‘Count yourself lucky!’

It sort of seemed appropriate to write this given today is friday 13th and tomorrow valentines….

This girl remembers a conversation she had once with her ex dom about scat. This girl had said she would not do it, and his response was that she was ‘lucky’ she wouldn’t have to because it was one of his limits too. She didn’t like that comment. Why should she feel lucky that she’s not being asked to do something repulsive?

For a long time this girl was offended by that comment. It’s probably part of the reason why she could never feel really submissive to him. Because she felt like she was supposed to feel a certain way, whether she actually felt it or not. She didn’t want to feel lucky about not having to eat shit. She wanted to not even have to think about it , and to have a dom who respected that it was completely not even on the list of things to consider. His attitude to submission was that the submissive should follow the desires of the dominant. Regardless of whether they matched up with what the submissive felt comfortable with or not.

Is his attitude right? Should a submissive feel compelled to do things she finds unacceptable and repulsive if her Dom commands it? This girl would be interested to see what people think about this.

She knows there are going to be some people that say power exchange is just that. Control is just that. Its all or nothing. And if a dom says eat shit, drink piss and suck every dick within a 10 mile radius…then well…it should be done?

This girl has read some of the comments people have made on similar discussions about this..and they always tend to be along the lines of ‘if my Master commanded x of course i would do  it’ or..’ if my Master commanded it I would do it, but hate it and cry the whole time but still do it to please him’.

This girl doesn’t want a relationship like that. She had a relationship like that. She got the fuck out of it, and has not had a single regret about that fact since. In some ways , she’s glad she experienced it to learn what she didn’t want and to know why she didn’t want it. This girl is a bit of the opinion that its best to find a dom who you will be as closely compatible with as possible so these issues dont’ arise. If you can.

Grimly has never made her feel as though she’s been doing something out of duress or as though he’s leering over her saying ‘you’re my sub so you have to do this’. He doesn’t need to do that, because most of the things he wants to do are her fantasies as well and things she longs for him to do!  The funny thing about it all is though of course, that this girl does feel lucky, not because he doesn’t ask anything that she cant cope with, but because she has someone who is so very much on the same wavelength as she is and values her worth. It might look to some people as though this girl dictates how the relationship works,but she doesn’t, she’s just lucky enough to have a man who wants the same things as she does. It didn’t really need to be all negotiated and stuff..it just works like this. This girl never has to make the choice really of ‘shall i do this thing that repulses me to please him’. Not once.

It’s a weird situation to be in, because it sometimes makes this girl wonder how submissive she is, because, nearly most things he does are things she wants to happen. She’s not just submitting to his desires but to her own bizarre twisted ones at the same time so …is she submissive or not? There are times of course when  he’ll be doing something and it will be a challenge. There are plenty of times when he pushes her limits and boundaries and pain barriers…and probably at those times her body sort of bends to his will. Or maybe its just the endorphins..whatever it is…it’s fun!

This girl knows there are things that he might want in the future that test her more. Chastity being the main one. Gosh, this girl still can’t decide whether she wants it or not. HE does. He most definately does, and, a certain sensation junkie in Canada putting ideas in his head isn’t really helping the situation…though is that a complaint, or not, hmm well. . It’s maybe one of those fantasies this girl does not wish to admit to. Yet. Its sort of something about the idea turns her on , but something else about it scares her. Its mostly just a case of watch this space and see what happens. Something will, and, it will test this girl’s submission tremendously. Because, when Grimly decides to do it she isn’t really going to be able to say no. Because she secretly might want it? Or because he’s so obliging in fulfilling every fantasy of hers so far? Its hard to say! Partly also because this girl can’t come up with a reasonable objection to not trying it for him, and when he talks about it, especially when he talks dirty about it, it does sound hot! Arousal is something this girl cannot hide either. Not remotely!

But..you know..that’s another thing that she can feel lucky about …he’s not got round to buying it yet so she doesn’t have to worry about yet another intimidating thing hanging on the wall.

Though…there are plenty of others 😉

Yep. That’s definately something to feel lucky about. Having an extremely loving and cunning sadistic genius. Oh yes! 😉 Does he really need a cheesy valentine to tell him that?

Although..this girl did try to find one in the shop that conveyed that message as closely as possible….

it will be  interesting to see what Grimly thinks to it!

3 thoughts on “‘Count yourself lucky!’

  1. This is the real world…you must BOTH thoroughley enjoy your sex lives…it is greedy for any Master to force things onto his Lady that she REALLY doesn’t want to do. I once hankered after putting Mrs KC of England into a really expensive made-t-measure chastity belt whilst I was at work etc but the reality was she didn’t want to be FULLY reliant on me when I wasn’t there…in case of a doctor visit etc etc. You two are similar to us..great bondage and great company together…let him fit you into a chastity belt when he walks you in the park or takes you to Paris etc..great stimulus for both of you.
    I think an awful lot of people can learn from your blogs….some Masters are bullies and should never be tolerated.

  2. Another great blog!
    Would be interesting to see what would happen if Grimly went ahead and just shaved it.
    You could just wear a wig!

    poke poke

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