and sets it playing a bdsm movie.  This girl is looking at another girl – in a similar predicament – in a dentist chair – in bondage – in a ring gag. Relatively ‘orgasmic’.

‘Shall we see what happens next?’ says Grimly. Ok…


It’s not a dentist chair. It’s a barber’s chair. Sort of :-

Yep. Now, this girl can’t help thinking to herself ‘surely he’s not going to act out the next stage of the clip’ surely not! Surely he wouldn’t…..would he???

He didn’t.

Though….this girl KNOWS this whole head shaving thing is a fantasy for him.

Ever since he watched ‘V for Vendetta’ – which if you’ve seen – you’ll know the interrogation bit.

This girl has mixed feelings about it. She knows Grimly would love to shave her head. She knows he would find it incredibly erotic. Probably…so would she. Some people who’ve had it done say it can be incredibly sexy and liberating in unusual ways.

But its a weird one isn’t it? Most kinky activities can be easily disguised. Like with clothing, or other things. But , head shaving…it’s kinda…weird…and hard to disguise. Well, apart from by using hats and wigs….and this girl HATES hats! (long story)

Probably thats whats bothers this girl about the whole idea. Or at least the main concern. How would she explain it? To family? Friends? Work colleagues? Especially when in her day to day life, she’s kinda ‘normal’ and sort of not probably expected to be the type of person who would shave their head for fun or to make a statement or any other such reason. So, there’s the old idea of saying ‘i’m doing it for charity’ and even collecting money for the purpose. Which is fine, unless people ask to see the pictures of it being done.

Well…’er…you can’t see the pictures because i was a bit tied up when it was happening’ isn’t a good explanation really is it. Because, if this girl ever does it then Grimly had better hope that its part of one of the best BDSM scenes EVER!

This girl isn’t a ‘girly’ girl. She tries to make a bit of an effort with her appearance though…and her hair is part of that. It’s sort of something that’s always been there…it would be odd. If it’s to go then it needs to be because the kinky benefits outweigh the rest of the niggly stuff.

So this is what Grimly said the other day –  ‘I’m going to shave your head on our wedding night’. This girl thinks he’s joking. She hopes he’s joking. Though…fuck…it would be really erotic. Though the symbolism would maybe perhaps be a little screwed. Symbolism who needs that though right, this girl never believed in all that Freud rubbish. She’s quite healthy as far as her sexuality goes.

Just sometimes…that goes to rather odd places!

Another question though – if  she is really owned by him….is it his right? If he wants to do it? Does he have to listen to her arguments?

Of course, somewhere some bdsm ‘expert’ or whatever is going to say you’re either a slave or you’re not. You either accept everything or you don’t. You are either controlled…or not. Which is all very well, but, ya know…sometimes there’s all these little grey areas. Where a dom might be able to do something, but might  decide that it might not be emotionally right for his girl for him to do it…or…that it might cause him weeks of arguements after! This all needs to be weighed in the balance. Because, although there’s dominance and submission there also has to be a loving happy relationship. There’s probably some other expert out there too that would say to this girl ‘are you sure you want to be with a dom that fantasizes about doing all this weird stuff to you and encouraging you to fall deeper into his control?’ Erm.  Hell yes! This girl knows the difference between a relationship of mutual fantasy and fun and a relationship of abuse – and what she has with Grimly is not abusive. It’s a major part of  her life. It’s what she wants. He’s a loving partner, an adventurous dominant and a caring friend…not a selfish arrogant abusive misogamist !

At the moment, there’s a sort of agreement on this a bit like the agreement on chastity. This girl agrees its an erotic idea…and maybe…it’ll happen one day…

Once she gets past her hang ups and gets comfortable with it.

Who knows…it might happen 😉

12 thoughts on “‘I wouldn’t harm a hair on your head…’

  1. You DO realise that he has just proposed marrige, don’t you?
    DON’T You ?

    Now what are you going to do ?

  2. The way i see it there are three options :-

    1. Emigrate

    2. Go into Witness Protection.

    3. Become Scotland’s first space tourist.

    Or…i suppose i could just say yes… 😉

  3. Say “yes”…you know it makes sense !!! I’d have a good long think before getting scalped though – LOL.
    Friend of ours ( fully recovered ) had some chemo for breast cancer…..obviously her hair fell out and once she was on her way to recovery, she bought a splendid collection of wigs…and what a different woman she became…from vamp in bed to seductress at a restaurant meal…her poor husband didn’t know who she’d be like from one day to another !!! Oh, latex hoods fit better as well 😉

  4. I’d listen to KC. He knows all about fitting hoods. Mr.s KC has short hair not bald as far as I know right KC?

  5. I was going to suggest that you keep him in suspense,
    before you giving an (or any) answer – But of course
    that is more your position isn’t it ? 😉

  6. There is a halfway house, you know…

    The difference between the two styles is a soitary hair bobble 🙂

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