A review of 2008

Well as this year goes out here is the review of this girl’s year of pervertery, with a bit about each month and a quote from the first blog of each month also! Feel free to browse the archives and the photo galleries for more info if you want to!


The first post of the year was about setting the bar for the year really.

No…the title isnt some sort of weird anal play – its supposed to be latin for year of bondage. Ok its not funny…well probably nothing is thats inspired by HRH.

This girl and her Master started the new year as they mean to continue it – with bondage, with electricity and with a lot of fun.Her Master spent about 10 days at her house over Christmas and the new year and it was great just being together for so long in one go, even though some pretence of ‘normality’ had to be observed for the sake of family and friends.

Grimly treated himself to a welder for Christmas 2007 and started making a few creations, including the scavengers daughter shown below. This girl treated herself to a new vibrator after finding she was missing Grimly a lot, though its effects were dismal in comparison!

Scavengers Daughter


February started with thoughts about dress code

Her Master has given her a dress code and she has mixed thoughts on that as well. She’s trying to implement it as best as she can but she needs to really buy more clothes and outfits..and thats the same with buying fetish dress…sometimes disposable income affects what you can turn yourself out in.

With hindsight, this girl started the dresscode really well and sort of fell apart with it by the end of the year. Here’s to having a better attempt at it in 2009!

This girl revisted her thoughts on chastity belts in february when Grimly presented her with the torment belt on valentines day, reminding her what a loving and generous sadistic bastard he is! Well he got his appropriate annual review based on that. This girl also reviewed the PES Samurai – and not overly impressed by it, whereas Grimly made his own new electro torture device – the electro vac bra – made out of plumbing fixtures and fitted with suction and electrics it was pretty evil!

The torment belt


The month started with thoughts about finding the right Dom…

Probably a lot of D/s relationships have their beginnings on the internet. Unless of course, you are already on the ’scene’ perhaps and meet someone at a munch, club or private party.

Both of this girl’s Doms have been found on the internet – and are examples of how to do it WRONG and how do it RIGHT!

Again, a month for technological advances – with more adventures with the video mask and also the fuck machine attachment for the dentist chair. More importantly though this girl and Grimly went on their first foreign holiday together – to Paris – visiting the Louvre, Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge – and also meeting up with some parisien kinksters – a brilliant Easter!

The fuck machine mark 2


April fools day :-

This girl thought about playing a prank on Grimly.There are a couple of reasons why she didn’t.First of all, she’s only been up about an hour, tired, and so didnt have much time to think of anything before the noon deadline.

Second, he has this ‘way’ of making any punishment fit the crime. So ok, she could have written something funny or done something funny but it would just have backfired on her, and, there is already a jesters hat sitting in the wardrobe.

Grimly didn’t get her any hats – but he did get her a rather nice latex strait jacket and inspired this girl quite a lot more with the torment belt and it was very much a month of hi-tech madness!


The month began with some outdoor adventures in pervertery :

At a suggestion of a local kinkster,this girl & Grimly tried a visit to a nearby historic tower. It was in a really beautiful setting and rather peaceful, until it was pervertified by a naked girl locked into a metal yoke!

This girl and Grimly also revisted hypnosis quite a lot, and he planted in a trigger for when she is bad as well as the already existing one of him being able to control her orgasms! In addtion to that – more latex, more welded creations and of course the electric wooden pony!


Again, loads happened this month, starting again with more thoughts on brainwashing.

She read a post today where brainwashing was discussed a little, with some indication that it is really just for the realm of fantasy and in reality could be dangerous,non-consensual,counter-productive and abusive.For Grimly & this girl that is not the case.

Indeed, what Grimly and this girl got up to was consensual and incredibly erotic and lots of fun – from face bondage to getting a cage and doing extremely bizarre things involving the cage, latex and the enema kit. Also, June marked one year since the collaring and this girl tried to overcome her anxiety over vac beds. Grimly also had a lot of fun in making this girl his electrically controlled bondage doll.


This girl’s first post of the month was to do with relationships

This girl sometimes wonders whether *those* relationships exist, where the Dom makes all the decisions, what to have for dinner, what dress she should wear, what nail varnish, how she should have her hair…basically relationships where the Dom decides everything. Or as near as is humanely practical. No offence, but if this girl had a week of that she would be screaming!

This girl knows she is lucky to have Grimly, because just looking back over the year its easy to see how much fun she’s had with him, and how special she’s felt. You need a good Dom like that to help you get over your fears to make you feel comfortable and good about yourself and make bdsm the great experience it should be.


