Dealing with the staff

So, you might remember this girl mentioned that Grimly had a very special way of dealing with his domestic maid, when not requiring her to complete more mundane duties. If you read here regularly you probably know just what this girl was implying by that, given that one of her regular duties is being his bondage toy and guinea pig for new inventions!

So here it is. His most recent welding project…..

The fucking machine stockade. Yours to purchase from sites like this for only $680! Unless, like this girl you happen to have someone that can make their own version for about…hmm the uk equivalent of less than $40. Having a Grimly is the perfect solution to being a masochist enduring the blasted credit crunch!

It is basically a steel frame that keeps the occupant in a ‘doggy style’ position whilst all other manner of things can happen. It can be adjusted for height, length and position and then screwed shut to keep everything locked in place. It is completely solid.

It’s main function is to mount the fucking machine, which has been used in the past in conjunction with the dentist chair. But, there are plans in the making to ensure that it is completely multi functional for all sorts of play, possibly with other attachment points and electric gizmos. So watch this space! This girl has ideas of having sort of electrical contacts in place that if she relaxes her body she gets shocks and all sorts of things….so…its a work in progress …a bit like the chair.

So, as for the maid…well you can probably guess what happened. Given the requirement that she be the willing guinea pig and victim for all his mad inventions.

As it went,the stockade was very effective, the position ensures that. There is no escaping getting completely fucked out of your brains. Which, after a while, being restricted in one position and having your body in the hands of a man and his machine can be quite torturous and a strain on the body. Not, of course, that this girl is complaining! Just that sometimes…excessive pleasure and frustration can be a bit much…especially when she can’t orgasm till he lets her…ensuring man is still in control despite the machine powering away endlessly!

What does Grimly get out of having her in this sort of predicament you might ask? Well..the satisfaction of knowing that his handiwork has created something capable of delivering relentless pleasure to the point of exhaustion and endless orgasm…something not very many men are capable of! Well this is his own slightly tongue in cheek answer :-

I agree with Power and control as being the main thing I get out of seeing my sub on one of our fuck machines. I also get a great deal of satisfaction watching her being driven beyond wild by something I built with my own fair hands. Lastly I enjoy a good nights sleep knowing that after a session on the machine she is not going to make any unreasonable demands on my body 😉

For this girl, the main attraction is the bondage and the helplessness of the situation, feeling restricted, feeling completely used and totally totally at his mercy. Well, and the fact that it is of course a great deal of fun!

Well there’s not a lot more that can be said, so here are some pictures :-


9 thoughts on “Dealing with the staff

  1. Grimly if you really want some peace, you can always add a barking collar, that if she makes too much noise, she is zapped. That would be very interesting predicament bondage with a ring inside a ring so that if they touch the make a circuit. magnetic fields would also be fun add ons to the challenge of keeping the rings from touching.

    Of course since you have her dressed as the hired help, having a standing version with an inhibitor bar would at least get some housework done too!

  2. “Dealing with the staff” – I take it the double entendre was intentional?

  3. hmm i think nearly 400 posts and about 100 pictures would suggest I am what I make out to be

    who would make this up?

  4. where did you get you stockade made from in the uk, as i’m on the hunt for this type of device but with d-rings instead of directly attached cuffs and collar, so that subs of various sizes (wrist, ankle and neck) can all use the same stockade.
    as for your electrical device i can personally recommend the e-stim 😉

    kind ragards

  5. if you read the sentence above the pic….”So here it is. His most recent welding project…..”

    Grimly made this himself. 😉

    Though in answer to your question i have seen similar on ebay, i can’t find a listing at the moment but keep watching out under steel bondage.

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