Her Master’s voice

There was a thread on fetlife a few days ago about accents and voices during play, or specifically during interrogation scenes, and about what accents are more in keeping with the role and giving the right ambience and effect…and this was this girl’s answer :-

my Dom is Scottish and I love his voice, I wouldn’t love it so much if he tried to put on a fake accent…if i was doing a session with someone who was from another european country sure it would be fun seeing how that was…but fake accents…nah.

I love his natural voice…especially when its through the earphones whilst he’s torturing every other part of my body 😉

It would feel daft if Grimly used any voice apart from his own. This girl would just not be able to take play with him seriously if he were to suddenly put on a German or Russian accent or something like that. Though, he does sound different to when he is in more of a BDSM headspace than when he’s just this girl’s boyfriend, and he doesn’t do it intentionally. It’s just one of those things. Like having a ‘phone voice’ for at work. You just talk like that when you’re in that role, and, you do it without even thinking about it, without noticing, because you just adapt to your circumstances and to sort of take into account your audience sometimes just on autopilot.

Of course, there’s a rule somewhere that says being interrogated in Russian or German is really hot. And maybe thats true. If the person IS actually Russian or German, or can at the very least speak it fluently!  But, to just put on an accent…nah…because  it would be  a bit Herr-flick ish. For anyone that doesn’t know i.e. anyone not british and over the age of 20 – thats a reference to sitcom Allo Allo from the eighties* This girl does not want a session with her Dom to remind her of an episode out of a sit com or a carry on film either for that matter – both can be funny – and BDSM should be fun..but..no.. no…just wrong!

So, this girl is happy for him to just use his Grimly voice.

His voice is actually very important to her. For lots of reasons. Apart from anything else it can make her orgasm. Just one word, and that’s enough. The wonders of being hypnotically controlled and all that 😉 Even if he’s not using that word, his voice can be incredibly erotic during play – especially if she can’t see him from being hooded or blindfolded – its what reminds her that he’s there – and that he’s in control of what’s happening and that she’s safe. Well, that is of course if the extreme bondage wasn’t enough to remind her of that one!

Though its not just that.

Long distance relationships suck. A lot. So having him there, at the other end of the phone helps. That and her collar. Thats the two main things she has when she can’t have him in person. Sometimes its nice just to be able to tell him things, or listen to him tell her stuff about his day. Possibly this girl talks to Grimly throughout the day more than some couples do who live closer, or together.

But when its your main method of communication or of sharing things…that sort of is bound to happen. This girl couldn’t be in a long distance relationship that lacked regular phone contact – there was a while when it was difficult to get chances to speak to him in private and so she appreciates the frustration of people who can’t talk to their partners regularly. Its not good.

Writing this blog makes this girl  feel a bit guilty about the times when she’s maybe too tired at night to talk or hormonally depressed and distant. In fact, very guilty actually.  It sounds really cheesy, but when she has her first call with him in the morning 9 times out of 10 she’s smiling to herself for ages after like a bloody idiot!  Talking to him nearly always makes her feel better and happier, and well, yes, sometimes, even more submissive 😉 So, she feels bad about the times when he wants to talk and she doesn’t feel like it. It doesn’t happen often…well…at that time of the month sometimes. But then, at those times he is best staying clear so he doesn’t get things thrown at him or yelled at him! Yes, even the best Dom in the world can’t control a hormonal woman.Unless lots of bondage and tranquilisers and body armour is involved, but well, thats another story.

Although there are times when this girl doesn’t always feel like talking, there are never times when she doesn’t really want to listen to him.  It feels good to know there is someone there…who cares about her.

Who loves her.

Who wants to hurt her just so she can scream  his name….

talking of which…back to the herr flick reference…this little clip is especially for Grimly…   😉

8 thoughts on “Her Master’s voice

  1. Apparently I have a no nonsense “nurse-y” voice when I’m off in my Domme headspace.

    I think that’s nurse-y as in the assertive way in which nurses communicate to patients when carrying out their jobs, rather than Nursey from Blackadder!

    I flipping hope so! LOL

  2. well there is always a voice changer so he can sound like Jigsaw from SAW that I am sure he can rig up if he wants to mess with your head!

  3. I know you like his voice. I was just trying to give you another voice in your head that is still your own Grimly.
    I also like the title of this one since as you probably know it is a reference to the old RCA Victor dog. I guess that would fit if you were being turned into a full time animal like KOSgirl with her full time dog face and paws locked on;-p

    And KC you probably sound deeper to her since she is always hearing you while wearing her hoods!

  4. yes the title was a reference to that, I had seen a cartoon somewhere of a cute subbie girl in the pose of the HMV logo but can i find it now – no!

    TG x

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