This month started with this girl’s thoughts on orgasms ….

There’s a conversation on this thread on fetlife which started as this :-

why is it that alot of sceneing with a female sub has to end with her having an orgasm??
It seems alot of male Doms always take it there and im just wondering? Do they think that she is not happy with the rest and has to have an orgasm?

Grimly controls this girl’s orgasms just as much as anything else, and mostly he’s kind enough to incorporate them into BDSM. In fact Grimly can be quite special in this way, that he seems to put her needs alongside or higher than his own. It makes this girl feel guilty sometimes that she can’t be better behaved for him, when everything he does is so amazing, and a bit weird but totally safe. Despite that, this girl hit PMT really bad in August and probably took it out on him quite a bit. Ok, a lot. Sometimes, therefore its just as well escapism can be had – and that plenty of tools are at hand to help with that…


This girl thought about an old film she’d seen – the Quiet Man which ends with the moral of love being worth more than money. Grimly did buy this girl, but as a token gesture to illustrate part of the relationship not as the means to it.

Anyway, this girl herself was bought and paid for. Sort of. It wasn’t for as much, just a penny, as she’s written about before. This girl couldn’t throw that penny in the fire though. It means too much. Whilst it might not mean anything at all to anyone else, and just be loose change, to this girl and Grimly its a sort of symbol and token of his ownership of her.

This girl also wrote about her preference for leather over rope, and her reasons for that, she spent also a bit of time just trying to appreciate what she has and to stop taking him for granted. She also wrote about how he makes her feel like a puppet sometimes and she experienced more different types of breath play and control.


The month started with thoughts of bizarre mechanical sex….

This girl had a thread on the hi-tech sex group on fetlife, and someone mentioned about manually operated fuck machines and it prompted her to do a bit of googling and she found Motorfun. Take a look – there are various ideas for fuck machines showing obvious ideas to completely wacky ones – like fuck machine roulette! Yes! Seriously!

This girl thought quite a bit about the sort of stuff she can ‘take’ and how that has changed since her tolerance has altered over time. Grimly’s tolerance towards the brat suprisingly has NOT altered! This girl also made her first purchase from Extreme Restraints – the anal hook. Grimly showed his love for bondage overkill but not just to this girl – to a special guest as well……..


At the start of the month – US election day...

This girl is not an American and therefore is not really very caught up with the election fever currently sweeping the US. But today just got her thinking about the choices she made the last time there was an election here in the UK….

Also, the 90th Remembrance day since the end of WWI and Love our Lurkers three – obviously not as important – but still moving to see how many people are out there in the shadows!

And of course, lots more bondage fun….



The first post of the month was to do with headspace

This girl’s headspace has always been an odd thing. There are times when she’ll get too interested in what’s happening and too alert to relax into it, and that normally happens when its something new. Though mostly, given she’s extremely comfortable with Grimly now, those times are relatively rare.

Despite that, getting into any sort of headspace in December was hard given family and work commitments but hey silly season is nearly over! Though this girl did manage to have a bit of demonic fun with the white latex


This girl’s hopes for 2008 weren’t fully met, she had hoped she would be closer to living with Grimly – and in a way she is – a lot of work is done on her house that needed to be done, a lot of practical stuff, and a lot of debt has been cleared off too. So maybe…just maybe….it’ll happen in 2009!

She’d also hoped that she’d reduce her bratty behaviour down to a better level – and sort of failed on that one a bit – yes ok a lot – looking back over the year this girl knows Grimly has given her some really incredible experiences and great new toys – so why does she still struggle with this submission thing – well, plenty of time to work that out!

This girl has a few ideas of things she wants to try….people she would really love to meet….so lets just see what happens….

On the whole though 2008 was great, lots of play, lots of adventures, and quite a few personal achievements as well.

Here’s to 2009 coming….

Happy New Year to you all when it chimes in wherever you are !

5 thoughts on “A review of 2008

  1. What a truly blessed and amazing life you have… i wish i was as lucky! This was lovely- both the tone, the story with your reactions, and the photo documentation. i love when people are happy and write happy posts while they’re still soaring and floating on air. i’m so happy for you :o)

    Hopes for you to have a spectacular 2009!!

  2. This is the best blog so far..so informative and open… indeed all your blogs are very intelligently written.
    I hope you and grimly get your wishes.

    Have a wonderful and fulfilling year, both of you.


  3. Yes a fab post – it brings back all the great memories from the year – and the photos are just so good. you two are truly amazing, your blog is so interesting and i know that SG seconds that. Here’s a brilliant 2009!


    t. x

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