And now for something with a little bite….

You know that way when you are searching for something on the net, and you find something you’re not looking for but makes you laugh……well here’s something this girl found with a bit of bite for you…

From here originally :…….

“Check out the Rapex website. Looks like no one wants to advertise there. Here’s one website and here’s another that discussed the controversy last year.

You know without thinking too hard what would happen if this is approved in the US: first rapist who got ‘eaten’ would sue, and given recent court cases, would probably win.

Anti-rape Device to Hit the Market

Anti-rape device created by South-African inventor Sonnet Ehlers is about to hit the market after a long time of waiting for patent verification.

The female condom-like device called Rapex has fish-like teeth that attach to the penis.

This invention stirred a great deal of controversy all over the world. The main concern is whether the Rapex was a medieval device built on a hate of men or it can be considered an easy-to use devise that could help South African women protect themselves against rape.

According to Sonnet Ehlers the process of cheking is going to be up on April 10.

Sonnet Eshlers publicly announced her invention one and half years ago and shot to international fame as the invention stirred debates about advantages and disadvantages of Rapex.

The inventor took part in British and Australian radio shows and was interviewed by South American journalists.

Eshler said that she was not a male hater, she simply wanted to help African women to protect themselves against rape. Though the device might seem a good weapon to fight rape, Eshler has many opponents.

Even such organization as Rape Crisis Cape Town does not consider Rapex to be a solution to the social problem of rape and considers such a devise to be likely to increase female vulnerability to violence.

Eshler insists on the fact that the main advantage of her invention is that it could give a woman attacked by a rapist some vital seconds to escape the criminal while he is busy dealing with pain caused by the device. This would be great pain as 25 teeth of the device that is inserted in the vagina attach themselves to the head and the shaft of the penis. What is more, she says the device will help with proving the crime as the rapist will have to go to a doctor to have the fish-like teeth removed.

The product is going to be be mass-produced in China next month”





2 thoughts on “And now for something with a little bite….

  1. who knows….i think possibly its not for real…but if it was…and they did….i dunno…maybe salami?? lol

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